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Wayne's Angel by SashaSolo28
Wayne's Angelby SashaSolo28
"Yes Mr. Wayne has me doing task ranging from doing the financials to taking out the morning trash." -Azrael Cannan Azrael Cannan has been the personal assista...
Awesomest of Them All by SquishNeedsAHero
Awesomest of Them Allby SquishNeedsAHero
Batman x Batmom!Reader You know what the bat family needs? Someone to pull them together and give them all the love they deserve. Who better to do that than you? An auth...
Long Overdue  by SajahWilliams
Long Overdue by ‪‪❤︎‬ SAJAH.W ‪‪❤︎‬
❝ "You can't believe I would keep him from you for such a trivial reason..." A few minutes ago you wouldn't have believed it either. ❞ ───────── ⋆⋅ 𓆰 ⋅⋆ ─────...
Batmom by DianaMontes646
Batmomby Zanell Black
Batman is out of town and the Batboys are in danger... time to break a promise and be Batmom again.
A New Love (Bruce Wayne (Batman) x reader) by LadyAlexa98
A New Love (Bruce Wayne (Batman) Lady Alexa
You're a doctor from one of the small hospitals in Gotham. You have a gift called eidetic memory (means you remember everything from what you see to what you read) and...
Cold Love by Mask1005
Cold Loveby Mask1005
Love. A word so simple yet so complex. For Bruce, it meant family. Family that he lost and the family he created. But love can be harsh, especially if you can't express...
Isla Wayne had been presumed dead for four years. Nobody has been able to find her, nobody has heard from her, nobody has been able to figure out how she vanished witho...
Bat-Family and Bat-Mom-(Batman)One Shots by FireInTheWriter
Bat-Family and Bat-Mom-(Batman) Layna
I am absolutely obsessed with the Bat-Family and Bat-mom so I decided to wright a one-shot book. I will take requests just as ong as they're PG-Pg13 and NO SMUT!! Sorry...
Batfam X Reader by Anzanity
Batfam X Readerby Anzanity
My one shots for you lovely Birdies! Thanks for my top ranking so far: 46 out of 14k in #robin!
Batmom stories by ChrissieJvRensburg
Batmom storiesby Chrissie Janse van Rensburg
(NOW UNDER CONSTRUCTION)Just a bunch of stories about the reader being Batmom. Requests and ideas are welcome and appreciated. Quick warning: chapters are going to go up...
Superman x  reader x batman (Completed) by marymary-diva17
Superman x reader x batman ( Mary
these are some of the one-shots that will be happing in the book
The Cursed Stone (Batmom reader fanfic) by FlowerPots235
The Cursed Stone (Batmom reader Jae
Damian was never one to think before he speaks. After being grounded by his Mother Y/N he makes a mistake that could possibly cost his family. Will the boys; Dick Grays...
Batmom & Batfamily one shots by underatedhuman
Batmom & Batfamily one shotsby Underrated Human
Just some one shots as you as Batmom with your amazing batboys!
A Man With Two Masks// Bruce Wayne Love Story by FaithStarwalker
A Man With Two Masks// Bruce Faith Starwalker
Eleanor Allen is the sister of Barry Allen, aka the Flash. After the particle accelerator explosion, she moved to Gotham City. When she gets an app that helps her find a...
Bat family One-shots (✅REQUESTS OPEN✅) by Starfire1657
Bat family One-shots (✅REQUESTS Jamia Jackson
A selection of 'X reader' one-shot stories as Batmom, Batsis and just plain old love interest. P.S. I do not own any of the characters just the plots.
Batboys shots/reader (Hiatus) by K_Writer_
Batboys shots/reader (Hiatus)by K_Writer_
I don't have to tell what this is.Basically another book from me and this one is mostly Batboys.
On Top of the World by ARTEMISMAXIMOFF
On Top of the Worldby 𝑁𝑖𝑐𝑜𝑙𝑒
Vampire, Witches, Werewolf's, Angles, Clowns, Plants, Mobsters, all around bad guys and Bats gotta love Gotham Hayley Marshall X Bruce Wayne Hope Mikealson X OC Male
Keeping up With the Batfam by garmaufan123
Keeping up With the Batfamby JUNG S H O O K E T H
Part 1:____Keeping up With the Batfam____ Reality Show Drama and Bloopers. (Could also be called 'HEY MAMA')
My OC's From my Stories by FaithStarwalker
My OC's From my Storiesby Faith Starwalker
My OC's profiles from all of my fanfictions, including how I think they would look. Enjoy!