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My mates are queens!? by Ares_death
My mates are queens!?by Ares_death
My name is Alex Cruz, I'm a submissive, so I'm just a punching bag and a slave. I'm Emma, Queen of werewolves I'm Sam, queen of dragons I'm winter, queen of vampires I...
Queen of Tricks ✔️ by lonediva
Queen of Tricks ✔️by lonediva
Fox shifters are known for their wits and their tricks, and she is the Queen of Tricks. Hired by creatures to do their dirty work, one job with a certain big bad alpha...
Arrow Imagines by jashanaa
Arrow Imaginesby jashana 🥺
imagines for our favourite crime fighting unit
Don't Forget Me (BEING EDITED) by arielbarahona_
Don't Forget Me (BEING EDITED)by arielbarahona_
"its crazy how you are my mate and yet i don't want you" he whispered in my ear sending tingles throughout my body. "i Alpha Cole reject Eleanor Rivera as...
The Knowing by moneygoddess_
The Knowingby moneygoddess_
Naomi Miller is the product of black excellence but she just can't seem to find her place in almost.. anything. Meeting Harlem biggest drug lord, Easton Rodriguez, they...
Gods and Demigods Read the Queen's Champion by BlueMoonStories_
Gods and Demigods Read the Queen's...by Blue Moon
This is a fanfiction imported from my FanFiction account due to terms of use and stuff. In case you don't know, this is a reading of Anaklusmos's story, Queen's Champion...
Sanders Sides: Tangled AU (LAMP/CALM) by Lu-Jack
Sanders Sides: Tangled AU (LAMP/CA...by Ooga booga
So basically this is going to be a Sanders sides Fanfic in a Tangled (the movie) AU. It isn't going to be exactly the same as the movie, I will make my own changes and a...
Wanted ➢ Peter Pevensie [2] by distractedteen
Wanted ➢ Peter Pevensie [2]by distractedteen
"Oh. Milady Ashton, are you going to the ball for King Peter." The young centaur shyly asked Ashton. Ashton crouched down next to her, meeting her eye level wi...
What's Really Hood by jayhunnnna
What's Really Hoodby Jade
|| Chris Brown || Trinity has never been to the hood or even imagined what the hood would be like. That's until her and her father moved out to New York from the luxuri...
Peter Stark by Svea700
Peter Starkby Svea700
This is just a bunch of Spiderson/Irondad oneshots✌🏻 And excuse my English, I'm from Sweden🇸🇪 I do NOT ship Starker yall!!! Facts about me: Potterhead Gryffindor Mar...
Walking the Wire | PETER PARKER [1] by KateAnn21
Walking the Wire | PETER PARKER [1]by k a t i e
❝there's nights we had where we just walk away and there's tears we'll cry, but those tears will fade it's the price we pay when it comes to love and we'll take what com...
Intrigue ── Benny Watts by --insomniac
Intrigue ── Benny Wattsby 𝘎𝘦𝘪𝘫𝘶𝘵𝘴𝘶, 芸術
-ˏˋ ❪♙❫┆↷ INTRIGUE In which she intrigued him with something other than chess skill ⠀────────────⠀⋆⠀⋆⠀⋆ Queen's Gambit Fanfiction (FEM)OC! x Benny Watts
Female by lastingsummit
Femaleby wolf queen
COMPLETED! "You are weak, unstable, and arrogant! You are not a good wolf!" A laugh barked out of the Alpha's throat, shaking his head, eyes so bright. "G...
Queens After Dark by always_clever
Queens After Darkby Nia
Illegal booze + Jazz + A gangster = Dangerous Love Affair Ginger Muhammad has left her small town in North Carolina to pursue her father footsteps of being a successful...
Written in the Scars by AmeliaValerie
Written in the Scarsby Amerie
A Romance story set in 13/14th century Arabia. Abbas Abdul Rabbani, youngest Prince of Balqaas, is the most wanted bachelor in the city. But after an injury alters his a...
War Inside My Head // Achilles by lettersfromA
War Inside My Head // Achillesby A
When a Princess Warrior meets Greek's mightiest warrior. What if they fall inlove with each other? What would happen to Troy? *Highest rank: number 1 in search for Achil...
High King Peter (Peter Pevensie x reader) by Sj_thefan
High King Peter (Peter Pevensie x...by Sj
Previously called "Narnia". Welcome to Narnia. This is the story of Y/n, the daughter of Doctor Cornelius and friend of Prince Caspian. When the High King retu...
Lost  // Peter Parker// Completed by spiderxpeterholland
Lost // Peter Parker// Completedby spiderxpeterholland
"A-are you neighborhood" he stays still shaking still shaking your hand. He noticed he said it wrong. "I-I mean are you new to the neighbor?" He says...
Why would she like MY insta ?!//Camren by Fuck_harmony
Why would she like MY insta ?!//Ca...by Fuck_harmony
Badass Jauregui Queen B Cabello The two never got along So why would She like her picture ?!
The Stark Internship // Spider-Man [Book 1] by moviehead_always4
The Stark Internship // Spider-Man...by moviehead_always4
❝Lightning makes no sound until it strikes.❞ Peter Parker never knew that the girl he met in Germany, could change his life so quickly. Book 1 of 'The Stark Internship'...