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EREJEAN - Camping Trip  by creativelybad
EREJEAN - Camping Trip by Writer :3
When two boys, rivals, go on a class camping trip, it gets very... strange. Hate turns into love, punches turn to kisses and insults turn into 'I love you's.
I Love To Hate You ~ Erejean by heythereimjenna
I Love To Hate You ~ Erejeanby heythereimjenna
Read it to find out loves (;
Imperfectly Perfect by sudahdelete
Imperfectly Perfectby v i n c e n t
Getting to pair up with your enemy, forced to get along? Is this something that is supposed to be worsening or the other way around?
Truth or dare (Ereri) by CrypticWin
Truth or dare (Ereri)by CrypticWin
SHINGEKI NO BRATS PLAY TRUTH OR DARE! Squad 104 are bored so they decide to play truth or dare. Surely one silly game can't change someone's life, or c...
Erejean Hentai by Anime_Lover2s
Erejean Hentaiby Anime_Lover2s
Erejean. Eren x Jean fantasy shows about their love. All of this was created by me the writer Umaima Ali. Just call me Mae
The Cruel Life Of An Omega by DeadOrUsey
The Cruel Life Of An Omegaby Dead_or_Usey
What happens when fated wolves meet? {read the description to see if it's to your liking} Levi Ackerman , alpha of the scouting pack , cruelest alpha and unmated for the...
Polar (Erejean) by ErejeanAnonymous
Polar (Erejean)by ErejeanAnonymous
After learning to live with the loss of his mother, Eren has slowly managed to settle into a normal routine for his life. His daily routine was always the same, with ver...
Love at First Fight|| Erejean by Nairu-Todoroki
Love at First Fight|| Erejeanby 🔥エンデバ🔥
Jäegers and Kirsteins, two families that hated each other for countless years, especially the two family's boys. While everyone else in the two family's would shoot dirt...
Zombie Apocalypse - Erejean Fanfiction by creativelybad
Zombie Apocalypse - Erejean Writer :3
When Eren Jaeger has lost all keeping him going, he is given one final opportunity to help the world that turned to hell. When he meets someone unexpected, his world is...
Life is Strange (EreJean) by ErejeanAnonymous
Life is Strange (EreJean)by ErejeanAnonymous
Hello! This is an Erejean fanfiction based off of and inspired by the video game 'Life is Strange.' You don't have to have played the game to understand/read this fic, b...
Yaoi&Yuri ships which remind me why I am still alive.  by attack__on__yaoi_
Yaoi&Yuri ships which remind me attack__on__yaoi_
Exactly as the title suggests :3 yaoi and yuri images and ships which remind me why I am still alive!!
Eren X Jean - Bike Ride by Trouble95x
Eren X Jean - Bike Rideby YoonNik
Eren had never been able to ride a bike, but when the school hosts a bike rally with an amazing prize it makes the brunette want to enter. Being desperate he asks people...
JeanMarco Reacts To Ships by SassMasterLevi
JeanMarco Reacts To Shipsby Levi Ackerman
Jean:Yo. Me and freckled Jesus here to react to ships. Marco: Freckled Jesus??
I'm Your Soulmate Dickhead by SawneyandBeanZoe
I'm Your Soulmate Dickheadby Armin Trash
In this AU everyone has a destined soul mate. If you write something on your arm, whether it be lesson notes, a random doodle or an actual message for your soulmate it w...
Snk one shots by crownthearlert
Snk one shotsby Oli
A bunch of my Shingeki No Kyojin one shots. Does contain: -lemons -x readers -triggers In later parts. These probably all suck, but whatever. BUT I SWEAR THEY GET BET...
"Who will I chose?"  {riren & erejean} (boyxboy) by Luxuriousxxx
"Who will I chose?" {riren & Luxurious
Modern day Eren is a new student in wall maria high school, he has trouble fitting in at the start but ends up having two great best friends. Levi is his french teache...
The J.K. Experience (Eren x Jean) by maxmaxium
The J.K. Experience (Eren x Jean)by Max
Eren Jeager loves basketball and aspires to achieve big dreams with his talents so hopefully the involvement of a low-life drug dealer on his team doesn't ruin his chanc...
Satisfy me// erejean oneshot by ropekitty
Satisfy me// erejean oneshotby ropekitty
Eren and Jean are prone to arguments, but when Jean accidentally orders Eren to do something risqué, the conversation quickly turns sexual.