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In Nora of Lancaster is dead, but her legacy lives on through Marie of Burgundy, the Tudor's ward, and Princess Katherine Tudor, the eldest daughter of Lizbeth of York a...
Festina Lente by Secret-writer91
Festina Lenteby Secret-Writer91
Desperate to bring England back into the fold, Pope Clement VII comes up with a plan that will shake things up in England for good. He sends his orphaned Medici cousin t...
SIX The musical memes  by dontloseurtudor
SIX The musical memes by dontloseurtudor
Hi,thanks so much for all the love Updates everyday Uh I think this thing is broken it says I have 18k reads
Mary Tudor: Queen of England by queenMary_I
Mary Tudor: Queen of Englandby Marye the Quene
Mary Tudor, The Bloody Queen. The Catholic Queen who's name has been tarnished by the lies of her Protestant subjects...
A Tale of Six Queens by LovaticLove98
A Tale of Six Queensby LovaticLove98
AU A switch of Henry VIII's six wives. What if Anne of Cleaves was his first wife, Jane Seymour his second, Anne Boleyn his third, Katherine of Aragon his forth, Katheri...
The Henry VIII Murders by andraria1016
The Henry VIII Murdersby andraria1016
London is turned on it's head after women are found murdered, their resemblance to Henry VIII's wives disturbing. Will the killer be caught in time, or will 6 women reli...
6 Queens by oldrowley
6 Queensby :)
Henry VIII had four decades on the thrown, and even more wives. It would be easy to name Elizabeth I or Queen Victoria as some of the most influential women in English h...
When Harry Met Kathy by Anna_Britton
When Harry Met Kathyby Anna
A short comic monologue in which future King, Henry VIII, ponders on his prospective bride, Catherine of Aragon.