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(Levi x Petra) Shock by TheBookGuardian290
(Levi x Petra) Shockby TBG290
(This takes place after the Return to Shiganshina arc in the manga, so there will be major spoilers) Though it has been many months since the deaths of the old members o...
Cold Heart - {Brother Levi x Sister Reader} -Incomplete  by JungkookTheBaby
Cold Heart - {Brother Levi x Siste...by JungkookTheBaby
Y/N was the younger sister of humanities strongest, Levi Ackerman. Y/N loved her older brother so much because he was all she had when their parents passed away. One day...
Levi Reacts to Ships (Reality Edition) by SmartRose14
Levi Reacts to Ships (Reality Edit...by Rose B
Levi happens to think that all the people writing "Levi Reacts to Ships" books are highly inaccurate. Time to clear up the misconceptions. The most unbiased th...
Levi React ships by hikaruisproudofyou
Levi React shipsby •ʜɪᴋᴀʀᴜ•
All ships are here
Levi reacts to Ships! by haikyuubro
Levi reacts to Ships!by milk carton
Tch. I don't even know why I'm here.
Mikasa's Reaction to Ships by -Mikasa-Ackerman-
Mikasa's Reaction to Shipsby ✓ ミカサ・アッカーマン ✓
Hello and welcome. It is I, Mikasa. In this book (As the title says), you'll see my reactions about the ships and I'll say my thoughts about it..(mostly SnK)... Note: Mi...
The Raven by Darksummoner98
The Ravenby Darksummoner98
This isn't the story where the guy finds his dream girl at the ball and they live happily ever after. No, this is the story where I, Mikasa Ackerman, fall hopelessly in...
Life is Hard by kuroxchan
Life is Hardby °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°
Yeah, I get it. We all do. Living is hard. We have good times and bad times. But sometimes, you realize that you're not alone.
Rivetra Oneshots {Levi x Petra}  by missypaws1111
Rivetra Oneshots {Levi x Petra} by |❤Missy❤|
Oneshots of my favourite ship, get ready for fluff, angst and more 💕👋
Blood Stained Past (Suicidal!Eren X Levi) by Ciel_Rider
Blood Stained Past (Suicidal!Eren...by Ciel_Rider
Levi, a 18 year old student in Legion High, has a girlfriend, Petra Ral, a sassy, uncontrollable, ugly on the inside, popular girl. One day, a new boy transferred into h...
A Second Chance- Petra x Levi by EmmaTheWolf
A Second Chance- Petra x Leviby - ̗̀ emma ̖́-
❝ You gave me a second chance.❞ Meet Levi Ackerman. Owning a motorcycle and skipping lessons might make you a bad boy, but your lack of good friends makes you lonely and...
Reincarnation Or Afterlife by SherlinP12
Reincarnation Or Afterlifeby «Sherlin»
During the last battle against the monstrosities known as titans, Mikasa Ackerman tragically dies, and during her dying moments while being held by her lover, Levi Acker...
Shatter me ~A Multi-ship Tragedy~ by Nikky_Sonico
Shatter me ~A Multi-ship Tragedy~by Nikky
Completed! Mikasa and Levi are siblings who's been through hell together in their family abode. Being the big brother he is, Levi tries to take Mikasa away from the pain...
Not the End; [Rivetra / Levi x Petra FANFIC] by wafflesx3
Not the End; [Rivetra / Levi x Pet...by Queenie ♔
Not the End; Semicolons are used to signify the end of a completed sentence, and the continuation of a thought. This isn't the end of us; it's the beginning of a new c...
Crimson Seeping Through The Cracks (Rivetra) by whydoo
Crimson Seeping Through The Cracks...by insert creative name
I'd bare the weight of a thousand worlds. I'd kill anyone or anything you ask. I'd let you own me completely. Who am I kidding; you already do. Just... Beat me. Burn m...
Rivetra's One-Shots by prettywhenyoudie
Rivetra's One-Shotsby prettywhenyoudie
"And who the fuck are you?" Levi says, looking at me. "I am the Writer of this story." I say, rolling my eyes, making Hanji laugh. "Huh-uh, sure...
Attack on Titan High (Short Stories) Discontinued by GirlofPotatoes
Attack on Titan High (Short Storie...by GirlofPotatoes
Just a random Attack on Titan Fan with a Random Book based on her obsession. @TheCartTitan will also be writing some of the stories. This book will have manga spoilers...
One Last Time by no_account_X
One Last Timeby no_account
Levi & Hanji have been dating for about 3 years in highschool. He starts to have feelings for one of the pretty girls named Petra Ral. After he starts cheating on Hanji...
Levi/Petra One-Shots by AmaranthPrincess21
Levi/Petra One-Shotsby AmaranthPrincess21
What's cuter than a short, grumpy man and a short, sassy woman in love?
The girl with the red scarf (Mikasa x Annie) by xcandygirl
The girl with the red scarf (Mikas...by Annie
Recently Annie has dreams where she is on the beach with a black haired girl with ted scarf.One day she meets the same girl from her dreams.The two of them fall in love...