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Tudor Rose by brynnsreign
Tudor Roseby brynn
King Henry VIII is arguably one of the best known English monarchs, particularly for his six wives and his Protestant Reformation. But what if it happened differently? W...
Living in Richmomd by emmafangirl
Living in Richmomdby Emma
So this is kinda a six fanfic thing? So anyways! So this is like a thing where Anne isn't dead and neither is Katherine H. Anne and Catherine A sneak back to the palace...
Six The Musical One-Shots by fastfighter321
Six The Musical One-Shotsby Six Trash
The title really just explains it. I will not write smut in this book. I will do character x character, but not reader x character. Hope you enjoy. This will be written...
Reunited  by emmafangirl
Reunited by Emma
That's right. I'm six trash. This is what I'm dedicating myself to now. So in this it's Mary aged 17, Elizabeth aged 15, Edward aged 13 and Parr's daughter Mary aka Mae...
Divorced, Beheaded, parents to you! Six fanfic by descendants4anyone
Divorced, Beheaded, parents to Brynlee Patterson
Story about the Six wives of Henry VIII, they end up watching you and your house, and becoming like parents to you.
Who I Want To Be (Parrlyn) by fastfighter321
Who I Want To Be (Parrlyn)by Six Trash
Anne Boleyn and Catherine Parr didn't really get along that well, but Catherine was worried. Anne was becoming more secluded, and she just wanted to see if she was alrig...
Six: The Musical Script (First UK Tour) by PearlWithNoSalt
Six: The Musical Script (First Peaceofgoodgarbage
Six: The Musical Script (First UK Tour) By Toby Marlow, Lucy Moss
❁ six the musical | lyrics book by Shugzzz
❁ six the musical | lyrics bookby Shugz
♫ You want a queen Bee? Well there's half a dozen. Everybody knows that we used to be six wives, but now we're ex-wives! ♫ Lyrics to the songs from Six the Musical! Divo...
This Is New by fastfighter321
This Is Newby Six Trash
A modern Six The Musical AU. The queens are in high school, and Catherine Parr is a new student. She was only walking through the hall, but she had already heard more t...
Every Tudor Rose - SIX FANFICTION by queen_ofthe_castle
Every Tudor Rose - SIX FANFICTIONby Collette Guitart Has Got My H...
The queens of Six have come alive again! Given the chance to re-do their lives, they move in together and try their hand at 21st-century living. Filled with friendship a...
Hidden by fastfighter321
Hiddenby Six Trash
A modern SiX The Musical AU. "She'll never love me. It's impossible, I know it is!" Katherine Howard was fairly popular amongst the crowd at her school. A...
We're All Hurting (SiX The Musical) by fastfighter321
We're All Hurting (SiX The Musical)by Six Trash
Catherine Parr had taken care of Elizabeth I. Although, she wasn't considered to be good at it... She sent the poor girl off. Anne Boleyn, of course, wasn't much happy w...
Seven - Six The Musical Fanfiction by Six-Is-My-Life
Seven - Six The Musical Fanfictionby Katherine Howard ❤ Beheaded
Divorced, Beheaded, Died, Divorced, Beheaded, Beheaded, Survived Children all across London hear this rhyme when they are learning about English History. What happens wh...
Siren head X reader by LeafyEev
Siren head X readerby Leafy_ eev
'cause me and my friend (@kennyRiPMcCormick) read one so im making one This is kinda a book im writing as a joke but im trying to make it good I also tried a writing sty...
SiX One-shots! by TheGirlLovesMusicals
SiX One-shots!by ✨💕☀️CallMeCath☀️💕✨
Please request! Basically, one shots of a Queen x reader (both genders accepted) Also, might do some QueenxQueen ships and maybe some Kitty and Jane bonding etc. PLEASE...
Divorced, Beheaded, Resurrected by Six-Is-My-Life
Divorced, Beheaded, Resurrectedby Katherine Howard ❤ Beheaded
Catherine Parr thought things were interesting when she got resurrected, but then she met the interesting and ever so entertaining Anne Boleyn. Will Catherine Parr be ha...
Mary by formariesreign
Maryby formariesreign
Mary Stuart's mother, Marie de Guise, sent her daughter to France at the age of six to wed Francis, the Dauphin, and secure an alliance with the nation. After Francis di...