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Let's Dive! (Ereri/ Riren) by multifandom_reads
Let's Dive! (Ereri/ Riren)by multifandom_reads
Eren has always been into diving ever since him and his dad bonded over it when the Olympics were on one summer, a long time ago. He has been on his school's diving team...
🤍Levi x Reader lemon🤍 by xerivv
🤍Levi x Reader lemon🤍by Roxy
Never thought the captain would put up with so much of your teasing. 😳 I'm new to this so this is some story I wrote up just off the top of my head. Plz don't kill me 🥺
Riren/ereri oneshots  by Heytherekillmenow
Riren/ereri oneshots by [insert name]
Levi x eren oneshots some are smut
How I got to see a miracle by Eren-Ackerman98
How I got to see a miracleby Eren Ackerman
It's finally here, the sequel you asked so many times for~ As usual I won't spoil anything, so please enjoy those of you who likes this type of things like mpreg and ri...
Ereri  The Merman I Have Fallen For  by Hellen16YaoiShipper
Ereri The Merman I Have Fallen A CHAN/VEE
Prince Eren got separated from his Kingdom as he is on a new adventure meeting a human Prince but getting captured by him. But what will happen when his friends will wa...
Cheater  by puppyarmin
Cheater by emma
Eren is Armin's best friend. They've both been telling themselves this lie for a while now.
How could you...?[Cheater Levi x male!Reader] by angstyasswriter
How could you...?[Cheater Levi x angstyasswriter
[ps this is my first fanfic ahaha im sorry if it's bad :')] All you've ever done was love him with all of your heart,but he took your heart and crumbled it into millions...
🤍Aot x Reader oneshots🤍  by xerivv
🤍Aot x Reader oneshots🤍 by Roxy
I'm gonna start a one shot book for the other Aot x Reader stories. I have my separate one for Levi x Reader so just check my profile for that^-^ These are all going to...
~Tease~ |Levi x Reader| by xerivv
~Tease~ |Levi x Reader|by Roxy
Just some games with the Captain, you're a little tease and it gets under his skin^-^ This is a lemon story so be aware💛
~Levi x Reader oneshots~ 💛lemons/fluff💛 by xerivv
~Levi x Reader oneshots~ 💛 Roxy
I'm kinda writing this cause I have a couple ideas as to what I want to write for Levi x Reader but I don't think all of them would make long enough books on their own^~...
Family~ereri (sequel to my monster)⏸complete⏸ by yaoi_writter
Family~ereri (sequel to my αяму_σтαкυ
This takes place years from erens and levis first pair of babys, their wedding and their honeymoon. In those years eren had a pair of twin boys. (make sure you read &qu...
🤍Sinful🤍 (AOT x !SDS Reader) by xerivv
🤍Sinful🤍 (AOT x !SDS Reader)by Roxy
You're the 8th sin, the ghoul sin of seduction. You and the sins stop on an island that you never recognized. What happens when you learn there's a big problem on the...
Titan Mama Daycare  by MilitaryKrackers34
Titan Mama Daycare by Mama Ҝ.J
23 year old hot college student, Eren, has a part time job as a worker or 'nanny' at Hangi's daycare, Titan Mama Daycare. One day, he ends up taking care of a 2 year old...
Days in the Sun: Ereri [2020] by Ssob_TriMaeBar_69
Days in the Sun: Ereri [2020]by ThreeSiya
Levi has been living a hell of a life as a servant in his own home. After both of his parents got killed by a Titan, he had to stay with his uncle and cousins. He had be...
Call My Name - Ereri Levi/Eren  by raven1869
Call My Name - Ereri Levi/Eren by raven1869
Revenge is a dish best served cold. But it shouldn't leave such a bitter taste. In which Eren's foolproof plan, has some unpredictable results. Summary sucks... sorry...
Love song [Levi X M. Reader] by _ttxkki
Love song [Levi X M. Reader]by ༄𝐒𝐎𝐑𝐀
Y/N Wakabayashi is a seventeen year old boy who loves music. Y/N has a smaller brother who's eight years old and loves to be with him. Y/N's height is of about 1'55 me...
Ereri Oneshots  by Captain_Levi_31
Ereri Oneshots by LeviJaeger_1
Hey guys. This is just a book of Ereri Oneshots that I'm making because I don't really like my old one anymore. I hope you guys enjoy this one!
Don't leave me (Levi x eren) by jaegerbombb
Don't leave me (Levi x eren)by Lilith
Eren And levi have been through a lot together in the few years that they've known each other, it was time for hidden feelings to be dealt with. WARNING: season three sp...
Help? Levi x Eren by Lucie_Harker
Help? Levi x Erenby Lucie
Levi is the boss of one of the biggest mafia. A genius hacker and an assasin ,trying to support his sister, knows that Levi needs help. Why does this hacker seem tp kno...
The drug (Levi x eren) by jaegerbombb
The drug (Levi x eren)by Lilith
(Contains mature content) Hanji decides to give a drug to Eren without him knowing. Levi is drinking and finds Eren's room, messy af. In the process he falls asleep on t...