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Not So Typical by liquorxintellect
Not So Typicalby liquorxintellect
Melody is a typical 20 year old, bored with how typical her life is. That quickly changes when she meets a guy in a bar named Harry Styles. It becomes a roller coaster o...
red hair and a blue hoodie // ed sheeran by TheLostTurtle
red hair and a blue hoodie // ed s...by xenia
a story about a girl who goes blind and a boy that just wants to love her. [dont worry - i am planning to go back and edit this story soon so it wont be as gross as it i...
we started with a rumor (instagram L. S.) by levxosa
we started with a rumor (instagram...by levxosa
In which Niall Horan and the fandom spread a rumor about Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson dating. But is it really just a rumor? An Instagram fanfiction
Endlessly (Harry Styles) by Make1Wish
Endlessly (Harry Styles)by Veronica
This is the story of an endless love between two young people bound together by their love of music (and chocolate). Hazel Murray is a young girl living in a small Ameri...
Serendipity  // Instagram // Haylor by soitgoesharry
Serendipity // Instagram // Haylorby Alex
But there were strangers watching And whispers turned to talking And talking turned to screams. @taylorswift followed @harrystyles @harrystyles liked @taylorswift's pos...
Instagram || Narry au by niallwhoransbabe
Instagram || Narry auby K
Where Harry is an Instagram model and Niall is a solo artist that just happens to find Harry very attractive.
photograph by 0cecilia
photographby cecilia
From normal boy in a small town, to superstar singing in front of stadiums. Follow Finn Hudson's trajectory before being famous until the time he makes it big. Is everyt...
Look After You // Larry Stylinson Hybrid + MPREG AU by Lunabelle26
Look After You // Larry Stylinson...by Lunabelle26
The hybrid caretaker James Cordeen, led a very excited Louis Tomlinson into his hybrid facility saying how glad he is that someone was interested in caring for one of th...
The BadGirl and The Badboy by unknown_panda_lover
The BadGirl and The Badboyby Shelia
Westlake High School, has over 2,000 students it's your typical cliche school with the nerd's, goth's, emo's , geek's, popular's, and of course there's many more but the...
To be so Lonely  by levxosa
To be so Lonely by levxosa
After 5 years of absolute silence between the boys, Harry decides to speak in an interview about his feelings towards the Doncaster boy Louis. He opens up about years of...
C'Mon, Would It Really Be So Bad? by hurricanstreets
C'Mon, Would It Really Be So Bad?by hurricane streets
This is my story about meeting Ed Sheeran right before he became the biggest pop star in the world.
Five Vampires, Five Mates, One Girl, One Direction (One Direction Fanfiction) by 200394231m
Five Vampires, Five Mates, One Gir...by 200394231m
*SEQUEL IS NOW OPEN* When Lacy goes for a walk during the evening, she doesn't expect to be kidnapped by five guys, guys that aren't normal. These guys are a coven call...
4 Girls + 5 Guys = Trouble (Little Mix and One Direction) by xXJessy99Xx
4 Girls + 5 Guys = Trouble (Little...by xXJessy99Xx
Perrie, Jade, Jesy and Leigh-Anne also know as Little mix are the winners of the xfactor UK. They become world famous and get notice by a special group of boys. When the...
Instagram ~ Narry S. by Narryandwolfie
Instagram ~ Narry S.by Narry And Wolfie
This is a boyxboy story and if that makes you uncomfortable, don't read! Niall Horan is a famous youtuber who does covers and vlogs, who also happens to fan over Harry S...
My Classified Life by thatcrazybookworm
My Classified Lifeby Emily
Emily Smith is not a normal teen, she's a spy in training thrust into a life where everything is Classified. Her mother is training her in the ways of Espionage and Ste...
Hearts don't break around here (A/B/O, styles triplets) by larryxisxtruexlove
Hearts don't break around here (A...by louis is a smol bean
Omega, Louis is a medical student in med school and, alpha, Marcel is his hot teacher. Oh and did I mention Marcel has two really hot alpha brothers. - - Top!Harry!Marc...
Hopelessly (Sequel to Endlessly) by Make1Wish
Hopelessly (Sequel to Endlessly)by Veronica
This is the story of a hopeless love between two young people who drifted apart because of many things. Hazel Murray is a young woman from a small American town who only...
Everything Has Changed (taylor Swift adoption story) COMPLETED  by 13pjl13
Everything Has Changed (taylor Swi...by Paige Jolin
One night my "mom" let me go to a show for RED tour with my best friend. After that everything about my life has changed.
Don't fuck with my heart (camren) by camrreeen
Don't fuck with my heart (camren)by Camren es real
Camila and Lauren are famous singers. Lauren is known as the flirtatious celebrity and Camila falls for her charm as anyone else would, it is impossible not to. Sexy s...