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Forever by Brittana1989
Foreverby Brittana1989
Brittana drama and fluff. I'm really bad at these give it a shot please
The Girl Next Door by unholymo
The Girl Next Doorby unholymo
*Complete* Santana's Junior year gets more exciting when the new girl moves in next door. Brittana story with a side of Faberry towards the end. Highest rankings: #1 B...
Follow Your Heart (Brittana) by ltbishhh
Follow Your Heart (Brittana)by Brittana’s child
(COMPLETED) Santana Lopez is now a senior at McKinley High and has her whole life ahead of her. While waiting for her friends Tina, Mercedes and Rachel at the Lima Bean...
I Just Wanted To Feel Something  [brittana] by wxmhs7
I Just Wanted To Feel Something [ gay
Brittany has always been a happy child, her whole life she was laughing and smiling and dancing. Some of her earliest memories are of adults, teachers mostly. Calling h...
When Worlds Collide (gleedale) by ObrittanaTchoniP
When Worlds Collide (gleedale)by ObrittanaTchoniP
It started when a group of friends in a glee club from Mckinley High decided to take a trip to a small town they've never heard of and bump into a group of strangers tha...
It'll be okay (Brittana) by BrittanaGleek
It'll be okay (Brittana)by Rosy
Brittana fanfic! Santana has a good life in New York City. She lives with her friends Kurt and Rachel and has a beautiful girlfriend. Her girlfriend Dani is kind of the...
She Used To Be Mine by thekid05
She Used To Be Mineby thekid05
Quinn and Santana are lonely, sad. At Mr. Shue's wedding, they find comfort in each other. They both didn't have the one they loved, but they had one another and that ha...
Glee Texts by klaine_is_bae121
Glee Textsby Klaine4life
Just a collection of text messages from one glee character to another. (Ships include Klaine, Finchel, Brittana, Samcades and Quick) New Chapters Every Saturday!
The Beginning-Brittana by WatchingGlee3
The Beginning-Brittanaby WatchingGlee3
Starting high school means a big change for everyone. For Brittany and Santana, it could be what determines the rest of their lives.
Let Me Be Your Infinty by Brittana_heya808
Let Me Be Your Infintyby Brittana_heya808
Brittany moves into New York to start a new life. But, will her past catch up with her? Or will she finally open up to a certain Brunette?
The DJ and The Rich Man's Daughter by not-so-valkyrie
The DJ and The Rich Man's Daughterby not-so-valkyrie
Both from two different lifestyle and past history but together they have their own optimism in life. Just read and find out how these two meet and what will happen next...
Wait and See [Brittana] by brittanagleek_
Wait and See [Brittana]by [✨ERROR✨]
Santana Lopez has recently moved to Lima Ohio after her mom accepted a new job offer there. Junior year of high school is a tough time to transfer, but Santana's not wor...
Proudly so  by ZoeWallace0
Proudly so by Lover of writing 🌟
We are so awesomely In love... I'd totally hate us if I didn't know us!!!
Secret Vampire by Tottenham14
Secret Vampireby Tottenham14
Santana and her family moved to Ohio because her dad has a new job, Santana goes to a new school and trouble occurs. Brittany and Quinn are vampires but what will happe...
My Everything (Brittana) by ltbishhh
My Everything (Brittana)by Brittana’s child
(COMPLETED) Santana is starting college with her best friend Quinn. Quinn quickly makes friends and they are all going out together, Santana isn't very exited but still...
Glee Horror Story by andersonslopez
Glee Horror Storyby ミ☆ Sarina ミ☆
The New Directions attend a sleepover at Brittany's house, but only one of them will make it out alive.
Victim (Glee) by chibimaritza
Victim (Glee)by chibimaritza
Santana Lopez and her family move to New York which Santana has issues with from the very start. She meets two cheerleaders and a what she believes just an innocent brun...
An Angel In My Midst by mybrittanaheart
An Angel In My Midstby mybrittanaheart
Santana is staying at the Fabray's while her parents are on vacation. after church, she meets a girl that she can only describe as an angel. Fighting her 'condition', Sa...
Guilty Pleasure {Brittana Story} by wanky_doodle_dandy
Guilty Pleasure {Brittana Story}by wanky_doodle_dandy
Freshman in high school, Santana and Brittany wandered the halls. They met and automatically became best friends. Santana a cold hearted bitch had fallen hard for her ne...