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Can't Stop The Sun (levihan)  by Islamatwi90
Can't Stop The Sun (levihan) by SAiDuo
Levi had nobody after losing farlan and Isabel. What happens when Erwin knew Levi wasn't able to read and write an force him to learn with Hanji?
cheater {leviHan} by imaweeb4892
cheater {leviHan}by imaweeb4892
hanji Zoe was married to erwin Smith it all changed when hanji got pregnant and had there first non-identical twins Eren and Armin....Erwin has been gone and rarely ever...
A Levihan Story: My love for titans... and you by BanoffeeWolf12
A Levihan Story: My love for titan...by Banoffee
Commander Hange has always been known as the titan freak of the survey corps; loud, crazy and to be avoided as much as possible. When a fellow soldier shows Hange some k...
Love at First Sight by Luna_Yakamoto
Love at First Sightby Luna_Yakamoto
{UPDATE} *I could add another chapter to give a better ending, but if I get comments about it, I'll do it, PROMISE!* At a wedding for Erwin and Jasmine, Hanji was the br...
"Just a Mistake!" {LeviHan} by Luna_Yakamoto
"Just a Mistake!" {LeviHan}by Luna_Yakamoto
An experiment has gone wrong, and Hanji Zoe had to pay for it. Only Levi Ackerman can hide Hanji's mistake, and is the only one who is allowed to love her.
Paint With Words | levihan  by LeviHanSociety
Paint With Words | levihan by Levi x Hanji
❝Paint me with your words, draw on me like a blank canvas. Mark me with your deepest, darkest thoughts and don't ever let me go.❞ Hanji told the raven haired painter. Ha...
my happiness (LeviHan fanfic) by varshGrr
my happiness (LeviHan fanfic)by varshGrrrr
This story takes place in present situation. Hanji's and Levi's character is the same as in the anime, but here hanji's problem is she gets too many insults from her cla...
Guns and Love | EreMika |✔ by Suicide_DeathGod20
Guns and Love | EreMika |✔by Dead
She's a runaway girl, fleeing from her father, from her so called 'fate'. Living the life she wishes to live. He's one to serve his family, a family that had raised him...
Daughter {Eren x reader} by numchiii
Daughter {Eren x reader}by 𝐍𝐮𝐦𝐜𝐡𝐢
Y/n Ackerman is the daughter of Humanity's strongest soldier, Levi Ackerman who is also humanity's most over protective dad... RANKINGS #2 in snk(4/30/2021)
Why Levihan is real, and which ships are canon /SnK/ by HanjiZoe_official
Why Levihan is real, and which shi...by Hanji Zoe-Ackerman
Hey, I'm Hanji Zoe, and today we'll be looking at... SnK Ships ! 1) Some SnK ships infos -my pov on ships- 2) Which Ships are canon ? (analysis and fun °3°) ba...
If the world wasn't ending || LeviHan by Jordan_Re
If the world wasn't ending || Levi...by Jordan Zoë‼
⚠️CONTAINS SPOILERS TO MANGA CHAPTER 126⚠️ After being midst a war between Maleyans and Eldians, after almost dying and losing an eye on both parts, a decision against t...
A Promise to Keep (An Attack on Titan Fanfiction) by ILoveLittleSally716
A Promise to Keep (An Attack on Ti...by MKPQ
"Promise me that you will take care of her." Those were the last words that squad leader, Hanji Zoe had heard from her younger sister, Anna, before she gave up...
It's Not Easy Being the New Commander... by kittiv103
It's Not Easy Being the New Comman...by SV
Hanji was doing her best to live up to Erwin's career as the Commander of the Scouts... Not all were fond of her as the new Commander and they clearly showed it. . . . ...
(Anime) Memes by Kami_Bro
(Anime) Memesby Kaminari_Is_A_Mood
What do you think it isss. (I need to clear up my phone space) Swearing and mature language. Mostly anime memes but also Harry Potter, ATLA, Korra, etc
A Complicated Valentines {LeviHan} {AoT} by Levi-Ackerman25
A Complicated Valentines {LeviHan}...by Levi Ackerman
It's almost Feb. 14. Who's my valentine?! Hanji thought to herself. Levi caught her eye. HE'S THE ONE!!! Levi wants Hanji to convince him. ♡Can Hanji convince the cold h...
Falling for a students father (Levi X Hanji) by zaariii
Falling for a students father (Lev...by Sora
"Hanji you're making a mistake!" "You're right I made a huge mistake for loving you!" Hanji works as a teacher in kindergarten, where she was having...
Eremika: Pregnancy  by StarSapphire37
Eremika: Pregnancy by ☆|| Sapphire ||☆
Exactly what the title says. I don't have any AoT/SnK fanfics, so this solves it! Slow updates like all my other books, since school is gone ;-; Each chapter of this bo...
The Bad Boy {LeviHan} [Rewrite] by Luna_Yakamoto
The Bad Boy {LeviHan} [Rewrite]by Luna_Yakamoto
Hanji Zoe, a new resident to the small neighborhood of Rose, hears rumors of a bad boy on the streets. While exploring her new neighborhood, she gets rescued by this sav...
Shining Stars by insomniacscribbles
Shining Starsby insomniacscribbles
a two part spin-off series of my previous work, wood anemones. hanji's letter to levi. + a third, concluding part. cover photo by the incredibly talented https://charlie...
Deep Scars (Levi x reader)  by Milady_Xion
Deep Scars (Levi x reader) by Potato Queen
Modern Au You just wanna forget everything and start a new life in a town you know nothing about, thanks to the help of the ackermans, who took you in after escaping you...