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France's Falcon  by LovaticLove98
France's Falcon by LovaticLove98
What if Anne ran away to France with Elizabeth a few days after her miscarriage, knowing she would not live If she stayed?
The Falcon-Rose King by LovaticLove98
The Falcon-Rose Kingby LovaticLove98
What if in March 1536 Queen Anne gives birth to a son? What if she died in childbirth in 1540? How would this effect history as we know it?
Queen of Hearts by LovaticLove98
Queen of Heartsby LovaticLove98
What if instead of marrying Jane Seymour, the king married Katherine Parr in 1536? How would this affect history as we know it?
The youngest Tudor Princess  by DuchessUru
The youngest Tudor Princess by Chloe
The youngest Tudor Princess, Catherine Maud Anne Tudor was only five years old when her father died, she is left in the care of her Tudor siblings and mother, Katherine...
Tower of London Trip - Six the Musical by ParrlynSix
Tower of London Trip - Six the Mus...by Ames
Kitty and Anne are having lots of nightmares and flash-backs to when they got beheaded, so Anna and Kate try taking them to the Tower of London. But are the girls really...
6 Queens by oldrowley
6 Queensby :)
Henry VIII had four decades on the thrown, and even more wives. It would be easy to name Elizabeth I or Queen Victoria as some of the most influential women in English h...
Jane Seymour's triplets by TatiannaLeeman
Jane Seymour's tripletsby Bloodyviolet57
Jane Seymour Queen of England Ireland and France gave birth to Edward vi but what if he had a sister and two brothers meet Princess Tatianna Tudor and Prince Henry Tudor...
The Tudor's Stories: by RedRiotxGroundZero
The Tudor's Stories:by Katsuki Bakubabe
This is basically a (98%) factual book of The Tudor's.
Concert for the Mad King by Ash-of-the-Tree08
Concert for the Mad Kingby Ash-of-the-Tree08
It is 1776, and the six ex-wives of Henry VIII are trying to figure out how to tell their story to everyone after being given a second chance at life. An opportunity ar...
The Tudors One Shots(Request Open) by DuchessUru
The Tudors One Shots(Request Open)by Chloe
Hello there! I am making one-shot again and this time you can request shots ;)
A Tale of Six Queens by LovaticLove98
A Tale of Six Queensby LovaticLove98
AU A switch of Henry VIII's six wives. What if Anne of Cleaves was his first wife, Jane Seymour his second, Anne Boleyn his third, Katherine of Aragon his forth, Katheri...