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Heart of Gold by LovelyWriter123
Heart of Goldby D.M. Emerald
Jason McTern left the small town of Vensword to escape his sorrows. When he returns to check on his diner and family he didn't expect Grace Adler.  Gracie works at the...
His Unwanted Wife by shittydream
His Unwanted Wifeby shittydream
He was her life and everything. Even though she knew he never cared about her , she never stopped loving him. He kept cheating on her and she knew it. But she loved him...
SidNaaz - Collection Of Os  by meghna112
SidNaaz - Collection Of Os by meghna
This books will have different os related to sidnaaz☺️ Agar story pasand aye to upvote zarror krna
When Depression, Inspiration And Realization Hits Me by KeamyDC
When Depression, Inspiration And That Weird Bitch
A collection or compilation of poems and paragraphs that were written when depression, inspiration and realization hits me.
Hooked Boss by DamselofDark
Hooked Bossby Giezzyrish
On- going web novel. For offline reading purposes only. Sypnosis: Autumn Clark who had cheated by her boyfriend got drunk at a bar. To take revenge she randomly grabbed...
The Mafia's Ex-Wife  by shittydream
The Mafia's Ex-Wife by shittydream
He looked just like before yet I couldn't recognize him. As I looked into his eyes I could see the rage inside him. I could almost smell the hate coming from him to me...
The Fighter Meets The Alpha by xX_Dream_Mystical_Xx
The Fighter Meets The Alphaby Moe
Moving to a new town to get away from her past and to finish high school, Max finds herself in a whole new situation. Being thrown to the wolves, Max's past soon unrave...
Falling Apart by Ruhi__Shah
Falling Apartby __chillwildlife__
Cover Credits - @SamairaRajput This is a continuation of serial track. This story mainly focuses on Swara & Sanskar. It shows the pain they faced after knowing their o...
The Journey of Two Hearts | ✔ by Ramzz005
The Journey of Two Hearts | ✔by Frozeninside
Highest ranking #1 in chicklit and also #1 in realization many times. #2 in chicklit on 7th july Two people,Two lives,Two hearts.... can they become one. Have you ever...
Kiski Khata?? |✔| by dYnAmIc_123
Kiski Khata?? |✔|by [\A/]
This is the book having my OS and TwoS on Raglak based on Sr track when Ragini's truth was exposed out......All have the same starting but each has different plot. Hope...
Enough Of Being Selfless✔✔✔ by FlorK2D
Enough Of Being Selfless✔✔✔by Mamley
Is it worth it to sacrifice ur everything for ur family and yet they betray u? What motivates u to say enough is enough? Do real family come from blood relation alone? L...
The Noble House Of Black by sheXfanciesXhim
The Noble House Of Blackby ᴍ :ᴅ (ᴏʀ ᴍᴇʟ)
(Taking place in the Order of the Phoenix) Regulus Black married a young girl named Violetta Nous. They had a baby girl named Miriella. Regulus died while trying to des...
Realization by CosmicNadroj
Realizationby Sires and Secrets
What happens when Lord Voldemort finds out that fifteen-year-old Harry Potter is a horcrux? How will the Dark Lord protect his immortality and how will the Golden Trio d...
SwaSan- Phir Se Pyaar ✓ by Love_Angel08897
SwaSan- Phir Se Pyaar ✓by DarkBloodRose
guys this serial starts after 6months track on our favourite and lovely couple Swara and Sanskar. I'm trying to show how would Swara suffered in those six months and aft...
The broken princess by meghna112
The broken princessby meghna
She was broken from birth , She was loved by none other than her big half sister but her fate was so bad that unfortunately she became a reason of her big sister broken...
A Villainess? Nah,I Want To Sing. by Banana_Malk
A Villainess? Nah,I Want To ßənənə_Milk
Mio Yamamoto is a popular singer and song-writer in Japan (Of course,its just a story.) What everyone didn't know how a f*cking weeb she is. When Mio started to become m...
MIDNIGHT THOUGHTS #wattys2018 by purplebutterfleas
MIDNIGHT THOUGHTS #wattys2018by moondust sparkles
When the world thinks I'm sleeping.... sleep deprived.... I am lost in thoughts... #highest ranking #4 in she #highest ranking #1 in frights
The Doctor by Templeriddleson
The Doctorby Templeriddleson
Anna has never had the best of luck with love. Maybe it's because of her demanding job in an emergency ward, or pressure from her parents, but she feels like maybe it's...
Phir Le Aya Dil (Heart has brought me here again ) Completed by liana409
Phir Le Aya Dil (Heart has lamia409
This is my another Short Story on ArShi .. When the concept came into my mind, only a song was playing "Phir le aya dil" from the movie "Barfii" so t...
Too Evil✔ | KIM TAEHYUNG by ChimchimBelieber
Too Evil✔ | KIM TAEHYUNGby ChimchimBelieber
Once an angel fell in love with the devil. It didn't end well. The story of heaven and hell . (Inspired by @CrazyGirrrl) (Cover by coffeechuu)
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