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Erejean~ I hate that I love you  by kinkyerejean
Erejean~ I hate that I love you by kinkyerejean
**READ NOTE** I was just bored, so I made this story, I don't expect a lot of people reading it, anyway I love making these fan fics, it's for my entertainment not yours...
Polar (Erejean) by ErejeanAnonymous
Polar (Erejean)by ErejeanAnonymous
After learning to live with the loss of his mother, Eren has slowly managed to settle into a normal routine for his life. His daily routine was always the same, with ver...
Old Friends by ErejeanAnonymous
Old Friendsby ErejeanAnonymous
When Jean and Eren were kids they were they were basically inseparable, spending all their free time together playing make believe and sitting up in their treehouse. Jus...
Zombie Apocalypse - Erejean Fanfiction by creativelybad
Zombie Apocalypse - Erejean Writer :3
When Eren Jaeger has lost all keeping him going, he is given one final opportunity to help the world that turned to hell. When he meets someone unexpected, his world is...
You Are Such An Idiot, Eren Jaeger (oneshot) by SoftIvory
You Are Such An Idiot, Eren Tamar
In which Jean gets home from work and finds his roommate with his tongue stuck to the metal pole outside their apartment building. Okay, he knew Eren was an idiot, but t...
I'm in love (Witch Fem! Eren x Bully Levi) by RivaEre23
I'm in love (Witch Fem! Eren x Riva Ere
Bully Levi x Fem! witch Eren! Levi always bully Eren. Little did Eren know, Levi have a feelings for her. But her 2 evil fiances will do anything to keep Eren away from...
The Apocalypse by SeungHoonMin
The Apocalypseby Min
Levi Ackerman, Hange Zöe, Eren Jäeger, and Jean Kirschtein are the only remaining survivors in a zombie apocalypse. Despite their differences and emotions, they must joi...
I changed because of you [Riren] by _cedrin
I changed because of you [Riren]by Cedric Chanteloupe
"He just didn't want to be himself a reminder of what happened,of what finished." Eren and Levi started having troubles in their relationship,leaving the two d...
Penumbra {EreJean} SnK by koujackass
Penumbra {EreJean} SnKby koujackass
Pairing: Eren Jaeger/Jean Kirschtein (EreJean) SnK
Violet Night by Sugary_Cola
Violet Nightby Cyr
Eren and Jean have an unfortunate encounter, changing everything. But is it for better or worse? //will be smut, probably /WAY/ later on. rlly gay. don't say I didn't wa...
Sinful Passion {EreJean} by Armarasaur
Sinful Passion {EreJean}by Armarasaur
"Jean." Hazel orbs stared ahead of him, well aware that his father was awaiting him to turn around with a formal greeting. But Jean was just regretting not get...
The Catfish (Erejean oneshot) by ErejeanAnonymous
The Catfish (Erejean oneshot)by ErejeanAnonymous
Eren thought that it would be funny - something to think back on and laugh about. When things don't go the way he expects, everything is thrown out of sync, and he has t...
Silver Lining [EreJean] by ThreatSignal
Silver Lining [EreJean]by ALoveLikeWar
Co-wrote with @ChibiSniffer College AU. Jean stays with Reiner, Bertolt and Annie whereas Eren stays with Armin and Mikasa. Eren and Jean are rivals, but when informatio...
One Day at a Time by linluns
One Day at a Timeby linluns
Jean frowned as he, once again, tried to tug his shirt down past his swollen stomach. The hem would stay in place at first, but as soon as he let go, it would ride back...
AOT: JeanEren (Chatroom) by SamShinku
AOT: JeanEren (Chatroom)by The Crimson Angel
This is not full based on the story line. I have included Isabel and Furlan in it even though they are dead in the manga and Anime. I'm also not a big fan of Mikasa so...
Happy Anniversary - Eren x Jean 18+ by 3renCadet
Happy Anniversary - Eren x Jean 18+by Eren Dixey
Eren and Jean live in an apartment happily together, but dont they hate eachother? Or atleast that is what you think.
The Merveilleux by Jaegerbombs
The Merveilleuxby eren
ᴜᴘᴅᴀᴛᴇ: ✎ ᴡᴏʀᴋ ɪɴ ᴘʀᴏɢʀᴇss
BillDip and Others! ((Just some oneshots that were floating around)) by undortale
BillDip and Others! ((Just some undortale
Ello there! This is just going to be a thing where I put some drabbles instead of making seperate stories for each! I'll probably keep everything fluff. Feel free to com...