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My pet by N E G G I 🍙
Levi Ackerman: 22 Boss of the most feared gang in London, A, they take what they want when they want. The police are even scared of them and wouldn't dare to stop them...
Sweet Serial Killer [ Riren ]  by silent-specter
Sweet Serial Killer [ Riren ] by ♡ 𝙀𝙨𝙢𝙚 ♡
❝You know I love the thrill of the rush; I love you just a little too much.❞ ♜ ♜ ♜ Levi is a psychotic killer, and Eren is the reason why. Eren Yeager never expected to...
The Cruel Life Of An Omega by Dead-dread
The Cruel Life Of An Omegaby Dead
What happens when fated wolves meet? {read the description to see if it's to your liking} Levi Ackerman , alpha of the scouting pack , cruelest alpha and unmated for the...
Laughter (ERERI) by gayfanficslol
Laughter (ERERI)by alex
The cheerful boy everyone talks about around school. Levi's never heard of him so this must make him the new kid. People start to adore Eren more than Levi and that piss...
Levi's owner (yaoi levixeren) by animeislife1011
Levi's owner (yaoi levixeren)by Secret
"How cute, don't be scared I'll make you feel good" He smirked at me as he unzipped my pants and put his hand inside rubbing my cock. I open my eyes with tea...
We Need To Talk (Levi x Eren) by becauseTurbles
We Need To Talk (Levi x Eren)by becauseTurbles
Everyone knows about Eren's crush on the corporal and everyone is waiting for him to confess - even Levi. What happens when Eren does confess? I do not own any of the At...
Forever Mine [RIREN] {✔} by MyLoveEren
Forever Mine [RIREN] {✔}by ⚠️INACTIVE ACCOUNT⚠️
Eren is a single parent omega who owns a tavern in his home town, shiganshina. He struggles to keep both his son's and his true identity hidden from his ruthless mate wh...
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My Mafia Mate || Omegaverse || RIREN by rivaiieren
My Mafia Mate || Omegaverse || RIR...by 💕SCP-049💕
Omegaverse x Smut Mafia! Tall! Dominant! Levi x Submissive! Short! Eren 6 years ago, when Eren had his first heat, he nearly got raped by a random guy, but he was saved...
The king's Omega by Human_weeb_trash
The king's Omegaby ‌
Eren is a 17 Omega who is looking for his mate. He lives with his abusive father and adoptive sister. Erens father Grisha allows Mikasa (his adoptive sister) to rape him...
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Jail time ~ modern Ereri AU by lonliestsweetpotato
Jail time ~ modern Ereri AUby Alex
Murder isn't that bad... Right? Levi has just murder two men and sent to jail after being found guilty. Although, the guard assigned to him has caught his eye, and he's...
Promise (Ereri / Riren) by Otashi_03
Promise (Ereri / Riren)by Otashi_03
Status : Ongoing (Prince! Levi x Mute! Eren) Mmm...let's see. Levi Ackerman was born as a prince. He's cold like fuck, glaring to his servants, keep 'tch'ing here and th...
Paper Airplanes (Ereri - SNK) by PorcelainSky
Paper Airplanes (Ereri - SNK)by ☆Sky☆ *hiatus*
Every day without fail, just before dusk sets in, Eren sits on the top of the great Wall Maria. He draws the things his disturbed mind conjures up, and then folds them i...
Your Wish is My Command by jaeger_bombastic1
Your Wish is My Commandby Levisass
Eren needed a way to prove to his 'friends' that he really had a boyfriend. Ever since day one he had always bragged about how great his was in comparison to their own...
Miscarriage by BlueBamboo4
Miscarriageby BlueBamboo4
This is a heavy story so if you DON"T LIKE ANGST , DON"T READ!! Updates every Saturday Eren has a miscarriage which Levi blames on him and leaves. Eren goes in...
Ereri And Riren [ONESHOTS]  by FujoshiGirl23
Ereri And Riren [ONESHOTS] by Lilly_Laila
Again this is sexual content hope you understand that but please keep in mind that I've been working on all of these OneShots so please no hate but if I have errors you...
Little Experiment by Koreaboohoo
Little Experimentby chiyomi
Attack on Titan Fan fiction! Levi humanity's strongest accidentally gets turned into humanity's youngest. How did this happen? Do they turn him back? Who takes care of h...
Coup de Foudre: Love at First Sight by jakarapledger97
Coup de Foudre: Love at First Sightby Takara1997
Levi is forced to go to a Strip Club by his two friends and coworkers. There he caught interest with one of the strippers and pays for a private dance from them only get...
SLAVE Sex (Ereri)(levixeren)YAOI~~~ by levi_shipper
SLAVE Sex (Ereri)(levixeren)YAOI~~~by yayayaoi~~~~~
This story contain ereri smut..... a fanfiction..... and everything bla bla bla.......... I hope you'll enjoy it....
Tutor Me. (Levi x Eren)  by FictioniswhatIwrite
Tutor Me. (Levi x Eren) by Fiction
A one shot story about Eren and his tutor, Levi.