Forcefeeding Stories

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Forceful by gettingbig
Forcefulby gettingbig
The story of a girl named Kris being fattened up.
A little too much... | Kacchako by ChubbyOcho
A little too much... | Kacchakoby ChubbyOcho
When Uraraka can't help her love of food and indulges herself 'till she's stuffed to the brim, Bakugo can't just watch her stuff her chubby cheeks by herself and takes a...
Force fed (Revenge) by CoolJrunner56981
Force fed (Revenge)by
U are the new kid at posh high school u are in scolarship and are really pretty but the queen bee of the school makes ur life miserable 😖
Shadow~ by Y0ur1oc4ls1mp
Shadow~by Summerthatsme
What ever you do, listen to him.
Slim Jim Force Feeding by Monkeywolverine
Slim Jim Force Feedingby Monkeywolverine
just a stupid random short i guess idrk
For Crowns Sake by Secret_Author_12
For Crowns Sakeby Secret_Author_12
Marrying into royalty, what could be better? The money, the lifestyle and never going without. Well it can get old a little quicker than you might think. Elizabeth is in...
Inflation stories by inflation_scenarios
Inflation storiesby ✨Frosty✨
Stories about inflation, expansion, forced feeding and other stuff of this content, so If you don't like this kind of stuff, I think you shouldn't read this. -Also some...
The Fattening by RollsWriting
The Fatteningby Fat Squeezer
Emma was a thin, 16 year old girl, until it happened. One day her parents got in a car crash and got injured very badly. They had to be taken to another country for thei...
A Different Kind of Pretty by Kinky_Ass_Shit
A Different Kind of Prettyby Cam :)
𝗪𝗔𝗥𝗡𝗜𝗡𝗚 Contains feederism, stuffing, and force feeding. If you don't like, don't read. She fell in love with him instantly. He did too. But he has a secret. He l...
Short Weight Gain Stories with mc × Merula Snyde  by hogwartsmysterydown
Short Weight Gain Stories with hogwartsmysterydown
Short weight gain stories with Merula Snyde from Hogwarts Mystery; If u don't like don't read ;> 💝 (Warning: force-feeding;) If you have any requests write me or in...
A Bigger Whale Of Azura by oborosenpai
A Bigger Whale Of Azuraby oborosenpai
(18+) dont like dont read (I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE ART! IF THE ART IS YOURS PLEASE COMMENT AND I WILL TAKE IT OFF MY STORY) Azura gets bigger, being the queen of glutto...
A whale of Azura by oborosenpai
A whale of Azuraby oborosenpai
Azura gets addicted to food and gets big (I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE ART)
Dangonranpa wg stories by Lj_Taken
Dangonranpa wg storiesby Tighnari
yo so I've been super obsessed over Dangonranpa so this is a collection of a lot of the short stories about different characters gaining weight. but comment on what char...
Zenitsu Weight Gains by FatBoyLover
Zenitsu Weight Gainsby Anime_BoyWGStories
Gay Zenitsu Weight Gains! (Not my art)
Special Guest by chubby-lion
Special Guestby FeedYouFoxy
A gift for free raffle winner Mug in an Amino! Mug belongs to him, all other characters are mine
Princess treatment 🍬👑 by TurboTheGuiniPig
Princess treatment 🍬👑by Star girl ⭐️🤍
Jack and Fred just want to take care of their boyfriend and make him a little bigger .
Nothing Burns Like The Cold by DantesPrettyWife
Nothing Burns Like The Coldby Cutie Patootie
Whichever ending Vincent managed to beat Rody, but instead of being stabbed in the neck it's in his spinal cord and he gets paralyzed 🥰
Merrie Melodies: Bugs Goes Big by MammothMutt
Merrie Melodies: Bugs Goes Bigby MammothMutt
Daffy Duck concocting a plot to fatten Bugs Bunny to epic proportions and ruin his life, ridding himself of this thorn in his side once and for all. Unfortunately for Da...
Rock N Roll Weight Gain by Queenie79Tae
Rock N Roll Weight Gainby Queenie79Tae
A young man met a thick woman in a Rock N Roll concert. He was attracted towards her. From this day on, their relationship has developed more and more.