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Buried (a Creek fic) by devvyon
Buried (a Creek fic)by ur average writer
**COMPLETED** Craig Tucker, the infamous stoic teenager of South Park, had a secret habit of needing to know everything about everyone. Every piece of dirty laundry, eve...
Hotter Than Hell [Teacher/Student] by Phamous
Hotter Than Hell [Teacher/Student]by A.T
Kaleen knows the first rule of being a teacher is you NEVER EVER fall in LOVE with your Student, but that rule stop functioning the minute she set her eyes on her drop d...
Buried Emotions  by Flomorris
Buried Emotions by Flomorris
Born, adapted and buried emotions . Strong feelings derived from circumstances, moods and relationships with others. Emotions always come forth whether buried or not...
A Few Pages from my Brain by SilentDream
A Few Pages from my Brainby SilentDream
Poetry from the brain of one SilentDream. Including imperfection, perfection, life, death, and love.
Of the Stars (Tomtord) by winking_peas
Of the Stars (Tomtord)by winking_peas
So this is a fan-made sequel to Dear Starboy by Thesaltiestblueberry, a story also on Wattpad. I suggest reading the original before this one. Dear Starboy is NOT my ori...
Where-Where am I? by rosechap2002
Where-Where am I?by ArchAngel
A person wakes up buried in a coffin
Buried Alive  by budda667
Buried Alive by budda667
Shrouded by darkness and unable to move, am I dreaming or am I dying... Was I buried Alive?
Frozen Half-Century: Cryonics by lndrclyd
Frozen Half-Century: Cryonicsby Lander Clyd
A man who agreed to freeze his body for a week experiment. But the experiment goes side-ways and he is frozen for 50 years. He is defrosted in the year 2040, hilarity un...
Uncle Frank's Hobby by Pixee_Styx
Uncle Frank's Hobbyby Sam Schill
*Short horror story* Jenny is curious about her uncle's hobby. Once she finds out what he does, she suffers the consequences. *First draft*
Blank by Asmita_Mukherjee
Blankby ⚡ ᴀꜱʜ ⚡
Her mind was an abyss, ready to devour her - but she was already deep in its exploration.
White Coffin by DorothyWrites
White Coffinby DorothyWrites
We have just buried my sister, but I am certain she is just sleeping. She will wake up soon. Mommy seems to start to believe that, too, but it might be too late.
Fear Factory #Wattys2017 by AnthologyAddicts
Fear Factory #Wattys2017by Official Anthology Addicts
Fear is an unrelenting and malignant cancer. A cancer that burrows deep into both the soul and sanity of humanity... Fear is also a man, his name is Phobos. - Fear Fac...
Buried alive by sapphire_here46
Buried aliveby sapphire_here46
A 16 year old girl Lia wakes up not knowing where. She soon realizes that she has been buried alive. Would she able to get out or will she die in her coffin? Read to fin...
Draging Bodies, Leaving Burdens by semagee
Draging Bodies, Leaving Burdensby S.E. Magee
Just another body disposal run after another job, a job ending in death as they all do. Trained, honed, and ordered to deliver death. What is horiffic for others is just...
Richtofen and the Tranzit Crew: Role Playing by Lalo1916
Richtofen and the Tranzit Crew: Ro...by LieutenantPanzer1917
The Aventures of Richtofen and the Tranzit Crew!
The Irresistible Mates Bond by VampIrE_gurlZz
The Irresistible Mates Bondby SkatiE_WolfiE
Meet the hot and sexy gitan Kendji Girac,also known as the Merciless big bad Alpha...And on the other hand there's Ariana Grande the sassy girl who can never shift that...
Awake in a Coffin by shansfos
Awake in a Coffinby Pessimistic Writer
Where am I? How did I get here? Questions that had no answer swirled through her head. She tried to stretch her arms and legs. They could not extend. "I'm in a box...
Damaged by Midnight22579
Damagedby Midnight2259
Bella Swan was declared dead on 1st December 1999, going missing over a year before. The council buried a empty cacset as she had no family. The Cullen's arrive twenty o...
Painful Cries at Night (Poems) by HiddenKeep
Painful Cries at Night (Poems)by HiddenKeep
Here are some Poems that I've made for people who feels like their on their own. Everyone's beautiful and you shouldn't live your life in fear. I hope you enjoy them! xx...