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Like Father Like Son [ROTTMNT] by p3ach_r1ngz
Like Father Like Son [ROTTMNT]by Pippers <3
This is not my story, all I'm doing is moving it onto wattpad for those who can't find it.<3 Full creds: Eternalglitch - TUMBLR Q&As found on TUMBLR ^^^ Q. What is lf...
Torment by StormyWhiteLies
Tormentby Storm Z
"With each word Riven could feel himself breaking, feel the terror crawling down his spine. Fuck, she just had to go and get kidnapped."...
Golden eyes. by Queenlight289
Golden -ThaliaNyx 298-
Nightmare watched as the infant squirmed and wriggled as she was passed to the most negative being in the room. He hadn't noticed when she had closed her eye sockets but...
Need You Like Cake by AuthorA97
Need You Like Cakeby AuthorA97
Stephen Strange has come home. And he's gonna need that new magic of his to build himself a doghouse. (4th in a series!) (Title based on song 'Birthday' by All Time Low)
Second Chance by Luna_Shadow_Black
Second Chanceby Luna
After the biggest battle at Hogwarts, Catherine Malfoy sacrificed her life for her twin brother Draco Malfoy. Although Draco and Catherine don't really get along very we...
WoF:The Paradise Kingdom by BPJDmarley
WoF:The Paradise Kingdomby BPJD-Jacquin
Another land where a peaceful tribe roams. Beautiful dragons descended from Pyrrhian tribes, a place where Animus magic is a gift to be celebrated. But the kingdom is no...
(HANDPLATES) Give Me a Sign by Nazareth_Rose
(HANDPLATES) Give Me a Signby Teresa
Based on the intermittent Handplates period when Sans and Papyrus knew how to write English, but couldn't speak it and signed instead. This leads to a lot of pandemonium...
The Sleeper Awakens by chaosmoon75
The Sleeper Awakensby chaosmoon75
After a near-death experience, Agent Keegan Russels finds herself facing something out of a nightmare. Everything about the situation makes her wonder where she went wro...