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Modern Day Hansel and Gretel by SSBBWLove
Modern Day Hansel and Gretelby SSBBWLove
With this modern day Hansel and Gretel interpretation, we find Kaitlin at her grandmas house, sitting in front of a table filled with sweets and good food. Little does K...
Chubby Avengers One-Shorts 18+ by Falloutlife32
Chubby Avengers One-Shorts 18+by Falloutlife32
Since there isn't any chubby Avengers stories on here I though,Why Not Make one,I also might do the actors along with probably a few other Marvel movie characters,so hop...
More Munchin by cram_central
More Munchinby cram_central
Hollywood success and rejection of a beautiful girl depression leading to a visit of the munchies and a BIG change of lifestyle. The internal perspective of how the mun...
male vore  by feedeejasmine2169
male vore by Jasmine Anastasia Xilen
a fat boss vores his pregnant coworker
An innocent boy by feed12233
An innocent boyby Deron ???
feederism each Chapter is a separate story
oh, to be a little fat girl... by deliciousman1
oh, to be a little fat kinky writing
When Casey, a 17 year old high school senior, realizes her passion to be fat, she finds a way to get away from her degrading, fat jock boyfriend over fall break. 11K vie...
Archie Andrews Weight Gain Story by Shawnstyles101
Archie Andrews Weight Gain Storyby Shawnstyles101
Archie Andrews finds it hard to keep his svelte figure during his senior year, as Veronica begins to encourage his poor eating habits.
Steve Rogers X Tony Stark WG by GayWGWriter
Steve Rogers X Tony Stark WGby GayWGWriter
Marvel Fanfic Gay 18+ Photo by Jacobanana of Deviantart
Fat Forward by blackestxskies
Fat Forwardby blackestxskies
Owen has struggled with self-acceptance his entire life. His weight, and its recent fluctuation, only serve to further complicate his battle. While he has always conside...
alex stokes wg by stokestwins_alex77
alex stokes wgby alexxxxx
A story about Alex gain
An Insatiable Curse [One Shot] by GellyRollsss
An Insatiable Curse [One Shot]by Babby
When faced with a curse that strikes it's victims with insatiable hunger, Sara has 72 hours to have her curse broken. The one that she loves most deeply must prove to he...
Sinnamon Rolls part 1: Backstory by rosaceaeprunus
Sinnamon Rolls part 1: Backstoryby 🌹🌸
Kari is a compassionate girl on the geeky side with budding culinary talents. After her family had to move halfway across the country, Kari is unable to adjust in her ne...
A Glutton's World by Peacebabye
A Glutton's Worldby Your B00$
Ezora was nothing special in the grand scheme of things, just a chubby girl in a lonely world...that is until the most obese woman see ever saw went on a mall-destroying...
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The addiction🍩 by gaining_girlsxx
The addiction🍩by casey
Emily is given a free sample from a new doughnut shop and she is instantly hooked! Then every thing changes when her best friend Abby moves in.
Tom Holland x Andrew Garfield WG - Outgrowing Spiderman by GrowingExJocks
Tom Holland x Andrew Garfield GrowingExJocks
Tom Holland and Andrew Garfield meet on set for their newest Spiderman film. Together, they start to learn to indulge and redefine the role of Spiderman. image source ed...
The Feedee Diaries by ediefeedee
The Feedee Diariesby Edie Feedee
A collection of short stories centered around weight gain, stuffing, and soft bellies.
Hunger Fetish Short Stories by MyBellyIsEmpty
Hunger Fetish Short Storiesby MyBellyIsEmpty
A collection of stort stories about hungry characters with noisy bellies. feel free to request~
Forced Obesity Lifestyle Academy by PaulRaltz
Forced Obesity Lifestyle Academyby PaulRaltz
A story about a kid who goes to a special academy for weight gain.