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Shutout by LuisaDituri
Shutoutby Luisa
Book 1 in the Fenton Falcon Series When Ella Gillard finds her high school sweetheart across the country and in bed with another girl during her freshman year, she makes...
When We Write the Stars by Claire_Winters
When We Write the Starsby Claire Winters
College senior, Cassie Bennet has spent the past few years working as hard as possible to ensure she's able to fulfil her dream of becoming an astrophysicist. Now at the...
Burn by TamaraLush
Burnby TamaraLush
A SECOND CHANCE MAY BE TOO HOT TO HANDLE They say there are no second chances, and for Lily Onassis, ever since she walked away from Formula World driver Max Becker, she...
Locking Stars (Stars Series #1) by mahogany153
Locking Stars (Stars Series #1)by mahogany153
Ash is an anxious but determined English major who knows what she wants. Derek is a mysterious hockey player who's got a big reputation. Can they learn new things about...
Full Strength by fallen_golden_rose
Full Strengthby fallen_golden_rose
Logan Kingston is convinced he's done playing hockey. After all, he's got about nine broken bones, from his pinky toe to his pelvis. He's trying so hard to rest and foll...
Fear of Intimacy by OutOfMyLimit17
Fear of Intimacyby Kenadee
{BOOK 2 OF THE 'FALLING SERIES'} Tasha Davis wants the type of love her best friend has. The all consuming, earth shattering, soulmate kind of love. To have someone sta...
Playing for Real - Book 2 by AmandaCowenAuthor
Playing for Real - Book 2by AmandaCowenAuthor
PLAYING FOR REAL is a sequel to PLAYING FOR KEEPS. It is recommended, as it is a continuation, to read Playing for Real before reading Playing for Keeps. The story that...
Heaven Is You by DramaQueenforreal
Heaven Is Youby DramaQueenforreal
COMPLETED✅ When uni student Talia Herera finally finds it in herself to break up with her shitty boyfriend Tim, Oscar Atkins -Volleyball star- at their uni, finds his w...
Playing for Keeps - Book 1 by AmandaCowenAuthor
Playing for Keeps - Book 1by AmandaCowenAuthor
He's gorgeous. He's reckless. And he's every woman's dirty fantasy in the state of California.., except one... Quinn Ashby. Recent graduate of Penn and top of her class...
Capturing You by whodeybunny
Capturing Youby Ana W.
A Joe Burrow x OC (Hailee Steinfeld) fan fiction || Avery Thompson is not a big fan of football, but she landed a job as a photographer for the Cincinnati Bengals. There...
Call it Love by NightTime_Storiexs
Call it Loveby NightTime_Storiexs
Emilia I was so sure I'd never see him again. Not that I didn't want to. But not that I did. After all, he was the one that bailed on me. The one who threw away all thos...
Learning to Live by amba9999
Learning to Liveby Mia Bee
Sapphire loves boxing, food and cats. Being a triplet with two brothers, she learned quickly how to stand up for herself and deal with boys. Hunter is the town's residen...
Promise Me Forever by marry2055
Promise Me Foreverby marry2055
Cara Davis My dad used to say two things when I was little: "Men are all the same" and "Don't fall in love with an athlete". I believed both, until h...
What if three girls from India get on a plane to watch their favourite sport LIVE at Qatar on their own terms, not being fully aware that this trip to the Race can entir...
Our Youth:- ambitions and Love by _arieswrts_
Our Youth:- ambitions and Loveby _arieswrts_
Aadriti Joshi, a athelete majoring in weightlifting is a very hot headed girl. She loves her family, friends and weightlifting the most. She never thought she can ever l...
Belle âme | C. Leclerc by mbxwriter
Belle âme | C. Leclercby mbxwriter
Revealing her identity has never truly scared Ally Zephyrin until she nearly loses that planned chance to a fatal mistake. Season 1 of Ferrari ...
College Ruled by amieroth
College Ruledby amieroth
An anxious homebody gets roped into her university quarterback's scheme to get back at both of their exes. **** Highest rating: #7 in books | 7 - 1 - 23 ...
Best Friends Brother │ Quinn Hughes by msjennagrace
Best Friends Brother │ Quinn Hughesby miss jenna grace
Wesley Brookes was a very shy teenage girl with an amazing best friend. A best friend that was moving away from her, leaving her to maneuver the rest of high school wit...
ɢᴜɪᴅᴇᴅ ʟᴏᴠᴇ by zwritessss
ɢᴜɪᴅᴇᴅ ʟᴏᴠᴇby ☼
MxM ••• "You feel bad for me, so you're convincing yourself that you like me." I shake my head, my eyes boring into his, "I like you because even if you c...
Your Last Shot by braph1
Your Last Shotby B. Raphael
Ivy Kale had a tendency to fall hard and fast. When she was pared on a project with Casen Jones, a very attractive basketball player at their college, it didn't take lo...