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Let Me In (Au) - An Ereri Story by tiffleigh94
Let Me In (Au) - An Ereri Storyby Tiffany-Leigh
Modern day AU. Eren Jaeger is fresh out of school and is looking for a job to keep him on his feet until he goes to college. Levi Ackerman is a CEO of a modeling agency...
Ereri Oneshots  by Captain_Levi_31
Ereri Oneshots by LeviJaeger_1
Hey guys. This is just a book of Ereri Oneshots that I'm making because I don't really like my old one anymore. I hope you guys enjoy this one!
Daddy Issues by SapphireJireman
Daddy Issuesby SapphireJireman
Eren is sexually abused since a very young age, and once his baby sitter, Levi, starts suspecting this, he takes Eren into his custody. And thats where the story begins.
Fifty shades of Ereri (Levi X Eren) by Jace_Ackerman07
Fifty shades of Ereri (Levi X Eren)by Jace
This is gonna be my interpretation of 'Fifty shades of Ereri'. This is mostly basted on this Youtube trailer and not really on the actuall movies. I really had to change...
Lick Me Till' I'm Satisfied  by ElBam4life
Lick Me Till' I'm Satisfied by BlWeirdo101
bodyguard!! by Anitaa_2202
bodyguard!!by Anitaa_2202
Eren is a famous actor, He was in a relationship but he got into an "accident" and was hospitalized. When had healed he decided to get a bodyguard. the bodygua...
Ereri Smut (Levi x Eren) by TheCornerLurker
Ereri Smut (Levi x Eren)by TheCornerLurker
So I finally decided to publish this. I wrote it ages ago.
I Finally Caught You (OmegaVerse: Alpha Levi x Omega Eren) (COMPLETED)  by x_omegalevi
I Finally Caught You ( Kore 🌸
OmegaVerse AU! Prince Levi x Servant Eren. Levi Ackerman one of the strongest and most adored in his kingdom. His Uncle declares that Levi needs to find a mate, so they...
nice to meet you (ereri) by anime_simp258
nice to meet you (ereri)by Rosales
Eren is top and levi is bottom, in this au there are no titans it just normal and Eren is not a titan anymore. levi and Eren have not met yet there is going to be some s...
Tears (mermaid au) - Levi x Eren by BladeSeeker
Tears (mermaid au) - Levi x Erenby L
Levi is determined to find a mermaid who can heal his leg, as mermaid's tears are rumored to heal any wound. When Eren gets captured by Levi and his crew, he refuses to...
Love Me or Leave Me [Ereri/Riren AU] by iStygianEmpress
Love Me or Leave Me [Ereri/Riren Levi Yeager
Levi Ackerman fell in love with a certain turquoise-eyed brunet since the first time he laid his eyes. For a year, he's just loving him from afar. But one day, this brun...
A Second Glance by zerozaki_Zen
A Second Glanceby zerozaki_Zen
(Complete | Currently editing for a better read) After refusing his father to work on the same hospital in the city, Eren chose his own path as he set his foot on the tr...
Coming for your heart ~ Eren x Levi by Kiki-the-crazy
Coming for your heart ~ Eren x Leviby Kiki
Eren Yaeger had to flee from his home when he was only six years old. Alive and living with his mother and his adopted sister he tries to forget anything related to the...
Summer in the Rain (Ereri/Riren AU) by kawaiidesufaith
Summer in the Rain (Ereri/Riren AU)by Faith
Enter Eren: a young, hopeful, energetic soul, ready to start his summer in the rain without a glance over his poverty-stricken shoulder. Enter Levi: A perfect mismatch...
Why? (Our Child 2) ||COMPLETED|| by Mango_Corgi
Why? (Our Child 2) ||COMPLETED||by Mango_Corgi
Note: this is the a continuing part of 'Our Child' Eren thought everything was fine, a newborn son, and a loving husband. But nothing can last forever.... "Momma?&q...
Falling (Levi x Eren Story) by AbigailDodd
Falling (Levi x Eren Story)by AbigailDodd
Eren Jaeger was born into a small family, he used to get on with his mother extremely well and same with his sister Mikasa. But things took a turn for the worst. At the...
Knowing Him by UhHiThere
Knowing Himby Oh.
Levi's life was normal. He went to school, went home, cleaned, then went to sleep. Until one day, he decides to stop by a certain coffee shop on the way home. A myster...
ERERI LEMONS/ONESHOTS ⚠️Smut⚠️ 👀Fluff👀 ⚠️sex⚠️ 👀Cursing👀 ⚠️Tall Levi in some⚠️ 🚨⚠️I DO NOT OWN ATTACK ON TATIAN, PHOTOS OR THE CHARTERS ⚠️🚨
Tails (mermaid au) - Levi x Eren by BladeSeeker
Tails (mermaid au) - Levi x Erenby L
- Sequel to Tears - Levi and Eren have been together for 132 years. They have promised each other forever, but after such a long time, will forever really be possible? T...
Unaccountable (Ereri/Riren AU) by kawaiidesufaith
Unaccountable (Ereri/Riren AU)by Faith
Have you ever fallen in love with someone's words? With the way they write, the way they make the letters latch onto each other and leap to string into words, to summon...