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Monchele is Endgame by remembercorymonteith
Monchele is Endgameby Ana
If July 13, 2013 did not happen, what would have Monchele been like? Married? Kids? Living happily ever after? Read to find out :)
Abusive by 0cecilia
Abusiveby cecilia
Rachel Berry is 16 and is in the sophomore year of High School, she dates Jesse St.James but he is an abusive boyfriend. What will happen when the story comes out and Je...
photograph by 0cecilia
photographby cecilia
From normal boy in a small town, to superstar singing in front of stadiums. Follow Finn Hudson's trajectory before being famous until the time he makes it big. Is everyt...
Between The Covers by GabriellaHerman
Between The Coversby Gabbydaniella Herman
It's Rachel Berry's first year at the university; she's learning new things and meeting new people...or rather, one person in particular - arrogant, annoying Finn Hudson...
My Man by finchelstories
My Manby Finchel
Rachel Berry has lived in New York her entire life but something has always been missing. What happens when a mutual friend introduces Finn and Rachel? And will Rachel f...
as far as friends go by GabriellaHerman
as far as friends goby Gabbydaniella Herman
Finn Hudson and Rachel Berry have always been the best of friends since high school... They were always there for each other, no matter the circumstances. Nothing more t...
Brown Eyes by NatalieMccarthy1982
Brown Eyesby Natalie Mccarthy
After losing her mom and not knowing who her dad is 17 year old Rachel Berry is dealing with a lot. After her boyfriend Finn breaks up with her for the head cheerio Rac...
Trapped In A Fake Relationship (Glee Fanfiction) by ryderlynnfever
Trapped In A Fake Relationship ( Fara
Everything is starting on my senior year. I date my brother's best friend who is the football player and one of the most popular kids in school. Until everything is chan...
Doctors by 0cecilia
Doctorsby cecilia
Lea Michele is the new surgeon in town. She met Dr.Monteith and they don't get along that well, until a night that both get drunk and end up in bed. What will happen nex...
Twins by 0cecilia
Twinsby cecilia
Rachel and Puck are twins. They got apart when they were 11 because Hiram took Rachel to Los Angeles with him after divorcing and Leroy stayed at Lima with Noah. What if...
Tell Me You Love Me by FirstFinchel
Tell Me You Love Meby FirstFinchel
What happens when Finn Hudson gets himself caught up in a big lie and needs a secret girl to help his family believe him? Will they just continue this act or will they b...
Fate by x_MFM_x
Fateby M
Ever seen 'The Game Plan'? Yeah, Maybe, No? Well get ready to read it 'GLEE' style.
Love at first sight by Reyna_023
Love at first sightby Reyna_023
A story on how Finn and Rachel first saw each other for the first time ❤️
My Suck Life by 0cecilia
My Suck Lifeby cecilia
Rachel Berry is a student at McKinley, but she hates. Her life is the worst, she gets bullied everyday, everyone is always talking shit to her and slushing her face. Wil...
Star Couple by 0cecilia
Star Coupleby cecilia
It's been a while since Finn Hudson and Rachel Berry moved to Los Angeles. Rachel is in college and trying to manage school life with her famous boyfriend. Finn is alway...
Missing Girl by 0cecilia
Missing Girlby cecilia
Rachel Berry, she's a spoiled, rich, annoying girl from New York, a few months after she move to Lima, she disappeared. What will happen when the girl everyone judge as...
the progression of glee by timesoftrouble
the progression of gleeby tara
NSFW!!! Just for fun. satire. don't take this book too seriously. there will be different kinds of chapters relating to glee including gossip, behind the scenes stuff, r...
Can you heal my heart? by downbeatDylan
Can you heal my heart?by ✯ Nic ✯
Finn Hudson.... well he had enough of getting bullied, he was sick of getting slushied and getting pushed into lockers, he had enough... he was going to commit suicide...
Roots Before Branches by 0cecilia
Roots Before Branchesby cecilia
Rachel Berry left Lima without looking back and that happened 8 years ago. And things changed a lot. Now Rachel is the most successful singer in the world but between ca...
New Life by 0cecilia
New Lifeby cecilia
Rachel Berry is the only heiress of one of the biggest fortunes in the country. But she doesn't know that. Well, she forgot that. After a horrible night, she completely...