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They'll Love You 3000 by AuthorA97
They'll Love You 3000by AuthorA97
Tony Stark was born into a world where having a homosexual Soulmark was akin to a death sentence.
No More Bargains by AuthorA97
No More Bargainsby AuthorA97
Stephen strange was checking his phone - just a quick glance while driving - when the pain started.
Voices In My Head by AuthorA97
Voices In My Headby AuthorA97
But of the voices in my head, the loudest one is mine. Might still have voices in my head- but the loudest one is mine.
A Jotunn By Any Other Name by AuthorA97
A Jotunn By Any Other Nameby AuthorA97
'A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.' Loki was no rose. And he had never been sweet. At least now, he knew why. ----Name Soulmate AU where Loki discovers he's...
Need You Like Cake by AuthorA97
Need You Like Cakeby AuthorA97
Stephen Strange has come home. And he's gonna need that new magic of his to build himself a doghouse. (4th in a series!) (Title based on song 'Birthday' by All Time Low)
Cause We're Connected by AuthorA97
Cause We're Connectedby AuthorA97
Loki is finally back with Tony and Stephen. Tony would love to enjoy it, really would, except his needs to work on updates to his suit in case the space army comes back.
You Can Bet on That  by Kymera219
You Can Bet on That by Kymera219
To settle a debate about who's magic is better, Stephen and Loki decide to teach someone. They end up with far more than just an apprentice Cross-posted on A03 and
It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year( Unless You're Dating Wizards) by Kymera219
It's the Most Wonderful Time of Kymera219
Tony is getting ready to spend Christmas with his lovers, and hasn't figured out what to get them. He'll learn that the heart has better gift ideas than the bank account...
Two Dads and A Mom? Yes. Just Three Dads? Also Yes. by chaotic_they
Two Dads and A Mom? Yes. Just The Rainbow System
"Some days I simply have three dads. Other days I have two dads and a mom. But Loki's pretty chill though, so, I'm never one to judge." - Peter to Ned when exp...
Son of Mischief, Magic, and Metal by DorkyDevil0321
Son of Mischief, Magic, and Metalby DemonicBitch
What started as a mission to get Loki's sceptor back, turns into a rescue mission when they find a little boy powering the whole damn base. And when they find out he's...