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Lost Inside Your Love  by sexyscarletrose
Lost Inside Your Love by sexyscarletrose
When you get blank of your feelings , when it is hard for you to know what the feel you already have he was not interested in women but she was that type of women who c...
[Rivamika] ~Innocent Devil~ by its_satan_madafaka
[Rivamika] ~Innocent Devil~by Its_Satan_madafaka
*The story takes place in shingeki high that Mikasa (the goth) Armin (The nerd) and Eren (The Wannabe) are going to attend for the next few years. *Levi Ackerman the ja...
Rivamika One Shots  by Min__Yuuki
Rivamika One Shots by Min Yuuki
I'm going to write some one shot stories over this summer and I'm going to upload every Friday. I hope you enjoy
Conquering Levi [LevixMikasa fanfic] by Jeprody
Conquering Levi [LevixMikasa fanfi...by FAB
To Mikasa, Levi is a someone who she doesn't trust Eren with. Knowing she can't beat him like he beats Eren, Mikasa looks for another way to kick his ass. But what if e...
Love bites (Vampire Rivamika) by smolnuggets
Love bites (Vampire Rivamika)by The Quiet One
Mikasa is a 17 year old girl in college still depending on her parents . There are rumors about a vampire being in the area , but she happens to know who he is. Levi the...
Every Prince Needs A Princess (Rivamika) by MikasaTheVocaloid
Every Prince Needs A Princess (Riv...by TheAsianOtaku
In all your fairy tales, a prince always needs a princess, right? Who will Prince Levi choose to be his next bride? Rivamika fanfiction based off a new idea that just hi...
Falling Down (Levi and Mikasa) by cmmacomber
Falling Down (Levi and Mikasa)by cmmacomber
after a bet between mikasa and her friends in the survey corps it starts as revenge but she unwillingly develops feelings for Captain Levi.
An Unexpected Relationship  by Dani_Aot
An Unexpected Relationship by Dani
The story begins with a mission beyond the walls. Mikasa was stuck in the same group as Levi, which wasn't ideal for her. Mikasa ends up getting badly injured during the...
The Office  (Modern Rivamika Fanfiction) by TheKawaiiPotatoAnime
The Office (Modern Rivamika Fanfi...by TheKawaiiPotatoAnime
It all started when Mikasa had an interview with one of the most richest and very powerful man. His name is Levi Ackerman, at first she saw him as intimidating, serious...
Ackerman Police Force  by Ackerman001
Ackerman Police Force by Ackerman001
Ackermans were discriminated. Mikasa was the only standing she thought until she met Levi. See what happens!
What goes around comes around  by Ackerman001
What goes around comes around by Ackerman001
Mikasa is a very secretive person later on meets a guy let's see what happens
Humanity's Strongest(Rivamika) by AsianObsession
Humanity's Strongest(Rivamika)by AsianObsession
Humanity's strongest soldiers are lead down a path no one ever saw coming when they make a shocking new discovery. canonverse. headcanon.
Levi x Mikasa: Oneshots by miraiskira
Levi x Mikasa: Oneshotsby ♡▶Mira◀♡
Ranging: Cringiest to Cringe to Meh to Decent
CHANGED (EDITING) by xYoviekijiromarru
We all know Mikasa always hate Levi but the time flows . What will happen if Mikasa got to join Levi's squad are they gonna be normal cadet and captain?without arguing...
My Bad Ass Boyfriend(EDITING) by xYoviekijiromarru
My Bad Ass Boyfriend(EDITING)by Shîøķæ
It was just a normal day at the WFA before two Teenagers cross there paths. What will happen to them? Starring: Attack on Titan Characters A new RivaMika story! MODERN A...
قصص لريفاميكا by Levi-Mikasa
قصص لريفاميكاby Levi-Mikasa
عبار عن ترجمة القصص المصوره فانزات ريفتميكا هم مسوينها فأنه فقط اترجم اتمنه يعجبكم ترى في R+18فنتبهو
Who are you? (rivamika) by Ackerman001
Who are you? (rivamika)by Ackerman001
The title says it all
Levi&Mikasa by yazarsayazar_
Levi&Mikasaby yazarsayazar_
''Her şey seni ilk gördüğüm an başladı.'' 22/01/2018