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Give me love ( a yuzuru hanyu fanfic) UNDER MAJOR EDITING by tommo_hemmo96
Give me love ( a yuzuru hanyu mar
In which two figure skating Olympians help each other through their hardships and eventually fall in love. A/N: This is my first fanfic, so please be easy on me. Ranked...
Little Matchmaker by Ciricorn
Little Matchmakerby Ciricorn
A story about two people whose lives are quite out of the ordinary and both have big trusting issues. Set in the future - 2025 - Yuzu x female OC More details are in the...
liar | p. sunghoon by sarangpark1997
liar | p. sunghoonby sarangpark1997
[ 거짓말 쟁이 ] when the friendship of two best friends was shattered. - Park Chaerim and Park Sunghoon have been friends since practically forever. They both love ice skatin...
Angel [Victor Nikiforov] by pale-blueheart
Angel [Victor Nikiforov]by 『だれ』
Shirayuki Mizore, an ice skater from Japan that's widely known. But after a fall she decides to take a break from her ice skating career, and for now stay in Japan. Fina...
Ice Queen by 154414b
Ice Queenby 154414b
Sasha Petrov doesn't have much of a life outside of figure skating. Winning is everything and perfection is a must for Sasha's father, Andrei who works tirelessly to tra...
Ice Queen (S.coups x Reader) by NamesBoo
Ice Queen (S.coups x Reader)by NamesBoo
Y/N Hong, sister of Joshua Hong, is an Olympic figure skater. She was a part of the USA team but unfortunate events happened and she dropped the team. Her parents want h...
[Mute] Bully! Oikawa Tooru x Reader by holyromanDISASTER
[Mute] Bully! Oikawa Tooru x Readerby ♡ Roman ♡
[UNPUBLISHED TWICE DUE TO HARSH COMMENTS + RUDE READERS!] [Heavily inspired by A Silent Voice and Yuri!!! On Ice. I do not own ASV, YOI, or Haikyuu] When Song (y/n) mov...
Ice burn//Adam Banks by DoWaDiddyDumDo
Ice burn//Adam Banksby Kate Rid
Bridget Nixon attends Eden Hall with a academic scholarship and they give her a second chance at figure skating after a 2 year suspension from being framed for vandalizi...
Big Brother [Yuzuru Hanyu Fanfiction] by _livross
Big Brother [Yuzuru Hanyu Liv Ross
If not for that young boy, Karine Tan probably would not know what figure skating is. 6 years ago during a family vacation, that was when she met him. She can't remember...
a skaters secret by Keiji_coffin
a skaters secretby keiji-san
Hinata is secretly a famous figure skater under the coaching of Victor and Yuri (who are dating). he still plays volleyball and keeps his popularity a secret to the team...
Skaters 101 (but without the skating) by HeyFans
Skaters 101 (but without the HeyFans
What if... The skaters could live the lives that they never got to fully experience? In a parallel universe, none of the skaters know how to skate. No trainings to atten...
Anger (Yuri Plisetsky x reader) by Miver17
Anger (Yuri Plisetsky x reader)by Miver17
Looks can be deceiving. [Y/N] [L/N], otherwise known as the (nationality) Princess, the top skater in the junior female Prix and continual winner, is finally qualified...
Olympic Conquest by JaneKosek
Olympic Conquestby Jane Kelly Kosek
"You already are the person I want you to be. I see so much more in you that you won't allow yourself to see." Lainey is on her way to her first and probably...
Coincidence? More like Fate (Yuzuru Hanyu x Reader) by VinettaChandra
Coincidence? More like Fate ( Vinetta Chandra
As a child, you had always dream to be a figure skater. To be the first from your country to land a 3A and go to the Olympics. But as time passes, you realised that it w...
Figuring it Out by MoonlightHunter3
Figuring it Outby Kyra
Once upon a time, there was a boy and a girl who swore to live their lives on the ice. ****...
A Shiny Gold Medal: Victor x Reader (Completed) by Stormy_Night03
A Shiny Gold Medal: Victor x Existing_Dinosaur
You are the first woman that beat Victor's final score.But what will you do when he falls in love with you and becomes your coach.
The Ice is Slippery - DNF by auth0runnamed
The Ice is Slippery - DNFby UnNamed
On everyone's 16th birthday they reserve a box at their doorstep. It contains a necklace with a half sphere charm. Everyone's soulmate has the other half of the charm on...
The Frozen Girl by nevertoomuchtea
The Frozen Girlby Mikey
Chris isn't your average girl. Well, she is, and she isn't. After an unknown reason and a huge meltdown 2 years ago, Chris quit doing what she does best. Competitive Fig...
ice //dnf//dreamnotfound//gream//fatass😩 by 1800-HONK-0000
ice //dnf//dreamnotfound//gream// candice
DONT READ CRINGE WARNING Tw: cutting, suicide, heavy gayness, panic attacks, sapnap, trauma, fourth wall breaking, CRINGE. cold, hard, unbearable to get past, over, thr...
Queen of the Rink (Tsukishima x Reader) by bommspringg
Queen of the Rink (Tsukishima x bommspringg
(L/N)(Y/N): nationally ranked high school girls figure skater who is also a first year at Karasuno high school Kei Tsukishima: possibly the only person who has the abili...