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Queen Isabella of Denmark// King Henry VII by RavenclawQueenx
Queen Isabella of Denmark// King H...by Kyana Lopez
Queen Isabella of Denmark was made queen on her fifth birthday when both of her parents were killed by a servant. She was trusted in the hands of Queen Catherine of Arag...
The Governess by claudiamessina
The Governessby Claudia Messina
Madeleine Butler is unusual for the Tudor period. She was raised to be extremely smart as her parents encouraged it. Her intelligence gains King Henry viii's attention...
Temptress by DangothIII
Temptressby DangothIII
'It's odd really, being one of Henry VIII many mistresses, but I was always his favorite...' Ivy Vandell is a 17 year old maid, working for the royal service of Henry VI...
The Official Mistress by TashaAmy1803
The Official Mistressby Таshа Амеlia
Elizabetta love King Henry with all her heart, but 16th century England can be a dangerous place no matter who you are or the love you posses. Things go bump in the nigh...
Tudor Rose by brynnsreign
Tudor Roseby ⭑ brynn ⭑
King Henry VIII is arguably one of the best known English monarchs, particularly for his six wives and his Protestant Reformation. But what if it happened differently? W...
"you think Achilles was of impressive descent? touch me one more time" The one where King Edward IV is captivated by Charlotte Neville and their love has far-r...
The Royal Seamstress | #ONC2020 by annasofie_mattson
The Royal Seamstress | #ONC2020by Anna-Sofie Mattson
Elizabeth Webb is sent to court as replacement for her mother who was beheaded by the order of King Henry VIII, the famous Tudor monarch. Elizabeth tries her hardest to...
The Forgotten Tudor Queen by TudorTies
The Forgotten Tudor Queenby TudorTies
Mourning his late wife, the heartbroken Henry VIII has secluded himself from the court. Maidens are vying for his attention but none can distract him from his despair. ...
Healing Touch (Yandere Tudors x OC) by antilka
Healing Touch (Yandere Tudors x OC)by antilka
Remember that tourney accident when Henry got the leg injury that bothered him for the rest of his life? Let's just say, that history from this point on changed by the i...
The Tudor Witch Book 1 Mistress by sherby16
The Tudor Witch Book 1 Mistressby Lauren :)
1523. King Henry VIII is in desperate need of a male heir. Mistress Katherine Champernowne, a young maiden of noble blood, has been sent from France to the English court...
Royal Sentence (Steamy Historical) by MProst
Royal Sentence (Steamy Historical)by MProst
Captured by dark and handsome Comte Roland d'Ypagne and sentenced to marry him, rebel Sabine de Brissard must become the perfect wife within six months, or lose her head...
Piece By Piece by 1-800-ASSASSINATED
Piece By Pieceby 🇷🇺 Serge 🇷🇺
Edward Seymour has been reincarnated to the young age of thirteen. The blond has just settled into what the new world is before his father shows up turning his world ups...
Always Hate Me // TWQ by tudorskiss
Always Hate Me // TWQby tudorskiss
Helena of Bohemia is the Princess of Bohemia, Croatia and Hungary. She, a rogue Princess, sent herself to England to help fight the war of the English. Edward of York...
Six the musical one shots by GAYtorade69
Six the musical one shotsby Gay Dumbass
Wattpad deleted my other one❤️
EMBELLISHED | REIGN by unimaginablestars
In which, Margaret of England is sent to France, to married the King bastard son to keep peace. She is to remain in court and grow custom to becoming a Lady in the Fren...
The Beloved Izabel by sleepyprissy
The Beloved Izabelby sleepyprissy
Hi guys! So this isn't my first story but it's definitely one that I love and I really enjoy writing it. So this story is super important to me. I'm a huge fan of royal...
The Looking Glass (Book Two of the Valois series) by GemmaLawrence31
The Looking Glass (Book Two of the...by Gemma Lawrence
Not every Princess lives Happily Ever After....Even once they marry the Prince of their Dreams... This is the second part in the Catherine De Medici trilogy which start...
Live Again by TudorRose
Live Againby TudorRose
It is the reign of Henry VIII and Jane Seymour and just 1 month ago, Anne Boleyn was beheaded. She comes back to life but nobody knows who she is.
FIAT LUX | H. VIII by thejunkeymonkey
FIAT LUX | H. VIIIby thejunkeymonkey
❝You are my life, you are my everything.❞ In which the King of England accidentally falls in love with the dark horse of the Seymour family instead of the golden child. ...
SIX the Musical One Shots (Finished) by CeriseHood5050
SIX the Musical One Shots (Finishe...by CeriseHood5050
A series of one-shots based on Six the Musical. You can comment your requests on the first chapter. As I am on my university course, I will be using this book for fun.