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Coffee ; beta lumity by onlylumity
Coffee ; beta lumityby <3
Beta Au : in which I imagine them as the ages 18/19. Amity Blight, top student. She prefers to be alone and only hangs out with her friend, Boscha, but that all changes...
A night to remember (lumity au) by oikawas_flatass01
A night to remember (lumity au)by Reygan
Based off of the comic by @omychan01
Sisters (sibling AU) by N0faCe0
Sisters (sibling AU)by 0-0
Lucia and luz noceda go to the human realm for "vacation" staying with eda. But the two sister realize the predicament of the town and the demons in it as bot...
Drunk Beta Luz Meeting Beta Amity by AmityDeamonne
Drunk Beta Luz Meeting Beta Amityby Amity
Beta Luz got drunk after eda gave her some apple blood and then ran into Amity.. They ended up being "good friends" Amity has strict parents. There are so many...
Saving Us - A Lumity Fanfic by maynoelle
Saving Us - A Lumity Fanficby maynoelle
Luz is forced to leave the Boiling Isles, leaving her friends, family, and magic, behind. After four years of being gone and living life in the human realm, Luz is bewil...
lovers rock - beta lumity by wqybright
lovers rock - beta lumityby erika
"she might want a kiss before the end of the song" amity blight just wanted help with a spanish test, but she seems to have grown to love her spanish tutor. ar...
Lost in the Rhythm by kyngsisland
Lost in the Rhythmby dmitry
(Cover art by treiibot) After a scheduling slip-up, Luz Noceda, Hexside High's resident new kid and jazz saxophonist extraordinaire, finds herself among the members of t...
Keyboard by confusionred
Keyboardby confusionred
No description. Published drafts. Subject to edits. Random lyrics to songs I'm vibing with atm.: --------------------------------------------------- Hiding alone in the...
Two Sides of the Same Coin (lumity sibling au) by mehmehp1
Two Sides of the Same Coin ( mehmehp1
Beta Lumity Sibling AU where Lucia was the one to find the Boiling Isles first...
Witches and Wishes by ilovebooks31415926
Witches and Wishesby Hi peeps
Owl house sibling au! There may be a little triggering stuff, not a lot tho. Anyways, luz and lucía get to the boiling isles, stuff happens NO SPOILERS Pls correct my S...
4 years by pilotamityisbaby
4 yearsby pilotamityisbaby
Amelia Blight and Lucia Noceda finally see one another after 4 years of being apart. though Lucia brings an unexpected surprise... what will happen? I don't know either
Rising Sun, Setting Moon by AfterlifeFox
Rising Sun, Setting Moonby after
Luz Noceda, a fantasy loving teen chooses to spend her summer in the demon realm. as far as her family is concerned she's at summer camp, they really benefitted stress w...
Enemy "Otter" | Lumity by thewiltingpetals
Enemy "Otter" | Lumityby Fox!
It seemed like years since humans banned witches from almost all places in earth with normal humans, or anywhere else they could go.. ---- "That stupidly cute.. ott...
I love you MiAmor by Amelia69blight
I love you MiAmorby Clarity
this is a Beta lumity story it is a story written between me and my friend im not gonna take all the credit Please comment if you want book two!
Playing hard to get? - Beta Lumity  by basicxllymee
Playing hard to get? - Beta Lumity by LUMITY
The characters are 18 This is my first story so it's boutta be a lil... awful Amity is fresh outta high school and wants nothing to do with anyone but her close friends...
An Umbrella for Two (Lumity AU) by Dawnclod
An Umbrella for Two (Lumity AU)by Dawnclod
What if Eda never came back from the Human Realm as she hid from her mother? What if she started a new life there and settled down later? God, Amity would kill for a ne...
Forevers End by OwlJesus
Forevers Endby Owl Jesus
There has to be and end to forever... right? part 2 to "Us, Our Love, and Our Beginning"
The Human & The Witch by XxThat_one_weebxX
The Human & The Witchby XxThat_one_weebxX
A random human who comes through a portal into a realm of magic known as the boiling isle. And a little miss perfect witch who is at the top of her class. Both go head t...
mend you back together by Elizabth_Alexander
mend you back togetherby Elizabeth_Alexander_Mondragon
After some years gone, Lucia retuenred to Bonesborogh but she suffer an accident. Amelia is tasking being the middle woman between Lucia and her family while exploring a...
Hexside Collage by Basic_Nomand
Hexside Collageby Basic_Nomand
Welcome to Hexside Collage! It's a new year, new students, new beginnings. Luz Noceda, the schools resident bad girl. Always doing something she shouldn't. Smoking behin...