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Why so Sexy, Miss Evans? (GirlxGirl) (TeacherxStudent) by ShayZayit
Why so Sexy, Miss Evans? (GirlxGir...by Shay H-K Zayit
Anna Krause is on her senior year and more than ready to leave high school behind and start a new fresh life without homework, what she didn't expect however is that, sh...
guilty (ymir x reader) by atolla
guilty (ymir x reader)by ami
"it's not my fault my neighbor is hot" y/n is a (struggling) university student who lives in an apartment right next to a person she would like to get "mo...
We Aren't Just Friends (Nicole X Reader) by Larry__Johnson
We Aren't Just Friends (Nicole X R...by Larry Johnson
You are best friends with Nicole Watterson, a mother of three beautiful children and married to a, how should I say it, a lazy husband. Of course, she relied on you, you...
POST REVEAL by superkale_
POST REVEALby Super kale
It's been months that Lena and Kara haven't talked. While Kara is broken from the distance between them, not knowing that Lena knows her deepest secret, Lena is already...
Gentle, Please (GirlxGirl) by TroubleInParadise_
Gentle, Please (GirlxGirl)by T.I.P.
Bella is recently broken away from an abusive relationship and is trying to maintain her life the best way she knows how, she's barely balancing school and work when she...
Drarry OneShots  by ImaDrarry_mess
Drarry OneShots by BxB is my thing ♡
Just cute short stories about Drarry lol I got #1 relationship goals 🥺✌️
FETISH (choni au)  by fgirlinc
FETISH (choni au) by ALLIE (π__π)
Cheryl blossom was the gangster on the south side she rolled with the serpents as there queen and also led the southside bandits everyone knew she was bad news. But whe...
HER  by cynthiachild
HER by 📚🥀Books By J🥀📚
The Story Of Honey Combs And Destanni Henderson
Calling For Summer [GirlxGirl] by amorousaffections
Calling For Summer [GirlxGirl]by luna ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
"Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead." - Oscar Wilde ///\\\ "Winter Alexander. Blonde h...
You know I hate you, Right? #Watty2017 (Complete) by CheyenneTheTwat
You know I hate you, Right? #Watty...by BisexualTwat
Dawn being the stubborn rude girl she is gets in fights with many people even a certain girl name Bella. Bella is a rich A+ student who despises Dawn and Dawn despises B...
Scandals and Mafia-(GirlXGirl) Story by glimpsexbubbler
Scandals and Mafia-(GirlXGirl) Sto...by glimpsexbubbler
A perfect young pretty supermodel takes a rest from her stuffed schedule of modeling, transferring to the Badex High School away from New York, trying to be a normal stu...
Pure Love / Catradora oneshots! by Plena_Arcanis
Pure Love / Catradora oneshots!by Aegean✨
Carta and adora oneshots (mostly fluff) I update whenever I can. (normally late at night so if there's mistakes please point them out and I'll fix them!)
Roadside (Ymir x Christa/Historia) by ErenJaegerTheMaid
Roadside (Ymir x Christa/Historia)by ErenJaegerTheMaid
When Christa sees Ymir and The Titans play live, she can't help but fall for the lead singer, Ymir herself. She decides to runaway from home, when she comes face to face...
Mrs. Inez by SabrinaSpicer7
Mrs. Inezby Sabrina Spicer
Million dollar couple Mr and Mrs Inez, are one of the most successful and well known power couple within the world. Seen as childhood sweethearts, everyone wishes they w...
Mine by Tomipaddy
Mineby Tomipaddy
Mira is a girl who receives a lot of attention in school but never cares about it. She had multiple boyfriends but has never fallen in love. This will soon change when s...
another fairytale story by lostprxnce
another fairytale storyby rainbow
it's descendants but gay. [evie x female oc] [will be in mc p.o.v unless stated otherwise] #1 sofia carson [sept.11] #1 descendants [sept 21] - Started: August 27, 201...
Heaven's Crime | ✓ by moonsarai
Heaven's Crime | ✓by Sarai Black
Getting chased by the Japanese Mafia with a hot girl probably isn't on your top ten of romantic first dates. The morning after Halloween, Kaya wakes up handcuffed to a...
One Shots {Chaelisa} by lililovesrosie
One Shots {Chaelisa}by minny 🤍
Cute, fluffy and funny one shots 🤍 { I do not own these stories, all one shots have been converted, all rights go to the original authors } ~ #12 Chaelisa {17/01} ~ #...
Just a whole lot of Momojirou by Chloe_Burgeroiz
Just a whole lot of Momojirouby Chloe_Burgeroiz
if u like momojirou and want something to read- then you are in for a show~ I update as often as I can not my art and I do not own MHA
Bride's cake [girlxgirl] by caradele1
Bride's cake [girlxgirl]by caradele1
Dua Lipa, the 23-year-old world-famous singer, is in two years-long relationship with her boyfriend Isaac Carew. She feels like she is in love with him but, just one mom...