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Baby Berry by KatlynSmith16
Baby Berryby double0seven
This is not my story! Created by JivingwithRylei on fanfiction.net A bit of Mommy! Kink, post-Beth: Quinn breastfeeds Rachel. Rachel gets so turned on she has to stop a...
Hidden Hearts (Faberry) by ellienerd14
Hidden Hearts (Faberry)by Ellie :)
Quinn places a kiss on both my cheeks, then a peck on my lips before grabbing her coat. 'We'll practise tomorrow. I have dates to plan.' When Quinn Fabray joins the last...
I guess I just fell for you, huh? by supernurse94
I guess I just fell for you, huh?by supernurse94
Quinn Fabray has always been the top of the high school pyramid. Rachel Berry has always been the bottom of the pyramid. She is considered the number 1 loser at William...
My First and Last Love by Gleek4sure
My First and Last Loveby Gleek4sure
*Rachel and Quinn have always hated each other,but have you ever thought why? Rachel Barbra Berry has two dads, lives in Lima, Ohio, and goes to William McKinley High Sc...
Glee - Quinn X Rachel by GleexFanfiction
Glee - Quinn X Rachelby GleexFanfiction
Favorite, Comment, and Follow me Ps. A lot of sexual content in this story. If you are under the age of 18 please don't read this. Can we hit 1000 views!?
The Running Back by carmonizer
The Running Backby Harmonizer
By: LovelyMagickUnicorn on Fanfiction Quinn Fabray is the popular cheerleader, and the thing with cheerleaders is that they only date jocks. That's a bit of a problem, b...
Kissing Quinn Fabray by psycoduck_3401
Kissing Quinn Fabrayby psycoduck_3401
Not my story All credits go to vondrunkaton on fanfiction.net This is easer for me and other people who is trying to look for this story
That Drunken Night by NayasGleek
That Drunken Nightby NayasGleek
Two people who have had a rough day go drinking then bump into eachother what could possibly go wrong read to find out. Brittany is intersex Strong language and smut
You & I ( A Glee Story )  by lilsnixx__
You & I ( A Glee Story ) by Lex 💕✨
Rachel , Santana, Quinn , Brittany, Noah , Jake & The rest of the glee clubbers are either in their last year or in their junior year .. They tried to make it the best y...
My Secret Love by NatalieMccarthy1982
My Secret Loveby Natalie Mccarthy
Rachel Berry is a shy 17 year old with a crush on the one and only Quinn Fabray. Quinn Fabray is the most popular girl in school with a secret she wants no one to know...
I Know I Shouldn't be Doing this by Quinn_Faberry
I Know I Shouldn't be Doing thisby Quinn Fabray
Rachel and Finn have been dating for almost a year. Rachel is having an affair on Finn with Quinn. What happens when Finn finds out?
I hate you so much I wanna kiss you by treedynimight
I hate you so much I wanna kiss youby Tree Gleek
Season one but Quinn isn't preagnet instead she has a crush on Rachel but to protect her reputation she has never told anyone and pretends to hate Rachel. Rachel likes h...
History Repeats  by Quinn_Faberry
History Repeats by Quinn Fabray
The gleeks from season 4 never got transfered because Glee never got banned. Kitty is in love with Marley but Marley is back together with Jake. Karley guest staring Fab...
Something - Quinn Fabray by 1-800-whoreforhosie
Something - Quinn Fabrayby remington
Genderswap!Rachel AU. Ryan Berry is looking for something. He just doesn't know what. Shelby Corcoran is looking for something too, only she knows what it is. Starts at...
Faberry One Shots  by caitlinneil7
Faberry One Shots by caitlinneil7
A collection of One Shots about Faberry.
Paradise: A Brittana Fanfic by thekid05
Paradise: A Brittana Fanficby thekid05
AU. Brittany and her family relocate to Hawaii. She meets a intriguing local girl who turns her world upside down- in the best way. Brittana Relationship/Pezberry friend...
Out of Bounds by sweetstephy
Out of Boundsby Olivia
(Completed) Santana is a college student, studying abroad with her best friend Quinn. She's never been on her own and has always had someone controlling her every move...
𝗚𝗜𝗥𝗟𝗦 [𝗳𝗮𝗯𝗲𝗿𝗿𝘆] by 1-800-BRITTANA
𝗚𝗜𝗥𝗟𝗦 [𝗳𝗮𝗯𝗲𝗿𝗿𝘆]by 𝐍𝐀𝐍𝐃𝐈𝐓𝐇𝐀
Pretty Girl. by MollyLuthor
Pretty Girl.by MollyLuthor
¿Alguna vez se han enamorado de algún profesor? Porque Kara Danvers lo hizo, se enamoró de la fría, egocéntrica y hermosa de Lena Luthor. Su maestra de Inglés y tutora...