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hacker's love by Niharfiction1
hacker's loveby Nihar
Story of love when a genius boy falls for a girl .... check out this story. ❤️❤️❤️
A Sword of Teeth by killervirtues
A Sword of Teethby M.P
What was left of human kind was safe beneath the domes, protected from the dragons' wraith for centuries. Then, a remarkably large dragon took flight with wings humans...
THE BLAK MALES by Payoshni10
THE BLAK MALESby Detec.BookwormSr
"What's her name?" "Xen...uh...I mean Xenia Agapov." Bron continued leafing through the pages. "Department?" "Physics." "Att...
The Dawn of War : The Creatures of Darkness by 84MercuryStar13
The Dawn of War : The Creatures 13
{Book One} Starlight knew the world was horrible, but she never expected it to be bad enough that a whole kingdom would create such terrible... things to kidnap all the...
Chicago's love story by toribateman14
Chicago's love storyby toribateman14
(Hank Voight + OC Love Story) Laine Miller is a 32-year-old cop from Bostons' gang unit, when one of her undercover jobs goes south and she starts getting stalked by one...
just a vibe II hogwarts by lilyxxrosee
just a vibe II hogwartsby lilyanalestrange
Adalyn and her friends come back for their 8th year at Hogwarts after the war has been finished and won. When they come back, their are changes in dorms and common rooms...
lost and found (upstead) by written_by_maya
lost and found (upstead)by Maya 🥀❤️
Hailey is a law student at Central Chicago University, and when she's not studying, she's working - two jobs, so she can afford living away from her family and be indepe...
Wisdom From Youth Scholars by Raylacon
Wisdom From Youth Scholarsby Raylacon
Don't like don't look!! This is a collection of papers and essays from my friends and I that we have written for classes, and on our own. Please keep the comments kind...
 Sgt Hank Voight- Love Will Always Find Its  Way  by LeslieSouthJackson
Sgt Hank Voight- Love Will Elaine Jackson
Sgt. Hank Voight, head of the Chicago Police Department's Intelligence Unit, receives a tip from an old high school friend regarding the identity of one of Chicago's wor...
Chasing Paper Planes by LightenTheShadows
Chasing Paper Planesby Lia Álvarez
FEATURED ON WATTPAD'S OFFICIAL HORROR PROFILE! Delilah is a prisoner. She wakes up to cigarettes burning her hands when she reaches out for her food and calming voices...
Taste | 18+ | TAINTED Book 1 by Dapheynah
Taste | 18+ | TAINTED Book 1by Dapheynah™
In which he was the one she never had and she was his to eliminate. Her curiosity took the best of her. He couldn't resist her addictive scent. First book of the Tai...
Chills 1: Shoto and Shouzo by HyxCyn
Chills 1: Shoto and Shouzoby HungryAlien_
Yuna Shoto, a normal girl living in a normal life. Her life seems to be peaceful, she has a mother who takes a good a care of her. A father who is loving to her although...
For Good by Chicagox
For Goodby Chicagox
When hank voights adopted daughter returns home to Chicago, her life seems to get better. But better is the enemy of good... -Chicago PD-
Data Intelligence for Accurate Decision Making by Jaspercolinresearch
Data Intelligence for Accurate Jasper Colin Research
Data intelligence facilitates business growth by mining and processing data at an enormous level and helps in analyzing the latest trends. The recent intervention of AI...
Pure Dragon by zelly888
Pure Dragonby zelly888
Pure as water Fragile as glass But be carefull She'll might be the cause of your downfall
The  Midnight Rose by dreammcatcher99
The Midnight Roseby Ronnie North
"When you live as long as I have, 'Love' is a surprisingly rare occurrence". Calliope Antoinette Winchester or should I say Calliope Antoinette Mikaelson, also...
There has been a drastic change taking place in the field of content marketing over the years. With AI, marketers can easily analyze the field of content marketing and t...
Under the Mafia's Protection by AzaleaOlive
Under the Mafia's Protectionby AᴢᴀʟᴇᴀOʟɪᴠᴇ
Anthony 'Tony' Kingsman is the founder CEO of Kingsman Industries which is the biggest technology company in the world. He has created many technologies that are used al...
Beyond the Headlines by TaylorLeeAnn_
Beyond the Headlinesby ♡ Tay ♡
The ride to the 34th floor felt decades-long with the thick tension between us. When the doors finally opened I quietly tread behind him to his office door. When we wal...
Ingress Prime: Shield by xQueenAurorax
Ingress Prime: Shieldby Aurora
(Based on Ingress storyline) After graduating from the DELTA course, in an elite school for only the most intelligent, it's Mai's turn to become an agent. This means sh...