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Green Is The Color Of Envy by Reatha
Green Is The Color Of Envyby Reatha Newman
Avalon North. The daughter of a billionaire. Her father was known all around the world for his achievements. Coming from nothing and climbing his way up to be the...
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Funny quotes and comebacks by midknightshadow
Funny quotes and comebacksby A.C.
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Elfen Lied: Lucy's Return by Happycab
Elfen Lied: Lucy's Returnby Alli
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What's Lost is Never Found. by squaw99
What's Lost is Never Madison <3
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DragonHeart - Draco's Return by TFALokiwriter
DragonHeart - Draco's Returnby Ivy
Basically this is a short story about Draco's return.
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Combiner Wars: Origins (Combination of the Sparks) by GogitoSSJ5
Combiner Wars: Origins ( GogitoSSJ5
My spin-off story for TF: Combiner Wars. The characters are from The Thrilling 30's and CW (Maybe Titans Return as well).
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The Thousandth Year || Merlin fanfic by ofkingsandclotpoles
The Thousandth Year || Merlin ofkingsandclotpoles
For so many years Merlin had stood standing guard over an empty lake - a resolute soldier with one last duty left to perform. Wars waged around him, and still he waited...
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If you find me... by IISkullcandy
If you find somecreepycrap
No. I've had enough. Goodbye. But if you find me.....
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Infinity by Hunt-The-Haunted
Infinityby Libbie
Eva Walker. Beautiful, sarcastic and very messed up but intriguing. When she moves back into the house next door to Charlie, his crush from childhood is reignited but he...
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My Greek Teacher Is An Alpha (Book 1) by guitarfreak8810
My Greek Teacher Is An Alpha ( Emma
Aimee Voltaire thinks she's an average teenager when the truth is... well, she's just not! Her parents put her up for adoption when she was a baby, and as she's grown up...
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Insults and Comebacks by RosalinePeterson
Insults and Comebacksby 나리기
Ya'll can read. :P The title says it all.
Funny Stuff  by _AlexNicole
Funny Stuff by Alex Forever
Funny Jokes and Comebacks I heard or made up. Mostly ones I've made and true life problems.
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Joke Book by TheSquigglyLines
Joke Bookby TheSquigglyLines
This book will be filled with: •Funny Pick-up Lines •Funny Comebacks •Text Fails •Teenager Post •Jokes •Funny Videos (occasionally) •Celebrity Post •Funny Texts and much...
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You thought I was gone but I am right here bich by artlover144
You thought I was gone but I am artlover144
Your worthless a weakness is pathetic I will never love you.I Justin woods reject you Lilly Janos as my mate and the packs laune that's when he did it he laughed at me I...
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It's My Life by CatherineBinibini
It's My Lifeby Rogue
Dani is a young 16 year old werewolf and all her life she's been trained and controlled by her whole pack and family.Her brother the beta treats her nice in front of oth...
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Code Geass: Revival of Lelouch Vi Britannia by JuliaTeng555
Code Geass: Revival of Lelouch JuliaTeng555
This story takes place after the anime series where Lelouch is 'killed' by Suzaku, who is disguised as Zero. Lelouch had accomplished what he wanted to do by recreating...
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Hidden Poetry by BreakURHeart777
Hidden Poetryby Izzy Walsh
Inside this book, is every poem I've written in the past year. Which people apparently love to read. Give it a try if you want, but this is how i survived most days and...
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Wishing on forever... by HoranAteMyHeart
Wishing on HoranAteMyHeart
Logan Mitchel is your stereo-typical, handsome, rich, arrogant, 17 year old. When he gets paired with Finley Green for their Music project, Finley's first attitudes tow...
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Being The Mockingjay's Daughter (ON HOLD) by Elissa01299
Being The Mockingjay's Daughter ( Elissa.
What happenes twenty-six years after the Capitol stops the Hunger Games? What happens when Katniss and Peeta's daughter is twelve and their son is nine? Isabella can tel...
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Pickup lines, jokes and others by aUnicornAmongHorses
Pickup lines, jokes and othersby Julia
Pick up lines, jokes, comebacks, things to do in public places, to people and when you're bored.
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