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𝐑𝐈𝐅𝐓𝐇𝐎𝐋𝐃 𝐀𝐂𝐀𝐃𝐄𝐌𝐘 by queens_blade
[A Throne of Glass Fanfiction. Rated #1 in rowaelin] When Aelin Ashryver is suddenly sent to a posh, expensive school that she never signed up for, she has to put up wit...
The Huntress ✓ by witchoria
The Huntress ✓by cellophane dion
(EDITORS PICK) In the bloody, ruthless, and decidedly uncouth world of 17th century pirates, can a woman deceive even those closest to her and survive? Bronte is forced...
The Man in the Iron Mask and the Girl in the Iron Chains by IveGotTheFanFicInMe
The Man in the Iron Mask and the G...by Bella Silen
(Inspired by the movie 'The Man in the Iron Mask') He was imprisoned unfairly and enclosed in an iron mask. She was forced to care for her lover in the dark Bastille. T...
Destined (Cat Noir / Adrien X Reader) by aka_unknown_01
Destined (Cat Noir / Adrien X Read...by #myalterego
SHE TRIES TO MAKE EVERYONE HAPPY BUT HERSELF AFTER GOING THROUGH A LOT IN HER LIFE Y/n a teen fashion model who comes from New York and is very likable now is the owner...
Gamerella (Kenhina Cinderella AU)  by Silvers-wonderland
Gamerella (Kenhina Cinderella AU) by Silvers-wonderland
In a land far away there was a shy boy named Kenma. While he was quiet and shy he had the sweetest heart, beloved by his father, mother, and all that met him. But unfort...
[COMPLETED] Fencing - Adrinette - miraculous ladybug by xMarichat4lifex
[COMPLETED] Fencing - Adrinette...by xMarichat4lifex
When the class play truth or dare, marinette has to take part in fencing with Adrien how will she cope with her crush around worst description ever lol #3 - fence - 8/4...
A Song To Our Zorro! by SoupSlicker
A Song To Our Zorro!by SoupSlicker
(Y/N) gets some strange news one day: The school his childhood friend Ayumu Uehara is enrolled at becomes co'ed, meaning he will finally be able to go in the same high s...
The Agent's Priority by -Dreamwrote-
The Agent's Priorityby -Dreamwrote-
Agent Zaiarhys Maksimov, a special and an important asset to the FBI agency along side her partner She's independent, cold, emotionless, with a wall as high and as stron...
Vergrin High by Enolafluff
Vergrin Highby ❃ Fluff ❃
"You try so hard to be the big bad scary man, but your not. Maybe your the reason, maybe your the reason why everyone is afraid of you, why nobody wants to talk to...
Riposte 2 by alvares715
Riposte 2by alvares715
The title explains it all! My idea for the episode Riposte 2. Takes place after season three. Mild gore and brief mention of death. #14 Miraculous #18 Episode Word Coun...
Point In Line To Your Heart by Karmagical
Point In Line To Your Heartby Akira Toki
AU: Tenten and Neji have been close friends and teammates for a long time, the gang decides to give them a little push. A light story including: high school life, clever...
A Tu Lado Es Donde Quiero Estar by MilayaLuna
A Tu Lado Es Donde Quiero Estarby MilayaLuna
Este fue mi primer libro que escribi Lo mejor que te puede pasar en esta vida, es encontrarte con alguien que te haga sonreír. Que con una mirada entienda lo que te pa...
Sesshomaru x Rin High School Cover by GingerishBunny
Sesshomaru x Rin High School Coverby GingerishBunny
Sesshomaru, the valedictorian of his class and the top variety of his fencing team. He is a senior Rin, a clumsy, shy, and clever girl all in one. She is a freshman Jak...
Brendon Urie~ Broken Promises by Casisatop
Brendon Urie~ Broken Promisesby Kelly
I check my phone again its 12:54 pm okay. I still have time! I thought before I felt myself bumping into someone. I looked up and saw a guy who is a little bit taller th...
Fencing 🤺 by kkbods
Fencing 🤺by Kaitlyn
Some of my favourite fencery things, pictures and stories on my experiences as a fencers girlfriend.
The Peacekeepers by PiersonNyx
The Peacekeepersby PiersonNyx
For most, they were feared throughout the universe, but for some, they were just another friend, and for others, they are the enemy. When they have to return to the plac...
Anais Timbley - A deadly beauty by Annatoire
Anais Timbley - A deadly beautyby Annatoire
Born as the child from the ill-fated but dreamy affair between a nobleman and a peasant-born lady, Anais had the title of a noblewoman but lived her childhood as simple...
Bowling Shoes || Jackson Wang by GeekGirl902
Bowling Shoes || Jackson Wangby Coming back
"Some people become so passionate about something that years later they no longer can have a life without it. Let others into your life. Let other things integrate...
Circles (Cielizzy) by AnimeFanAndKpopFannn
Circles (Cielizzy)by KᑭOᑭ Iᔕ ᒪIᖴE
Elizabeth and Ciel Phantomhive are married, but somehow Elizabeth question her marriage with Ciel. But Elizabeth try to forget that. She wants to tell Ciel that she want...
Not Another Cinderella Story... by pinkypie13
Not Another Cinderella Story...by pinkypie13
Ella Traine is a 17 year old girl who lost her Dad in a devastating way. Similar to the tale we're all familiar with, she has two step-sisters who aren't that nice and a...