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Death of a King by The_Queen_97
Death of a Kingby Carebear!
Sadie Caster is a good girl with a bad attitude and the mouth of a sailor to match. Though she pretends life is perfect, her family is falling apart, shredded by death a...
Rise of a Queen by The_Queen_97
Rise of a Queenby Carebear!
Sadie Caster has spent three weeks in despair but she keeps it hidden. As an unofficial member of the Tribe, her gang is her family and they look to her for guidance in...
Falling For My Bully  by 1428gabriela
Falling For My Bully by 1428gabriela
What happen when no one cares about you? What happen if you are tired of hearing people calling you names? What happen when he bully you everyday? What happen if you fal...
Dear bully by kweencie
Dear bullyby Qc
No one should ever wake up to the thoughts of slicing their wrist. For Ella that's a daily occurrence She's been through a lot and the only calming thought is that of de...
when you think that everything was right but then your wrong. how can you accept the fact that you're not who you think you are? This is a story of family, love, hate, a...
lust or love :who will win by 678910abs
lust or love :who will winby shreyashi Ghosh
here there is no kabir drama.....vansh love Riddhima according to her .....where vansh have sexual desires disorder which is unknown to Riddhima.... now see what destin...
Victim to Criminal Minds: The Family Massacre. by I-Got-Krusty-Krabs
Victim to Criminal Minds: The EatMyChumBucket
Fights weren't common but still they happened in the Aman household but then they would all stop. Follow Ania as she lives on after falling victim to a criminal's mind.
Lost in Love by whateverrr004
Lost in Loveby Marjorie Caparas Ramos
PROLOGUE #3 AGE DOESN'T MATTER !! "You're rejecting me just because of my age? That's unfair, Cole. So unfair." Desiree Jennielle Bartolome - Cole Brian Evange...
SwaSan- Phir Se Pyaar ✓ by Love_Angel08897
SwaSan- Phir Se Pyaar ✓by DarkBloodRose
guys this serial starts after 6months track on our favourite and lovely couple Swara and Sanskar. I'm trying to show how would Swara suffered in those six months and aft...
Years of Pain [ON-GOING] by IS0ULATEDT
Years of Pain [ON-GOING]by Fei Ku
15 years of lying in the Hospital, Minato and I finally woke up, and we had to sink in all of the surprises the 'village' has thrown out at us. -The Uchiha Clan Massacre...
Distance by 678910abs
Distanceby shreyashi Ghosh
Rrahel story start after finish of immj2 🤗🤗🤗concept is really unique guys ....may be you all love it.....
Reincarnated As A Bitch Princess(ronician Academy#1) by diamond_zaya
Reincarnated As A Bitch Princess( Coffeè Carrot Sunny Grey
"When the innocent but basagulira,bully,and slow cousin's reincarnated as a bitch and weak cousins princes"--Tittle ___ Blaire Aushantist Laurent,and Clare Lau...
a riansh story I try to complete in two parts 😌😌
One sided? | JJK  by AtSh_2
One sided? | JJK by Ateeba Shireen
"For 14 yrs?" he asked "Yes, she loved him for 14 yrs now and she still does" the 11 yrs old answered. It was so shocking for him. Not just because s...
The Rogue And The Alpha by AmharMeesaw
The Rogue And The Alphaby AmharMeesaw
Hazel Grace is nineteen year old. She is a rogue who is struggling through life, fighting her demons. She is a strong girl with a dark past that still haunts her. The la...
Tears after Dream by Enechyro
Tears after Dreamby Pitagan
Ang pagbalik tanaw sa kwentong nalipasan ng panahon, natupok ng lumalagablab na alikabok, natabunan ng mga sikat na obrang nililok ng mga pintor na kapwang may lasong ka...
Aluna by Kiminetchiee
Alunaby Kim
Madaming nagkakagusto sayo pag maganda ka. Pinupuri ka nila, sinasamba, ginagawa ang gusto mong magawa at kulang nalang ialay ka sa mga diwata. But for Aluna, she was di...
Dear Bully - COMPLETED - by Aaliya1612
Dear Bully - COMPLETED -by it started as a joke
Dear Bully, What did I do to you? First book of the "Dear _____" series :)