Dragons, Superheroe...
By ilikehorsesandcake
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CROSSOVER AU (HTTYD & MARVEL) When Hiccup and Toothless get caught up in a storm, the last thing they expected was to be transported to another universe. They didn't think they'd be sucked through time. They certainly didn't think they'd be meeting people with superhuman abilities. This strange new world is crazy, terrifying and dangerous. The two have already been through so much together! The red death, Alvin, Dagur, Wild Dragons, Dagur again, Ryker, Viggo, Trader Johann, Krogan, Drago, over-population and new leadership responsibilities, and not to mention Grimmel! They barely escaped HIM alive, how are they expected to come out of THIS?! Peter Parker has had his fair share of, uh, mishaps. First his parents died. Then his powers came, then his uncle's death, then HE died, then he watched his mentor (and father figure, but he'd never admit that) nearly die. But life was slowly settling down for him after his problems with Mysterio ended and Tony recovered. He was settling back into life! His biggest problems were the mid year exams he tackles as Peter Parker, and the low criminals he fights as Spider-man. But Parker Luck[tm] strikes again, and he finds himself watching mysterious figures literally fall out of the sky. These figures? A man in strange armour, oh, and a literal dragon! A dragon! Boy, Ned was gonna freak. What would this mean for his future? Are these mysterious people friend or foe, and where are they from? Little do all parties know of the battle to come and the things at stake. Little do they know how their worlds would change forever.

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by ilikehorsesandcake