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having a crush on your friend without knowing if he feels the same way, sucks. but having a crush on a friend who is the definition of hope on stage in front of thousan...
The Babysitter - knj by IcarusSpirit
The Babysitter - knjby Shook Berry
Kim Namjoon saw Y/N as the nice babysitter and Y/N saw him as her boss who's got the money to make her disappear off the face of the earth. Simple as that, right? As soo...
Bias|| Yang Jeongin ✔ by reinahwanggg
Bias|| Yang Jeongin ✔by Renjun🥰✨
》COMPLETED 《 randomstay02: i'm stuck in a refrigerator hhjenthusiast: tf? 👑 👑 👑 in which jeongin falls in love with someone who biases someone else. 》sequel is out...
BTS 8th member by SaeRaYoung
BTS 8th memberby Sae Ra Young
Meet Lee Hana,the female maknae from the one and only BTS. Being the only female in a group of seven boys isn't hard as you might think. Fans praises her as who she is,a...
Naena With Your  Bias🔞 by thwzzl_
Naena With Your Bias🔞by thwthwyy
"Akhh fastershhh oppahh" "shh ahh call mehh daddyhh, babyhhh" "ahkhh okehh dadyhh, ahh fasterhh dadh" hayo, baca apa kalian? WARNING NC...
My Bad Boy | Kim Taehyung ✔️ by cutefantaesy
My Bad Boy | Kim Taehyung ✔️by ⌜ℂyphertae⌟™
❝Bad choice baby girl, I'm going to need to punish you now❞ A story of the king of High school, Kim Taehyung who chose an innocent girl as his next doll, but little does...
Ms.Innocent | J.JK✓ by Bangtancorner
Ms.Innocent | J.JK✓by 𝑪𝒉𝒊𝒎𝒊𝒏𝒐𝒈𝒓𝒂𝒑𝒉𝒚
Eunsoo was born and raised in a wealthy family. She never, even once had stepped out of their manor. She's too innocent and she believes that the world is like what she...
Vampire Yoongi x reader lemon by psychoticcutie
Vampire Yoongi x reader lemonby psychoticcutie
It has lemon be careful lol honestly it's gonna be pretty much lemon
NCT Preferences by hee_heejins
NCT Preferencesby lauren ♡
Essentially what the title says. No smut, but I'll take requests!
Butterflies Can't Fly (Namjin AU) #Wattys2020 by atramentous_writer
Butterflies Can't Fly (Namjin AU) I.N.K
Kim Namjoon is known as Brain Monster or The Working Machine due to his intellect. He has looks, the highest grades in his high school class, but no inspiration and an u...
BTS Reactions + Imagines by Btsfanfiction00
BTS Reactions + Imaginesby Mia Bt21
For all you ARMY scrubs who are like me and fantasize about BTS daily. I got you. #1 in worldwidehandsome
Forced To Be With You. by prishaagarwal95
Forced To Be With Prisha Agarwal
Jyoti Maheshwari:- A typical Indian girl. Belongs to an orthodox family. In spite of being aware of this fact. She committed something which is considered as no less tha...
THE FAN | Yeonji ✔ by larantulala
THE FAN | Yeonji ✔by l ᵃ r ᵃ
Where Yeji, the famous writer in Wattpad decided to write a fan fiction for the first time, featuring her bias from her favorite kpop group who surprisingly have an acco...
Abducting BTS by Undecided_earth
Abducting BTSby Undecided_earth
When Lucy stands up on stage everyone thinks she's a crazy fan trying to get close to her bias, but when she pulls out a gun chaos reigns. ------------------- Lucy was n...
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Claimed [Kai Exo] by crave_my_thoughts
Claimed [Kai Exo]by ❁
Moving to a foreign country is frightening, let alone attending one of their most successful schools. But what's even scarier, is when you've been claimed.
Yandere kpop (one-shots)  by minty_micdrop
Yandere kpop (one-shots) by Vickyyyy 🍃🖤💀
☁️Request closed☁️ Warning; Love may cause Heartbreak, insanity, sadness,Anger, and Why won't you love me back? 【boyXboy】 【ReaderXboy】 【boyXboyXboy】
[Taegi] A Blog for my Boyfriend{COMPLETED} by go_suck_on_a_brick
[Taegi] A Blog for my Boyfriend{ go_suck_on_a_brick
A Blog for my bias sequel Taehyung is a blogger for his bias Yoongi is the rapper who is Taehyungs bias And now they are dating
Blackpink V member 1 by ahmmkookie
Blackpink V member 1by shh
Its a book of a girl who auditioned YG and got in and they put her on a group called BLACKPINK
Bad boy (a jimin ff) by kimjimingurl
Bad boy (a jimin ff)by kimjimingurl
What can I say I love him. He would be cute and innocent around other people, but when alone with me he could get pretty hot with me. He's irresistible. I want to be wit...
Penance of Honor | BOOK 2 by -S-N-O-
Penance of Honor | BOOK 2by Sno
[BOOK 2] After losing everything, Cassius had begun to spiral down into a sort of depression that would not go away no matter the comfort. As his heart came closer and c...