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Men Made || a NCT mafia AU by nakamurawho
Men Made || a NCT mafia AUby nakamura aika
" congratulations, you're a men made. now the book is close,at last." Once she join, she can't leave, she have to stay. Or else, she'll damage herself. The cri...
A Souls Voice (Zeldris Fanfic) by Memetoast
A Souls Voice (Zeldris Fanfic)by Wisp Willow
This story is currently discontinued I may rewrite this later though! Two souls that got lost. Two souls Tied together. One stuck in the world of man Another stuck in...
creepypasta x shapeshifter reader (re continuing ) slow updates by mystic_the_fox
creepypasta x shapeshifter mystic_the_fox
you are a shapeshifter and you shapeshift into animals and only, also your body turns completely white when transforming into an animal, oh and you can also turn into an...
so I  got TAGGED by EXOmyPETERpans
so I got TAGGEDby Peter Pan 🕶
so, you wanna know me ..? cool 😎😎 COVER DESIGNED BY CRACKHEAD HOOBAE! @YourPotatoHoobae
bsd cute headcanons by reynacloud
bsd cute headcanonsby ⋆。˚
• cute scenarios I think would be canon • cover made by me
Crazy stuff with the bad sanses by EpicsansBRUH78
Crazy stuff with the bad sansesby EpicsansBRUH78
hello!!!!!this is the book where the bad sanses do all kinds of s***!!!!!
How The Mighty Fall {Sequel to NOTH} *editing* by wondersland
How The Mighty Fall {Sequel to wondersland
❝Why? Because some people are just terrible human beings, and terrible people do terrible things. If you're racking your brain trying to...
Tags & Stuff by ArmyDontmessWithThem
Tags & Stuffby ༄𝑹
I cba to give a proper description. If it's piquing your curiosity that much, just check it out ig. And I beg you to not read the first few chapters . Thanks :D
|ON HOLD| EDITING [Magi] Scarlet Dawn | Kouen Ren  by NaerysSnow
|ON HOLD| EDITING [Magi] Scarlet 𝐓𝐡𝐢𝐚
She was a Red Lion transformed into human and that was not exactly a normal thing, especially if the Rukh have the blame of the situation. A creature like her, free for...
The Girl That Was An Outcast | BTS FF | by _mxxn__
The Girl That Was An Outcast | ✨💫
{the First Book to reach 22k} There is a girl named Isabella Munoz and hybrid. For all her life until she finds out a secret that will change her life forever.....? Star...
i love loving you by author_ashi_
i love loving youby ✯🌼thepowerpuffgirl🌼✯
what will happen, when world's biggest mafia fall for a normal girl? ?? POV~ "please don't" I said while begging infront of him. "princess hurry up, time...
Mafia Empress in Disguise by hannahjane018
Mafia Empress in Disguiseby CHICHI
SUPPORT NIYOKO MASYADO AKONG MAKAPAL SA MGA PINILI KONG CHARACTERS HAHAHAHAHA Iu- Crystal Blaire Sy Jungkook- Ethan Xyrus Dela Vergara Lalisa- Maxine (hacker) V- Allen...
The Difference by shadowkissedroza534
The Differenceby Teddy Bear
Toni Topaz, new to Northside High, gets romantically involved with Veronica Lodge somewhat quickly. Something always feels off between them, to Toni at least, until Toni...
Homework help(Janiel)(Rewritten version) by i_is_daddy
Homework help(Janiel)(Rewritten Lyle
Rewrite of my last janiel book. ●~●~●~● Daniel and Jay have been friends since nearly the first day, So when he begins to struggle in class he of course asks Jay for tut...
The QATAR by BA_cool
The QATAR crash on a island, that is not on the map. Five people survive the plane crash. Two girls that are sister, and one boy that is a complete stranger. The other t...
IDK by steverogerbarnes
IDKby steverogers
Random shit. Why cvans is on my cover? No reason but the fact, 👀Mood!
razy gogonea and his knees by edenmayyx
razy gogonea and his kneesby edenmayyx
You wake up one early ass morning from a sound coming from downstairs. You go out to explore it but go into shock when you realise who or what was making the sound 😲 🤠