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Down To Ride by itsarteriaaa
Down To Rideby its arteriaaa
Read to find out💞🥳
F A K E ... by norizila
F A K E daddytia
y/n was forced to date mattia to make his ex jls and like him back but.... #1 - fake date
Her Guarded Heart by dreamaquarius
Her Guarded Heartby A L I X
Scarlett Jenson is one complicated girl. Nobody can understand her in the way she wants to be understood, and that gives her a hard time opening up to others. Plus being...
From Hate to Love by dianalovesdiane
From Hate to Loveby Diana Ara Ybalez
Archer Martin a notorious Playboy who play around with women heart. A bad boy who allergic to word "marriage"! Ysabella Cullen a beautiful and kind hearted doc...
Daddy's Princess (Completed) by selfaccptance
Daddy's Princess (Completed)by ALICIA ✰
***DISCONTINUED*** OLD BOOK. READ NEWER ONES. "Bentley... I'm sorry... I didn't mean it that way.." i softly say, sighing. "no, don't give me that bull...
Colour Me Red | Dark #2 [COMPLETED] by Dreamerse
Colour Me Red | Dark #2 [COMPLETED]by Dreamerse
#2 STORY OF THE DARK SERIES Nick Abel, the tattooed police officer, the heartbreaker and the beast. He took me over and ruined me from day one. "You're mine."...
Targeting Mister Mafia. by AsfarNoor
Targeting Mister Asfar.
Book One of the Mafia Series. "What's wrong? Cat got your tongue Miss officer?" He smirked, his eyes twinkling mischeviously in the club lights as he observed...
Under your spell by born_confused76
Under your spellby Born_confused
A teenage girl called Kennedy Martin,The popular yet nice person in high school,she has only dated boys so she calls herself straight,but this dirty blonde girl comes an...
Attention x GoodGirls by Fannggirl4903
Attention x GoodGirlsby Fannggirl4903
His attention was all hers and for reasons she didn't understand he was all she wanted. ~~ I DO NOT OWN ANY GOOD GIRLS CHARACTERS OR SCENES Story will continue when Seas...
Things I Could Never Tell You by invisiblilly
Things I Could Never Tell Youby jas deroubaix
Some things stay as they are, but others? They fall apart. And once upon a time, Stephanie Olsen and Tyler Scott were the best of friends. Once inseparable, now driftin...
Hermione x Fem Reader One-Shots by Addictive_Gay_Kisses
Hermione x Fem Reader One-Shotsby Catradora Is My Shit
Hermione x Fem Reader one-shots! Requests are very welcome! All you have to do is tell me either a prompt, or, if you just want a type (smut, fluff, lime, ect.) then jus...
THE ONLY GIRL IN SECTION F by cvsmix_cusmix
What if Kung ikaw lang ang babae sa section niyo at gangster ang mga. Ka section mo kakayanin moba itoo? Hope you like it first story ko toh kaya hindi po ako sanay haha...
My New Home // dream not found by shattering_pain14
My New Home // dream not foundby {_Em_Shattering_Gacha_}
When disaster strikes after dreams biggest secrets gets revealed to his family... what kind of secret? What kind of disaster? I guess you'll just have to read and find o...
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TLS #1 : Taming The Badboy by beyondlocks
TLS #1 : Taming The Badboyby Janice Martana
TLS #1 Ethan Vecton Handsome , smart as hell , manly body and a playboy. He only look at beautiful and hot girls. He hates and always get cold to nerdy , stupid and ugl...
I looked up fearfully in the eyes of Dominic as he peered down at me. Our eyes met and the first thing I see was fire. He has control,over everything. Even me. I cried s...
Fighting in the Shadows by milkteawithmimi
Fighting in the Shadowsby mimi
-COMPLETED- Seventeen-year-old Violet Lockwood has always been a rule breaker. But when her parents both pass away, now she is in charge of her twelve-year-old sister K...
My life has just begun  by born_confused76
My life has just begun by Born_confused
A girl called "Olivia smith" (you)caught feelings for a blonde-blue eyed girl in your school and you have lived a rough life and having mental issues nowadays...
Slapping The Mafia Boss {completed} by xzadeas
Slapping The Mafia Boss {completed}by ✿ c o l b y ✿
"You are coming with me." He states sternly. "I'm not going anywhere until my parents come back." I spit back. He tries to grab me but I back away an...
SPG My Crush (ON-GOING) by iamvashstampede
SPG My Crush (ON-GOING)by iamvashstampede
WARNING: HEAVY SEXSCENE CONTENT 18yrs. Old and above only Intense erotic romance Picture not mine
hell university by yan1468
hell universityby yan1468
ito pu yung original heheheh enjoy