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Leo's Enormous Growth-Spurt by KingGuanda
Leo's Enormous Growth-Spurtby KingGuanda
- Leo Valdez has always been described as short, scrawny and physically weak. But suddenly, Leo starts to grow, and grow, and grow. Perhaps little bit of giant got mixed...
In Love With Your Demon by Kiwislughart
In Love With Your Demonby kiwi slugheart
A school teen gets possessed by a demon who then finds out the pleasure of being in love with him A story where the possessed teen has to hide the pure lust the demon p...
Jamie the Giant Mailman by bluediamond980
Jamie the Giant Mailmanby bluediamond980
*This story contains themes of macrophilia, muscle growth and minor sadism. Do not continue if you are easily offended by such content.* Jamie the Mailman works for the...
Total Drama Buff Bros!💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 by BrodyLover789
Total Drama Buff Bros!💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽by BrodyFanboy💪🏽💜
Many summers had past by since the old hosts of a reality TV show by the name "Total Drama" Don and Chirs now at the ripe ages of 42 decided to get buff and be...
Knuckles and Incineroar having a show off. by Ryanusmg
Knuckles and Incineroar having a Ryanusmg
Two muscular fighters at their own universes battle it out in this thrilling short story and it's anybody's game!
A story based on various fetishes and it takes place in an issekai type universe where a human character transforms into his overpowered video game avatar.
Underroo to Kangaking  by Ryanusmg
Underroo to Kangaking by Ryanusmg
A great story to a great young kangaroo as he strives to be the next big sports star. With a twist of him being the only herbivore in town someday, he'll fit right in wi...
[WarioWare] Growth Experiment [Muscle Growth] by HeartbeatFate
[WarioWare] Growth Experiment [ Heartbeat, even if I failed t...
[This is the first Original story that is not based] Dr. Crygor was a 100-year old mad genius scientist, who worked on so many items and chemistry in Diamond City. One d...
The Curse Of Curves by Reaperking1008
The Curse Of Curvesby Reaperking1008
A story about a boy who grew big tits and big ass for making fun of a witch in his college.
Superhuman by green1000
Superhumanby Mystic Wolf
It was two weeks before the zombie apocalypse hit the world. This story takes place at Fujimi Academy that's located in Tokonosu City, Japan. Is where, what was supposed...
A succubus accidentally absorbs the ultimate power and becomes the new Demon Goddess
The Expanded Growth's Multiverse Side-Stories and fan arts by Catholic-Ronin
The Expanded Growth's Multiverse Catholic-Ronin
here the story but let you guys know that some stories and ideas not mine they are made and own by respect owners