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✓Married To The Male Lead's Father by MingzuMing
✓Married To The Male Lead's Fatherby 𝑴 𝒊 𝒏 𝒈 𝒛 𝒖
Lord Protector Ding, Xie Heng, was the famous bachelor in Dayue Dynasty, also the adopted father of the male lead in the novel about a reborn woman. He's the war god in...
[BL, MTL] Lamb Trap (Unlimited Flow) by forgoTTen10pie
[BL, MTL] Lamb Trap (Unlimited forgoTTen10pie
Lin Huaisheng is young, beautiful and has a strong personality. After he died, a strange game came to him. Cowardly hostage in Stockholm in kidnapping case; Delicate and...
The Yamashita Family by Kagura_mtl
The Yamashita Familyby Kagura of Gintama
THIS IS MTL!!! FOR OFFLINE PURPOSES ONLY!!! ALL CREDITS TO THE AUTHOR!!! AUTHOR: The Queen is not at home When the young man...
General's Fiery Farmwife by AidaRiko2
General's Fiery Farmwifeby Aida Riko
OFFLINE READING PURPOSE Ch.1 to 25 Translator: Alanese Fantasy Ch.26 up Machine Translation Raw She...
Sweet Rustic Love Four Brothers Love by sweet254
Sweet Rustic Love Four Brothers sweet254
Offline purposes only. Credits to creator. Original site: Synopsis Sold by her own grandmother to become...
(MTL)My Beloved Concubine Only Wants to Eat Melons by Intovertturtle
(MTL)My Beloved Concubine Only Nynyl
*MACHINE TRANSLATED* Details Short Title : MBCOWEM Alternate Title: 朕的爱妃只想吃瓜 Status [Edit] : Completed Author : 延琦 Novel Summary Three years after entering the palace, Y...
After I was Exiled, I Became a Noble Minister   by lastborn99
After I was Exiled, I Became a last born
Image not mine Story not mine For offline purpose only! Novel Summary Mu Wan Qing was dressed as cannon fodder playing a female supporting role in a book about a reborn...
I Married a Disabled Prince in Prison  by cybernumb
I Married a Disabled Prince in cybernumb
[ NOT MY STORY! MTL with a lot of editing... you're welcome] After Yan Shuixin passed through the book, she became the wife that King An was forced to marry in prison. ...
There Is Always A Boss Who Wants To Spoil Me by ZhouBei
There Is Always A Boss Who Wants ◖⚆ᴥ⚆◗
Unexpectedly, because the main god's soul is too powerful, the body of each world is tempered to be infinitely powerful. The result is that, no matter if it is the canno...
100 ways for the villain to attack the male protagonist [Quick wear]   by Little_Spade
100 ways for the villain to Hera Ford
Title:反派強攻男主一百種方法[快穿] Author:Berosus Next, open the copywriting ↓ Copywriting waste warning! on an unknown morning. "Have you been looking for me for a long time?&q...
Lord Chu's Wife Is Wild by chaniex24
Lord Chu's Wife Is Wildby Chan
**WARNING: THE STORY IS NOT MINE OFFLINE PURPOSES** Chu Sihan, the county magistrate of Xuan Yue Country, is an exceptionally handsome prodigy who had risen to fame sinc...
Travelling through Ancient Times to be a shopkeeper by BlackEya_
Travelling through Ancient Times BlackEya_
Chinese BL BL NOVEL TRANSLATION BOOK Author Name: Temporary rain
Special Agent's Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess of Quick Transmigration by AngelDevil001
Special Agent's Rebirth: The AngelDevil001
She is the rising (new) movie queen of the entertainment circle, who is also Beijing's Ye Family long-lost Second Young Miss. Everyone knows that the Ye Family Eldest Yo...
The Villainous Chrysanthemum System by choccy_mayoo
The Villainous Chrysanthemum Systemby Choco
After dying when his system was virus infected, Yao JuLin's soul reborn again, this time as a system! He is given a chance to do his mission: to devour other systems fro...
If The World Sees Gentleness by arin_nha
If The World Sees Gentlenessby arinnha
For offline reading only Not my story or translation All rights go to the original owner Author(s) : Shēn Lín Status: Completed Alternative Title: 天涯万一见温柔(女尊) ...
...[4] by Broken__Doll
...[4]by Soulless Doll
For offline reading
The Romance of tiger and rose by meandonlyme12
The Romance of tiger and roseby meandonlyme12
NOTE: NOT MY STORY JUST FOR OFFLINE PURPOSES Chen Xiao Qian is a seventh-rate screenwriter who has worked hard to create a large production female-led costume drama. It...