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"So Levi, who you texting?" by Ember6812
"So Levi, who you texting?"by Ember6812
Levi goes to a party at Hanji's apartment and keeps receiving texts throughout the night. The others get suspicious and during truth or dare they dare Levi to invite ov...
Babysitter at Seventeen // ERENxLEVI [fluff] by welpx4
Babysitter at Seventeen // K
Eren fucked up... REAL BAD. After a good ass time at a party, the boy woke up hung over, covered in drool, and with a massive headache... Also in his own house... With h...
Only Human (riren/ereri) by Chillycheesefrys
Only Human (riren/ereri)by Chillycheesefrys
Triggers- self harm, suicide, depression 12/3/18 3/23/20 Hey guys! Just a reminder that this is not my book this belongs to fluffykitty12 on fan fiction. I just wanted t...
Remember Me (ereri) by aprilaesthetic
Remember Me (ereri)by kodi
At the age of 5, Eren moved to a new town called Eldia. He thought for sure he'd hate moving there until he met his new neighbor, Levi Ackerman, who was 13. Both their p...
Organic Cigarettes. (//AU// Ereri Fanfiction) by aspecialdeath
Organic Cigarettes. (//AU// aspecialdeath
Eren Jaeger hates art class. His hate for art class overruns his hate for science class, in fact, but when his teacher organises for him to the paired with quite possibl...
Protection *Ereri* by NeedForShigu
Protection *Ereri*by Emma
Eren is being stalked by his ex- boyfriend, Jean. So, he hires Levi to protect him.
Eren and the Big bad wolf ((Levi x Eren)) by animeislife1011
Eren and the Big bad wolf ((Levi Secret
A love story between a human male Eren Yeager and a wolf named Levi Ackerman! After Eren saving Armin from a wolf in the woods long ago when they were kids, that wolf f...
Your Wish is My Command by jaeger_bombastic1
Your Wish is My Commandby Levisass
Eren needed a way to prove to his 'friends' that he really had a boyfriend. Ever since day one he had always bragged about how great his was in comparison to their own...
Don't Be Sorry [ERERI/RIREN] by FairytaleTalia
Don't Be Sorry [ERERI/RIREN]by FairytaleTalia
Hanji gets Eren drunk. And that dork stumbles right into his heichou's room, forcing a kiss on Levi as he can't control himself. What happens when they get closer? ^^^^...
The Vampire King's Mate by sakuraumiyuki
The Vampire King's Mateby sakuraumiyuki
Eren does what every other human teenage boy his age does. Party hard, piss off people, and become the vampire King's mate. Levi comes into Eren's small human village an...
Ereri lemons and one-shots by lukebryangirl555
Ereri lemons and one-shotsby Gladiolover55❤
This fanfic is going to be Levi x Eren one-shots.
My Slave~ by junniemoonie
My Slave~by 🍪💄Yeetus!🌮💕
Levi had always been used to going from master to master in just a matter of weeks. It didn't take long for his masters to get tired of him so they just sold away to som...
We Need To Talk (Levi x Eren) by AmazingBaconGavin
We Need To Talk (Levi x Eren)by AmazingBaconGavin
Everyone knows about Eren's crush on the corporal and everyone is waiting for him to confess - even Levi. What happens when Eren does confess? I do not own any of the At...
I Need You... [Eren X Levi] by crxshed_
I Need You... [Eren X Levi]by Stephan BH
⚠TRIGGER WARNING⚠ 🔞CONTAINS 18+ CONTENT🔞 ❕BOY X BOY (ERENXLEVI)❕ Eren Jaeger has been going through some tough times lately. After a rough night, he gets the once in a...
How the Ocean brought us together (Riren Mpreg story) by Aiki_Jade
How the Ocean brought us Jay
Long ago in a far away kingdom lived a King and a Queen their names being Carla and Grisha Jaeger. Both royalty they were the kindest royal's in their land. Their kingd...
ѕιℓνєя ѕρσσи (єяєяι) by _BlueGoo_
ѕιℓνєя ѕρσσи (єяєяι)by BlueGoo
Eren lives in a abusive home, where he is burned, cut, kicked, and hit. He's ready to give up on life, and be with his mother. No one loves, cares, or likes Eren and has...
Mating Season.  {Ereri} by StoicHeart
Mating Season. {Ereri}by ➕TheFeelz
After weeks of transforming, experimenting by Hanji, and sudden hormones- Eren Yeager can be described as nothing but a mess of heat, lust, and desires. And frantically...
In love with a criminal 《ereri》 by JiselaSalinas
In love with a criminal 《ereri》by YoLo_Darkness
Levi Ackerman a alpha and a most wanted criminal all around the world, leader of the well-known gang 'wings of freedom '. One day he went to the house of a person that...
"Don't Talk To Strangers" | Ereri/Riren Smut (Uncomplete) by _aestheticallydead
"Don't Talk To Strangers" | xPansexualBih
⚠️ Yaoi/BDSM/Fluff/Smut/Rape/Self-Harm ⚠️ ⚠️ This Story Is Basically About Levi Getting Kidnapped And Raped/Fucked By Eren. ⚠️ ❤️ When scrolling through chapters, if f...
The Lab Rat (Ereri) by superotaku135
The Lab Rat (Ereri)by Courtney
eren is the smartest kid and the school. and the least popular. what happens when the most popular kid in school, Levi Ackerman, takes an interest in the brat? (boy x bo...