◈ I don't think there's much to know about me but here are some facts ◈ ↯↯↯

☆ I love Eren cause he's a gorgeous mofo.👅💋💦
★ I ship Levi x Eren{Riren} big time. 😍
☆Do not insult my ships or you'll be on my to-kill-a-hoe list. ☜
★ Do not insult my precious Mikasa, or Annie. They're my sexy bebes and they deserve love.👑❣
☆ I like ravioli. That shit is good. 👌😭
★ My favorite color is neon blue and green! or any shade of blue💙🔷🔵
☆ I'm a slut for uke Eren💦
★ I'm a slut for uke Yuuri 💕
☆ I'm a slut for uke Yuu-chan 💥
★ Mikayuu is the best 4eva 👬
☆ Victuuri is the best 5eva. ♥
★ I ship Yuuri/Eren/Yuu with anyone cuz they cute hoes 🎀💮
☆ I love killing stalking✔
★ My religion is Dat Yeager Booty 👢📿
☆ I'm into some fucked up shit 👀😞🙃
★ Yuuri's, Eren's, Yuu's and Bum's ass is what I live for.🌟🙏⬅
☆ Free Yoonbum 2k17🔥
★ I'm a big fat Eren Stan so fight me hoe 💪✌🖕
☆ You call Eren pathetic? I call you dead with your heart hanging out of your ass 👊🏼🖕🙆‍♂️
★ If your drug is Riren or Uke Eren, You came to the right dealer 💉💊

🌸 There's also a 100% chance I'll follow you if you want me to. Just tell me. 😁🤔

🌺 But don't follow me if you're just gonna unfollow back. That stuff is rude, and I can be too💅 I literally will track you down on my list and unfollow you👏

🌹 If you have any questions please feel free to ask! I definitely ((possibly)) don't bite.😜

P.S: my books are crap, go read them if you're into that. Lel ( ^∇^)
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MyLoveEren MyLoveEren Jun 28, 2018 09:31PM
I know some of you have been waiting very long for my updates on my stories and I am sorry that I let you down. The reason is, a couple of months ago, my mom's boyfriend of 1 year had passed away due...
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