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The Governess by claudiamessina
The Governessby Claudia Messina
Madeleine Butler is unusual for the Tudor period. She was raised to be extremely smart as her parents encouraged it. Her intelligence gains King Henry viii's attention...
The Tudor Witch Book 1 Mistress by sherby16
The Tudor Witch Book 1 Mistressby Lauren :)
1523. King Henry VIII is in desperate need of a male heir. Mistress Katherine Champernowne, a young maiden of noble blood, has been sent from France to the English court...
I Am Not Just her Sister by BellamyBobbyBlake
I Am Not Just her Sisterby BellamyBobbyBlake
Everyone knows of Anne and Mary Boleyn, sisters who both had relations with King Henry VIII. Anne became his wife after he tired of Mary as his mistress. However do you...
Festina Lente by Secret-writer91
Festina Lenteby Secret-Writer91
Desperate to bring England back into the fold, Pope Clement VII comes up with a plan that will shake things up in England for good. He sends his orphaned Medici cousin t...
Live Again by TudorRose
Live Againby TudorRose
It is the reign of Henry VIII and Jane Seymour and just 1 month ago, Anne Boleyn was beheaded. She comes back to life but nobody knows who she is.
The Fenrir Family *The Other Boleyn Girl* by Fantasygirl223
The Fenrir Family *The Other Boley...by M.J
In the Year 1523 the Duke and Duchess Fenrir along with their eight childeren were summoned to court by his majesty orders, as it was said that the youngest daughters of...
Rise of the Falcons by tudorstories
Rise of the Falconsby tudorstories
What if Anne Boleyn had given birth to not one, but two sons?
Karma by claudiamessina
Karmaby Claudia Messina
Everyone knows the story of Anne Boleyn's rise to Queen of England. But no one knows the real story of Anne's downfall. This is the story of her downfall and who took h...
Ladders of Love | The Tudors  by danysxthrone
Ladders of Love | The Tudors by danysxthrone
Being in the King's court is a game. For each ladder you climb, there is a snake around the corner that can cause your downfall back to square one or much worse. Just...
A Queen's War by Fangirl27056
A Queen's Warby Fangirl27056
Woman fight. Royal, woman fight. For many reasons we all clash heads and pens and ribbons for the love and affection of the oh so beloved King. Henry is not a prize wort...
The Protege: Anne Boleyn by LovaticNae
The Protege: Anne Boleynby KhaleesiNae
Margaret Beaufort, Countess of Richmond and Derby and mother of Henry VII decides she does not want her grandson ,Arthur, Prince of Wales to follow after his father to t...
The Seymour Girl •The Other Boleyn Girl by prettyinpink1106
The Seymour Girl •The Other Boleyn...by prettyinpink1106
Catherine Seymour was sent away from her family and was raised by the Boleyns who treated her like a daughter and sister. When Mary Boleyn marries and Anne is told to en...
The Virgin Queen's Daughter by ReignRegina
The Virgin Queen's Daughterby Vi
The court of Queen Elizabeth I is filled with scandals, secrets and mystery. Yet there is no larger event that fits all three than the birth of the Queen's illegitimate...
In which Henry Tudor is not the man he once was and the women closest to him, Marie, his new wife, and Kathy, his sister, must do everything within their power to remain...
The Legend of the Girl from 2020 | Henry VIII by anneboleynsbnecklace
The Legend of the Girl from 2020 |...by 💗
A group of girls travels back to the 16th century and one of them is Mia. Mia is a Girl from a Legend in which the King falls in love with a girl from the Future. Join...
Divorced, Beheaded, parents to you! Six fanfic by descendants4anyone
Divorced, Beheaded, parents to you...by Brynlee Patterson
Story about the Six wives of Henry VIII, they end up watching you and your house, and becoming like parents to you.
The Other Henry VIII by RedPanda1203
The Other Henry VIIIby RedPanda1203
What if Henry VIII had married differently? What if his choice of wives changed his reign and the whole of England's history forever? A young man sits on the throne of...
Mary Tudor: daughter of Anne Boleyn by AnneBoleynTudor
Mary Tudor: daughter of Anne Boleynby Queen Anne Tudor
It's 1558 and Queen Mary I's reign. When he sister Elizabeth comes to visit her, who is pretty bad health and would die soon, she brings her Anne Boleyn's diary. What...
A New Chance at Life by theroyal101
A New Chance at Lifeby theroyal101
King Henry VIII wants a divorce from Anne Boleyn and marry Jane Seymour. But instead of executing Anne, he finds another way to get rid of her. He decides to marry her o...
Anne Boleyn And The Death Of The Tudors by AshaAus
Anne Boleyn And The Death Of The T...by AshaAus
The story of Anne Boleyn does not end on the scaffold. The fate of the Tudors is rewritten in blood and fire... I hear it, before I am ready. The high whistle of a shar...