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Fat stuff 👍 by iluvholly
Fat stuff 👍by iluvholly
this is like a bunch of mini stories in one. this is not commissioned, i'm writing this for fun! this will only include my oc's mark and ivy. and maybe a new oc i'm intr...
The Pregnancy Dress by ac202q
The Pregnancy Dressby I❤️Pregnancy
Anna thinks she's found the perfect dress. Little does she know it's been cursed by a woman who was obsessed with having children but never could. Now, Anna must unwill...
The Fat Ghost by DrOverTheCounter
The Fat Ghostby DrOverTheCounter
A story about a playful spirit who likes to fatten people up.
Game of Wishes by Zuelle7
Game of Wishesby Zuelle
Ally meets Ada, a fairy godmother that grants her three wishes, but Ally being shy of five inches takes advantage of it and Ada finds herself stuck with her. Notice! thi...
The Diary of an Insatiable Girl by 333Blebleble333
The Diary of an Insatiable Girlby 333Blebleble333
A weight gain story written in the form of a diary.
Alien by Monkeydluffy8489
Alienby Monkeydluffy8489
An Alien crashed landed on earth and was stuck here. Later finds out there's another alien on the planet and things really start to happen
Expansion one-shots by ILikeGrowingBellies
Expansion one-shotsby SuperNova
I'm planning to write various weight gain, etc scenarios focusing on the belly with pictures if I can.
Halloween Shorts by ac202q
Halloween Shortsby I❤️Pregnancy
Halloween Short stories: I will try to release a short story every other day with Halloween themes. Enjoy! Story 1: The costume Story 2: The Demon Story 3: Alien abduct...
An Accidental power by Zuelle7
An Accidental powerby Zuelle
This is a fetish novel, so if you're not into fetish you're welcome to move on ;) I decided to give this one a storyline along with the etchy stuff that happens along th...
Fill me up by corgiinflatable
Fill me upby Corgi Puff
need suggestions for inflations! usually do one per day<3. if you don't like, scroll
Pregnancy Expansion Stories by SimplyAnything6
Pregnancy Expansion Storiesby Simply Anything
Some NSFW and very lewd things in this book. Please be aware of this before reading.
Baby wrestler  by All_Pregnancy
Baby wrestler by pregnancy lover
a female young Wrestler is invited to fight in a new Wrestling arena but what she doesn't know is that the place is long time old and not new and her so called arena is...
Short Body inflation stories  by Reaperking1008
Short Body inflation stories by Reaperking1008
theses stories will he short and i might Bing back a chapter. If you got any stories please comment I will sure to make it.
Overhaul x Inflatee!Reader by milkymikashake
Overhaul x Inflatee!Readerby Mika
This was originally going to be my first oneshot but I wanted to *ahem* e x p a n d on the story
Puff-Puff Poifect~ [INTERACTIVE] by GloatingForABloating
Puff-Puff Poifect~ [INTERACTIVE]by Big Boy Enjoyer
A project inspired by Yesagainextra's "Stuff Her, Inflate Her" (Link: How t...
Inflation and weight gain imagines by PlanetSizedRoundy
Inflation and weight gain imaginesby PlanetSizedRoundy
Not for the faint of heart, be warned that if you do not like this stuff, I suggest not reading. I do take requests, but may not be able to make them quick.
Denial by ac202q
Denialby I❤️Pregnancy
Sasha is a 40 year old single mother who works in a fashion firm. She has a 10 year old son named Sam who really wants a baby brother or sister. But Sasha always tells h...
Por ti (feederism) by fatgain
Por ti (feederism)by fatgain
Donde tras una relación Gloriana descubre que sería capaz de hacer cualquier cosa por su pareja, tanto así que si él le pide engordar lo haría sin dudarlo.
Ava's Strange School Day - WG Story by lobbobstuff
Ava's Strange School Day - WG Storyby lobbobstuff
Ava was your average girl until her teacher learn't about DNA modification her life was changed forever and for the better. Note: This story contains weight gain, inflat...