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Wild Pride Ride by Row6oat
Wild Pride Rideby NoAhDeAh
Stories! About my experiences being pansexual and GNC! My journeys and advice and hoping that sharing my stories might help someone accept themself a little more. Here...
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Before Us by NeonJackal
Before Usby Karter
Lyric Bishop never fully had a normal life. She has become contented being the loner of the school. Until two people tried to change that on the same day. After then Lyr...
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The Xenith by nsfwgenuflect
The Xenithby nsfwgenuflect
With nothing left for you on Earth, you consent to becoming a pet to a giant, companion-bonding alien species. You get your own little house, a closet full of new clothe...
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She is Me  by SeanCarroll1
She is Me by Sean Carroll
A transgender poem
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wow...cindy, no by gonsalloo
wow...cindy, noby gonçalo
[A young adult retelling of Cinderella - LGBT] What begins as a failed date in a tea shop leads Jay to find his fairy Godmother, the one who could make love finally come...
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History Repeats Itself by Fandomheartsclub
History Repeats Itselfby Yona BrightStar
A group of misfits band together at a small school in New York, where slowly they realize they're reincarnations of the historical figures of the American Revolutionary...
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Cold hands by pugsl3y
Cold handsby Greyson
Alexander, an ftm trans boy,can't seem to get it right, he has family drama, anxiety, and mean kids at school, till he meets Mathew and suddenly it all makes sense.
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Red White and Black by IndigoHarbor
Red White and Blackby Ivy
Mercedes meant to enlist as a nurse, but caught Dr. Erskine's attention first. For a chance into the army, she'll take it. But how will the country feel about a black wo...
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Asexual Spectrum by infernal_insturments
Asexual Spectrumby Amber
This is all about informing everyone of what asexuality is and the spectrum of it. I will explain all of the different types of asexuality along with narratives of some...
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Ash thoughts by devilonfiree
Ash thoughtsby .
"poems" and random thoughts
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I Never Thought You'd Become So Important To My Life by ahenryboi
I Never Thought You'd Become So Happy
Their eyes meet across a crowded room and it's love at first sight. Something the cynical protagonists would never have believed in until that moment. Swept up by strob...
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Rebel Poetry by deanjade
Rebel Poetryby Deangela A. Jade
There is pain in this world, especially when you are a woman, lesbian, and radical feminist. When you are hiding in plain site, in the middle of a proper Christian churc...
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Dear LGBT folk . . . by alpha-phoenix
Dear LGBT folk . . .by Jacob_Anton
Here I write messages to you and only you. Advice, notices, whatever. But it's for YOU. I hope you enjoy and I hope this helps. Feel free to message me at any time xx ...
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Pride Bookby Destiny/Dakota Yeet Nuggets
All of my pride rants *because I'm very gay*
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Glamour by azar_ereska
Glamourby Azar Ereska
A short story about gender, and society, and illusion, and dragons. ----- Or: Nathan is young, queer, and alone. Aris is fluid, 'sikar' and a dragon. Glamour is a shor...
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The Life of an Agender Teen by theHGlover
The Life of an Agender Teenby Georgia
This is pretty much just diary/ story sort of thing about my life, but I don't really know how it's going to turn out yet, so we'll just have to wait and see for now I g...
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A Bowl of Surreal by et_alii
A Bowl of Surrealby etalii
Follow Ellery, a little boy with a big imagination, as he goes on the most peculiar of adventures and encounters the most peculiar of beings, surpassing the very limits...
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Mask by killjoy0809
Maskby AJ
"But, if you step inside You will find out, There's more behind the mask" ~Behind The Mask, Sara Layn. TW: kinda depressed, closet transgender, mentions o...
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