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are you my daddy? by newromantic3
are you my daddy?by newromantic3
Superstars Taylor Swift and Harry Styles had a whirlwind relationship.... but songs weren't the only thing to come from the few weeks of Haylor.
Secret Relationship (Haylor) by Swiftioner_4ever
Secret Relationship (Haylor)by Zoe :)
Taylor Swift and Harry Styles never broke up. They pretended that their relationship ended. They just did that so the fans will cool down. The fans thought harry move on...
Group-chat//Celebrities by Haylor4ever13
Group-chat//Celebritiesby Haylor4ever13
When a bunch of celebrities are added to a groupchat together, you can't expect nothing good to come out of it!
Celebrity Groupchat by haylorkilledsomeone
Celebrity Groupchatby Keira Jacinto
This is a groupchat with all my fav celebrities I hope tou enjoy reading it!!! Highest ranks: #1 celebritygroupchat #1 taylorswift #1 shawnmendes #3 selenagomez #4 shawm...
Swift's Daughter [COMPLETED] by ahdkznnqk
Swift's Daughter [COMPLETED]by ahdkznnqk
Life is tough. We all know that. But when you're the child of superstar Taylor Swift and her former boyfriend Harry Styles, life isn't just tough. It's completely imposs...
A Lesson In Love (Haylor) by storiesforswift
A Lesson In Love (Haylor)by storiesforswift
Hey guys! This is my first story I'm posting on here. Taylor is a first grade teacher, and Harry is a single father. I'm bad at explaining stories so I think you should...
possession // larry + LONG UPDATES by jackjacq
possession // larry + LONG UPDATESby on a break
Louis Tomlinson gets why he has to get a job, and drop some of his college courses, and help pay bills in the house. He really does, honestly. He just doesn't understand...
Secrets (HAYLOR) by stylesgirl023
Secrets (HAYLOR)by stylesgirl023
What happens when a world famous couple discovers they're having a baby? What happens when that couple breaks up? What happens when the couple decides to keep the whole...
gymnophoria || haylor by hayloriess
gymnophoria || haylorby 𝐕𝐢𝐜𝐭𝐨𝐫𝐢𝐚
SEQUEL TO APODYOPSIS gymnophoria (n.) the feeling that somone, somewhere, is mentally undressing you Will bad blood be resolved of will two side of power go to war? Will...
Shattered by BStrange_
Shatteredby Strange
Nothing in the world hurts more than a broken heart being shattered by the same person over and over again.
I remember // AU by enshrouded
I remember // AUby CK
Taylor is a spy... an 18-year-old spy! While she's on a vacation, she gets a call for her mission, a mission to spy on her neighborhood. What follows her is a series of...
Can we do it all over again? by Jay963
Can we do it all over again?by Jay
This is the sequel to my first story called "a Harry styles and Taylor swift lovestory (HAYLOR)". This is their life after the breakup, starting from Brits. Ho...
I Call Him Daddy (Haylor) by Makkiec13
I Call Him Daddy (Haylor)by •╚Haylor Babe <3
She babysits his little daughter but calls him daddy
Begin Again by ink__whisperer
Begin Againby 🥃🌫 A.K.✒🕯
I've been spending the last eight months thinking all love ever does is break, and burn, and end...but on a Wednesday, in a café, I watched it begin again.
Beyond Me. {Haylor} by sleeptightswift
Beyond Me. {Haylor}by Ashley <3
Taylor and Harry are the cutest couple. A match made in heaven. Even through long distances and media attention, they still somehow find a way to make the near year long...
sweet disposition | haylor au by cherrylore
sweet disposition | haylor auby 𝐅
Harry and Taylor come across paths five years later and things aren't the same. Highest ranking: #1 in haylor
Project Pretend [Haylor] by JiJixx
Project Pretend [Haylor]by Cara
The project was to pretend be in a relationship. They thought it was going to be for a couple of days but it wasn't.
| 𝙲𝙻𝚄𝙼𝚂𝚈 & 𝙸 |  by insane_coco
| 𝙲𝙻𝚄𝙼𝚂𝚈 & 𝙸 | by insane_coco
NATALYA STEPANOV - A new girl with sweet and funny personality. She's very cheerful. Clumsy as hell. She's beautiful. Every guy's dream. DARIUS KNIGHT - A rich guy with...
What Now? (Zaylena) by seeyouinmydaydream
What Now? (Zaylena)by katie
After experiencing the worst moment of her life Selena Gomez is thrown back into a world that she hasn't been in since she was eight. The world of her ex best friend and...
instagram  || haylor by wonderwhal
instagram || haylorby monica
@harrystyles tagged @taylorswift in a post! Highest Rank: #1 in "haylor"