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The Belle of St. Petersburg •The Tudors by prettyinpink1106
The Belle of St. Petersburg •The prettyinpink1106
Jane Seymour was thought to be the next Queen of England, until the Pope decided to use the daughter of a Tsar to make Henry VIII cast the Seymour girl aside. Anastasia...
The Last York Prince [AU] by echelon8394
The Last York Prince [AU]by Nadia Shahira MHazmi
HISTORICALLY INACCURATE: Based on Philippa Gregory "The White Princess" timeline, but AU: What if Richard III had a son before he was killed in Bosworth? Young...
PAWN | THE TUDORS by eterncl
In which It has been seven years since the coronation of Queen Catherine of France with much changing along with her and her daughter becoming pawns in a mans game SEQUE...
REGAL | THE TUDORS by eterncl
In which, Henry Tudor takes on the roll of being yet a different person after the execution of the ill fated Anne Boleyn, and his daughters and sons must do everything i...
Addicted to you | The Tudors by miafrommarketing
Addicted to you | The Tudorsby 💚 Mia 💚
(Formally titled "The Legend of The Girl From 2020 | Henry VIII) A group of girls travels back to the 16th century and one of them is Mia. Mia is a Girl from a Lege...
The Foreign Princess by sofia-carson
The Foreign Princessby Panic! At the Fanfic
This is the story about a young Princess who's life is at stake thanks to a war. To keep her safe, her father sends her to England. There, she will meet new friends, old...
A Queen's War by Fangirl27056
A Queen's Warby Fangirl27056
Woman fight. Royal, woman fight. For many reasons we all clash heads and pens and ribbons for the love and affection of the oh so beloved King. Henry is not a prize wort...
Children of King Henry the 8th by AnneBoleynTudor
Children of King Henry the 8thby Queen Anne Tudor
Lives of all Henry's children by all his wives after Henry's death. Now his and his wives' ghost are haunting The Tudor Court. Will his six daughters and six sons manage...
Lost (Parrlyn) by Sorrynotsorry29
Lost (Parrlyn)by Fiona
Ever since Henry had left Catherine Parr, she had been left penniless and broken, with no friends or family left that cared about her or wanted her. Then she met Anne B...
The Seymour Princess(Being Updated) by DuchessUru
The Seymour Princess(Being Updated)by Chloe
Jane Seymour was known to History as The Woman had given Tudor England it's heir what if she had married Arthur Tudor? Would she still give birth to a Son? Would the chi...
The Other Tudor Girl ((Slowly Updating)) by Liliya_Evans_Snape
The Other Tudor Girl ((Slowly Loki_Does_Dressage
Book 1 of 'The Other Tudor Girl' series ***Will be placed on rewrite soon, I do not wish to continue with the way the book isn't currently wroten*** The name "Boley...
Daughter of Time by NikkiLong1
Daughter of Timeby Nikki Long
From the minute she is sent to Hatfield, Mary Tudors' life, would never be the same again. When Mary Tudor receives the letter she has been dreading for years, it change...
𝐌𝐈𝐃𝐒𝐔𝐌𝐌𝐄𝐑. The Spanish Princess by -groovyflowers
𝐌𝐈𝐃𝐒𝐔𝐌𝐌𝐄𝐑. The Spanish 𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐚𝐧𝐚 ☆
In which, Princess Adelaide de Valois is sent to marry Prince Henry, only to find herself caught in the mystic and intrigue of the royal court. © 2020 ariana may The Sp...
l'amie de la terre || francis ii valois by hislittlewoman
l'amie de la terre || francis ii hislittlewoman
mary tudor's only daughter will one day rise to the throne, in her own right. but before that, she must get all the mischievous nature out. in order to keep france and e...
The Lost Boleyns by Silver_Rogue
The Lost Boleynsby Akytyo
Mary, Anne, and George Boleyn. Three sibling who's rise and fall has almost all but disappeared from history 500 years after their deaths. What if these three had more t...
The youngest Tudor Princess  by DuchessUru
The youngest Tudor Princess by Chloe
The youngest Tudor Princess, Catherine Maud Anne Tudor was only five years old when her father died, she is left in the care of her Tudor siblings and mother, Katherine...
J A R Y   B O O K by sLeahCalvin
J A R Y B O O Kby A R A G O N
Cover by @queenMary_I I'm literally making this shit up as I go, no real plot at all. - D r a m a - R o m a n c e - C u s s i n g - W h o k n o w s w h a t s a r...
Victoria, Duchess of Cambridge  by Baby_Marley_2014
Victoria, Duchess of Cambridge by Baby_Marley_2014
"It isn't fair, I was always with him but he rather chooses a whore"
Queen Of Sicily: The Tudor Butterfly  by queenofastrology
Queen Of Sicily: The Tudor Queen of edits
What if mary left had left England after her mother died to claim her mother's Catholic Italian Sicily throne to stop her heretic of a cousin from becoming king