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Destined To Be With You by sidra_akhlaq
Destined To Be With Youby Maltesers & Marshmallows
"How I wish you had first seen your ugly face in the damn mirror before confessing your shitty feelings to me!" He smiled cunningly while taking a sip from hi...
When I Sleep | ✓ by treblehearts
When I Sleep | ✓by jess (is @ grad school)
Several months after a tragic mistake, a rift remains strong between Ellie and the man she loves. While she wishes to end the everlasting heartache and guilt, dreams of...
second chan(g)ce by Brindream
second chan(g)ceby Brindha
I waited for you to change and accept but you insulted me... now you changed but I don't want this anymore...... Started: 25/5/2021
Darling 2.0 by Amabilia_Pranushka
Darling 2.0by Amabilia
This story is continuation to darling movie. Get into the story to know how one misunderstanding made his life upside down and how someone special entered his life to ch...
A Namesake Couple (Completed) by ra_shi10
A Namesake Couple (Completed)by metamorph
*************************************** He is cruel but he has a heart!! She is kind but misunderstood!! He is like fire!! She is like rain!! He is cold hearted!! She is...
Cry-Baby by braycriss
Cry-Babyby Criss
I wiped my eyes once again to see deep piercing green ones looking down at me. More tears came as I saw the root of my anger, and I stood up pushing past him. I tried t...
Arrogant Billionaire: Love vs Hate by shreya_de
Arrogant Billionaire: Love vs Hateby Shreya ^﹏^
"Listen nerd, nobody in this college dares to disrespect me. You wouldn't want to imagine the consequences of messing with me. So be warned, as I could ruin you at...
It's Just You And Me by Jessi1706
It's Just You And Meby Jessica
When her only family, her grandmother ends up at a hospital bed and she has no choice but to somehow arrange a tidy amount of money by selling her home which is her happ...
Blue Butterflies by royalbree
Blue Butterfliesby Bree💜
•Blue But·ter·fly Represent change and transformation, comfort, hope, and positivity. Myles Smith is a very closed off person who is not use t...
Sayad Yahi Hai Pyaar by ankahe_lafz
Sayad Yahi Hai Pyaarby Multifandom ♥
My story is all about DJ Ruhi and Neil Yuvika because i really love them 😌
Platform No 9 3/4 Completed ✅ ☑️  by Neha22333
Platform No 9 3/4 Completed ✅ ☑️ by Neha Sharma
Wangxian short Storyline about Train Platform No 9 3/4 where Lan Wangji meets Wei Wuxian. This Storyline is already explained on my YouTube Channel "Love Story Tel...
𝐄𝐳𝐫𝐚 by chill_pill_all_day
𝐄𝐳𝐫𝐚by Daddy Issues
Anophthalmia • a child born without one or two eyes ° I got up and took few steps until I was right in front of him. He wanted to back away but I wrapped my arms around...
Enough Of Being Selfless✔ by FlorK2D
Enough Of Being Selfless✔by Mamley
Is it worth it to sacrifice ur everything for ur family and yet they betray u? What motivates u to say enough is enough? Do real family come from blood relation alone? L...
Unexpectedly Yours by dianalovesdiane
Unexpectedly Yoursby Diana Ara Ybalez
There's a thin line between hate and Love. That's what the saying says. But for the two individuals who grown to hate each other is just a silly joke. But what happens...
Arshi FS - Reality check ✔ by polymath_land
Arshi FS - Reality check ✔by polymath_land
Khushi is fed up of her family, her husband, her in laws from constant ignorance. What will she do?
The Fighter Meets The Alpha by DreamMystical
The Fighter Meets The Alphaby Moe
Moving to a new town to get away from her past and to finish high school, Max finds herself in a whole new situation. Being thrown to the wolves, Max's past soon unrave...
AbhiRa(short story)- secrets revealed  by prabhakar29
AbhiRa(short story)- secrets prabhakar29
currently show has become so pathetic...but everyone is waiting how Abhimanyu will come to know about his son being alive...and I have full trust on ds writers dat they...
❝ in the night, i am the truth. ❞ IN NOX, SUM VERITAS [ A DRACO MALFOY FIC DRACO MALFOY x LOUIS NOX EST. 2...
Unspoken thoughts: A poem collection  by matchaandalmond
Unspoken thoughts: A poem matchaandalmond
A collection of poems I wrote in random when I'm in a deep thought or alone. - Love poems - Sad poems - Life poems - friendship And many more... Highest ranking as of...
Mr. Billionareeeeee by t_a_n_y_a___
Mr. Billionareeeeeeby Tanya
In a world where opposites collide, Raghav Khanna and Pallavi Sanghvi found themselves entangled in a story as tumultuous as it was destined. Raghav, a fiery force of na...