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Book Of Many OCs by The-Enby-Witch
Book Of Many OCsby 🌨
I make a bunch of random characters and you can Roleplay here if you really want to
လယ်တောဆီမှ လုပ်ကြံသတ်ဖြတ်သူ (MM-translation) by CharmZoey
လယ်တောဆီမှ လုပ်ကြံသတ်ဖြတ်သူ ( zoeycharm
Name - Jiǎn méi shā shǒu zuò nóng fū English Name - Assassin Farmer Author - Xi Zhen Genre - Fantasy, Martial Arts, Romance, Slice of Life Chapters - 160 + 12 extras Up...
Smut Book by ReformedPerson245
Smut Bookby Extreme
A Smutty smut smitty smut book. For those who only wish to do the naughty. (I have no clue how often I'll do this.)
Married to play by sakhiwrites
Married to playby sakhiwrites
"Umm...ji...." She shuttered. He looked up at his beauty, she was too naive for this cruel world.He just wanted to hide her in arms and never let her go.But, s...
Everyday, the Demon Lord is Escaping His Marriage by E_C_Zafra
Everyday, the Demon Lord is E_C_Zafra
Everyone in the world knows that Demon Lord Hua Che was cruel and vicious. A single disagreement could cause him to slaughter someone's entire family. What raised everyo...
  ˗ˏˋ꒰🤍꒱ "𝐈 𝐀𝐃𝐎𝐑𝐄 𝐘𝐎𝐔!~"|| individual rp || by _KXZZAI_
˗ˏˋ꒰🤍꒱ "𝐈 𝐀𝐃𝐎𝐑𝐄 𝐘𝐎𝐔!~" ≡; ꒰ 𝐊 𝐀 𝐋 𝐔 𝐒꒱
╭┈──── ◌ೄ◌ྀ ˊˎ 𝚆𝚎𝚕𝚌𝚘𝚖𝚎, 𝐼 𝐻𝑂𝑃𝐸 𝑌𝑂𝑈 𝐸𝑁𝐽𝑂𝑌 𝑌𝑂𝑈𝑅 𝑆𝑇𝐴𝑌 Hᴀᴠᴇ ᴀ ᴄʜᴀʀᴄᴛᴇʀ ʙᴜᴛ ʜᴀᴠᴇɴ'ᴛ ᴜsᴇᴅ ɪᴛ? Fᴇᴇʟ ғʀᴇᴇ ᴛᴏ! 𝙒𝙖𝙣𝙩 𝙩𝙤 𝙢𝙖𝙠𝙚 𝙖 𝙧𝙤𝙡𝙚𝙥𝙡...
ဗီလိန်​များ၏အမေဖြစ်လာခြင်း by milimwwwww
ဗီလိန်​များ၏အမေဖြစ်လာခြင်းby wattpad acc
ကျောင်းရွှီနင် သူမ စာအုပ်သို့ဝိဉာဥ်ကူးပြောင်းခြင်းစနစ်နဲ့ ချိတ်ဆက်သွားမိသွားခဲ့တုန်းက သူမ ဗီလိန်လေးများနှင်ဇာတ်ပို့လေးများ၏မေမေဖြစ်လာရရုံသာမက သူတို့ကို မှန်ကန်တဲ့လမ်းကြေ...
Running The Miles by Deweybunj
Running The Milesby P
On a team with boys, tackling and making touchdowns, she stands out, the only girl in the state playing highschool football. And better yet, she's their star player. The...
Individual Roleplay!  by ReformedPerson245
Individual Roleplay! by Extreme
Not anything new, but if you wanna roleplay, then feel free to do so! Just be sure to read the rules first... and also, keep in mind I'm still working on the whole thing-
Rp/Oc Book by GreenRose356
Rp/Oc Bookby D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F.
This book is for my Ocs that you can play with if you'd like All pictures were made by me using Picrew and cover was made using AI.
OC Book by gostevengo
OC Bookby Steven
Some ocs for role-playing. If you wanna RP with these characters, Ill also use this as an Individual RP. I did not draw any of these pictures, as the most artsy thing I...
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Individual Rp by Ghostie_Blasty
Individual Rpby Elipse
Welcome to a Individual Roleplay! This was created over the span of a few years and many bored hours. I hope you can enjoy the characters I made with my own blood, sweat...
MALINOIS - Individual Canine Roleplay by BelgianMalimwah
MALINOIS - Individual Canine Mali
18+ || A literate canine smut roleplay. More information inside!
CEO series one shots by rosie2089
CEO series one shotsby rosie2089
These are one-shots that tell the story after the epilogue!!! Every character will get one and you have to read the other two books to understand this! Edited as of 04/0...
𝘗𝘳𝘪𝘷𝘢𝘵𝘦 𝘐𝘯𝘥𝘪𝘷𝘪𝘥𝘶𝘢𝘭 𝘙𝘗 {𝘖𝘱𝘦𝘯} by BeckyMerari1909
𝘗𝘳𝘪𝘷𝘢𝘵𝘦 𝘐𝘯𝘥𝘪𝘷𝘪𝘥𝘶𝘢� 🇵🇷𝓑𝓮𝓬𝓴𝔂🇵🇷
Welcome to my Private Individual RP book. Here you can pick any of my Female or Male charcters to roleplay with. I'll create our individual chapter with the chosen chara...
Yuri Rp by CelestialHeiress
Yuri Rpby CelestiaHeiress
As the title says this is an Individual Role play. OC X OC with original storylines. In case of 18+ they are all bottoms. I'm uncomfortable with being top/dom. If you ar...