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-White Haired Fairy-Tian Guan Ci Fu x Male Reader by Archzengel
-White Haired Fairy-Tian Guan Ci Archzengel
Shao [Name] is a martial god of luck & fortune. Despite himself called a god of luck & fortune, his behavior is mysterious and rarely talks around his fellow martials an...
𝙾𝙼𝙴𝙶𝙻𝙴 || 𝙰𝚃𝙴𝙴𝚉 by loudwoo
𝙾𝙼𝙴𝙶𝙻𝙴 || 𝙰𝚃𝙴𝙴𝚉by fruity wommy
a story where bored girl meets 8 unordinary boys on omegle. inspired by "fuckboy hotline" by @KEFIZEN started: somewhere around 20-25 October finished: D...
Jealous / Woosan by sda_mo
Jealous / Woosanby ・゚Xi・゚
San is helplessly in love with Wooyoung and everyone sees it except for him. He is oblivious of his best friend's feelings and it only makes it harder for San, but who k...
Soundleasure | Choi San by Lucythor_xoxx
Soundleasure | Choi Sanby Lucy A.
"Let's forget about the distance, and let me take where you please with just my voice" ******** Pairings: Soft!San x reader || Strangers to lovers, fake dating...
taste of desire - woosan by mytinyteez
taste of desire - woosanby mytinyteez
choi san hopes to reconcile his strained relationship with his longtime girlfriend. he never thought meeting a michelin star chef would stir up unexpected feelings.
ATEEZ Imagines by lilacmingi
ATEEZ Imaginesby 𝕷𝖎𝖑𝖆
Rating: 14+ (for mildly suggestive content) DO NOT read or interact if you're under 14 All imagines are fem!reader • Scenarios • Snapchats • Texts • Lots of AUs • Fluff...
Frozen Time | Seonghwa ATEEZ FF by dreamqhwa
Frozen Time | Seonghwa ATEEZ FFby zarina
PARK SEONGHWA...| 성화 - about ❞ what she thought of partnering with her long time crush was great but having a son with him was something she least expected. but the mys...
the 7 kingdoms | Ateez by yuyulusion
the 7 kingdoms | Ateezby yuyulusion
this is a story about 7 completely different kingdoms. There was a time they all lived together in peace until one of the kingdoms tought they were more powerful than an...
prank text | woosan ✓ by iofc_cs
prank text | woosan ✓by choi san
in which jung wooyoung randomly texts a stranger for fun, only to fall in love with them.
seongjoong's ateez family by stvrrym1st
seongjoong's ateez familyby v
fanfic || mpreg || family ateez family fanfic 👀 every tuesday, thursday, sunday (hopefully) highest rankings: #1 - ateez, jongho, khj #2 - mingi #3 - psh #4- hongjoong
ateez reactions ✓ by simply_a_fan
ateez reactions ✓by someone
just a bunch of ateez reactions. completed.
instagram - woosan by woodove
instagram - woosanby D🪐
one regular boy was given a dare to message his instagram crush. what he didn't expect was that the model he admired from afar would message him back.
just come home // seongjoong by happyatiny
just come home // seongjoongby kezi
hongjoong's been overworking. he sleeps, eats, basically lives in the studio. everyone understood the leader's working hard for them and atiny. but deep inside, park seo...
Crescent // ATEEZ ✔ by dreamperfection
Crescent // ATEEZ ✔by dreamperfection
In every story there are heroes and villains. They play the roles of both. Crescent Cafe is a nondescript cafe located at an alley, bringing in less than around 10 custo...
soft - woosan by yeonosang
soft - woosanby d͙e͙a͙r͙ w͙o͙o͙s͙a͙n͙
"you still sleep with a plushie?" "his name is shiber." in which san has trouble sleeping and wooyoung loses a bet. warnings: some triggering themes...
Tiny captain by hueningkaiobsessed02
Tiny captainby 나비 🦋
Hongjoong has been slipping unvoluntarily since that day. It's not a thing that he can control and it's not a thing that he plans on telling his members. Absolutely not...
ATEEZ Oneshot Collection by edenesth
ATEEZ Oneshot Collectionby Angie L
A collection of ATEEZ imagines/drabbles/oneshots by edenesth.
family | ateez au | (under editing) by minkisfav
family | ateez au | (under editing)by *z*
ateez family au warning/things to know: ~ ages will be altered throughout the story ~ tw : things like bullying, sexuality/lgbt, depression, anxiety, adhd etc, fighting...
Fallen Angel/ ATEEZ 9th Member by alexa_eclipse
Fallen Angel/ ATEEZ 9th Memberby 🦇
Ryuu was never suppose to be in Ateez her main goal was to be a solo artist or debut with Twice, leaving JYP and being eliminated from Sixteen brought a lot of companies...
Blind Kiss | seongjoong  by ateezblueprint
Blind Kiss | seongjoong by ateezblueprint
[COMPLETE] In which Kim Hongjoong goes to a party and plays a game known as 'blind kiss', where he has to blindfold himself and choose someone, who's also blindfolded, t...