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Vampire's Pet by cannoness
Vampire's Petby Cannon
The world had gone to hell long ago, taken over by the vampire race. In order to keep some sort of peace in our land, the Vampire Lords made a consecutive agreement. The...
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Like Oil and Water by caja_the_princess
Like Oil and Waterby caja_the_princess
Esther, Essie for short, is a slave on the Williams Plantation. Snatched away from her parents as a toddler and sold to Master Williams she grew up as a slave like her a...
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Darth Vader's Daughter by PrincessCat2002
Darth Vader's Daughterby Princess Cat
What if Luke and Leia weren't Anakin and Padme's only children? What if another child was born? Another daughter? Who would raise her? What if her adopted family betray...
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WHEN TABLES TURN by Ivy_IcedJamie98
WHEN TABLES TURNby Ivana Vanessa Jameson
It's been 10 years since England has been colonized by the Lycanthrope cursed race. Some say it's a curse but science says otherwise - some virus has gone wild. The coun...
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Bethany by DancingOreos
Bethanyby DancingOreos
Bethany a 17 year old girl who is a house slave at the Young Plantation cleans, cooks, and serves for Mr. & Mrs. Young as well as their admired and spoiled son Isaac You...
Viking's War Prize by Erleen_
Viking's War Prizeby Ellen_
"GO AWAY!" she cries out. The barbarians stand there, giggling in amusement. "YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE! LEAVE AT ONCE" This time they do not seem amu...
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starcrossed ➳ damon salvatore by -unstables
starcrossed ➳ damon salvatoreby 𝖆𝖓𝖌𝖊𝖑𝖎𝖖𝖚𝖊
❝until death do us part. ❞ - claudia quander was damon salvatore's first love. they met when they were children, and...
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Omegaverse Series 1: The Royal Slave by sumyiir
Omegaverse Series 1: The Royal Shanhye 🙌
Omegaverse Series 1: The Royal Slave I'am an Omega and he is an Alpha. I'am no noble and he is the Prince. I'am his slave and he is my Master. WARNING: TAGALOG ENGLISH...
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The Rogue Society by ABGrace2
The Rogue Societyby A.B.
Fifty years ago, werewolves made themselves known to the human world. The humans took it surprisingly well, or so we thought. It took them twenty-five years to build an...
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My Sex Escapades by victorkash
My Sex Escapadesby Victor K. Ash
Sex.... sex.... and a whole lot of sex The book follows several different people's lives as they try to cope with the beast within as it strives to come out for the ulti...
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auction || klaus mikaelson by feministic
auction || klaus mikaelsonby feministic
pain. love. suffering. BEING REWRITTEN AS OF 04/02/18 - 05/14/18
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The rare green wolf. (Bakudeku Fantasy omegaverse) by _Local_Gay_Boi_Tom_
The rare green wolf. (Bakudeku You're new addiction
Idk how to do this one
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Human Trafficking #JUSTWRITEIT by PrinceUchihaChan
Human Trafficking #JUSTWRITEITby Prince Uchiha Chan
Human trafficking as we know happens around the world but have you been following up on the news how humans are trafficked? Women are the ones that affect the most when...
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She's My Cousin by Naruto-fanfic
She's My Cousinby Naomi Flores
Ginko Hatake is anything but an average girl. She's smarter than a Nara, stronger than an Uchiha, and has more stamina and chakra than her cousin Naruto. But for some un...
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Just a slave by hxathxr05
Just a slaveby O(^.x.^)O
"You work for me not him!" Grayson yells punching the wall. "You work for me and I keep you alive and that's it, if you don't like it get your ass out my...
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Sarah's Roses, Book II: Roses of White by cradle_life
Sarah's Roses, Book II: Roses of Vladislava Mari
Life is not about perfect, it is about love. The world as Sarah knew it is disappearing, fading with the shouts and drums of war. All around her houses are turned into h...
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Free To Live  by Zctym33
Free To Live by Zctym33
They taught us that there was no more slavery. They taught us that people weren't sold off like cattle or objects anymore. They taught us that all humans were equal. But...
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The Start Of A New Earth by DarkTeal21
The Start Of A New Earthby Teal21
A reversion of my first book called The Start Of A New Earth All this time I thought we were the only humans on Earth and that there could not be possibly anything els...
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Freedom's Pyre [Libertas Series | Book I] ✓ by KR_Williams
Freedom's Pyre [Libertas Series | K R Williams
Kit Derore is the brother of the Chosen One. He has known since he was young that his purpose in life is to protect his Mage brother - even if it costs him his life. Whe...
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