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Leonardo Boyfriend Scenarios by TMNT_LeaderInBlue
Leonardo Boyfriend Scenariosby TMNT_LeaderInBlue
"Don't be embarrassed. I like that you can't focus around me." "I am completely capable of focusing around you." I say and cross my arms, more than...
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Unexpected Dirty Love by LoveForTmnt
Unexpected Dirty Loveby 2K14/2K16
Hello everyone!! Here is my story!! But only for readers 18+!! It will have adult content!! This is during the first TMNT movie!! (2k14!!!!) April and her very attractiv...
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Blue is for Wisdom: Hamato Leonardo Husband Scenarios by TMNT-Queen
Blue is for Wisdom: Hamato Leonard...by kb
"I don't want my own Cinderella story. All I want is me and you. Together. Our own story. Our own happy ending." "Sometimes there's no such thing as a hap...
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RotTMNT Oneshots and Headcanons by JayInTheCloset
RotTMNT Oneshots and Headcanonsby Jase
Says in the title.
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TMNT get a little sister  by Anju-Writes
TMNT get a little sister by Anju
ok in this story the turtle boys get a baby sister. she was made with some of the turtles DNA and that's why the kraang want her back so the turtles are gonna do everyth...
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TMNT One-Shots by Harper_Lillie
TMNT One-Shotsby Harper Ray Lillie
[Requested Are Closed!] Just a bunch of One-Shots with your favourite turtles! **Disclaimer: I do NOT own ANY art OR TMNT!! All art belongs to the artist and TMNT(2012)...
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Smoldering Love (donatello x reader) by Sassatello
Smoldering Love (donatello x reade...by Sassatello
Donnie's a hopeless romantic, so when he falls in love, it's not easy or subtle, but not everyone falls in love this way. If that weren't hard enough, he's mutant turtle...
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Mikey Depressed. by MikeyLover777
Mikey Depressed.by Morgan
Michalangelo Hamato is depressed. This is a Human AU, so they aren't turtles. Mikey is a regular human being, but he gets bullied for how he looks and acts. Not only by...
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TMNT: Boyfriend scenario. by Katharina0310
TMNT: Boyfriend scenario.by Katharina
"I will protect you with my heart, if you give me yours" -Unknown Love is a thing everyone wish. Just as similar do the TMNT brothers as well. Follow our adv...
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TMNT Boyfriend Scenarios by NBBA_Girl
TMNT Boyfriend Scenariosby Alex Lang
What would you feel if you stole one of the four heroes that we all love hearts'? How would your romance go? Find out! These are the 2014 Turtles, not the 2012 turtles s...
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TMNT x Reader One-shots (ON HOLD) by spiritwing13
TMNT x Reader One-shots (ON HOLD)by Spiritwing13
No matter who you are, you have a special place in all of our beautiful boys hearts. You have everything from fluff to all out wars beside our team of four. You are (Y/n...
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TMNT OneShots by InsaneLion6058
TMNT OneShotsby ☕🍰🍷🍦
What the title says! *Me: "Duuuh"* I do only x Readers here. Check my other story fur x OC's...
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The Plan | Donatello x Reader by sweaty-writer
The Plan | Donatello x Readerby ▂ ▄ ▅ zαняα ▅ ▄ ▂
"That-that-that wasn't part of the plan!!" -------------- Donnie is definitely a planner. And the plan (this time) was simple: Get t...
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TMNT Daughter Scenarios by GirlMeetsTMNT
TMNT Daughter Scenariosby ➳Follow MYTUMBLR➳
Yes people!! Title says it all!! My first scenarios book!! This is not a one-shot though. It will follow a story line. Please read and enjoy!! [#wattys2016]
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TMNT x Reader Scenarios by blue_divergents
TMNT x Reader Scenariosby blue_divergents
Ever wondered what it would be like to date a Ninja Turtle? Well don't hesitate hit that button to read! Ranked: #1 in Leo 5/20/19 #1 in Turtles 6/14/19 #2 In April 5/2...
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~Donnie X Reader : A Strange, But Sweet Love~ by leylalovescats
~Donnie X Reader : A Strange, But...by leylalovescats
Y/N - Your Name Y/B/F/N - Your Best Friend's Name You are a high school girl, you don't seem to fit in with many kids at your school. You have friends, but you are desir...
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The Turtle In Purple (A TMNT 2014 Fanfiction) by allalalalaa
The Turtle In Purple (A TMNT 2014...by allalalalaa
Jessie Adams is just a girl who graduated from high school and is looking for summer work. When her mother forces her to be a reporter. She finds herself in Channel Six...
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TMNT2014 Scenarios by ReiGn165
TMNT2014 Scenariosby Eat, sleep, game, repeat~
You're reading a TMNT x Reader fan fiction. This is an interactive type story, where in certain places you insert either your eye or hair color, your favorite sport or...
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Don't Make Me Fall For You | Raphael x Reader by sweaty-writer
Don't Make Me Fall For You | Rapha...by ▂ ▄ ▅ zαняα ▅ ▄ ▂
"Why do you hate me so much?!" --------------- Things aren't going great for Raphael. The excitement has died down. The shock and exciteme...
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Leonardo DiCaprio imagines by teenageHippy
Leonardo DiCaprio imaginesby Jane doe
Ahh the feels of the wonderful Leonardo!
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