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Joshler weight gain short story by weirdfetishbutok
Joshler weight gain short storyby Beat
A Joshler weight gain story, enjoy if you're into this kind of stuff. Josh is Tyler's feeder.
Too Fat for Love by XxNixonxX
Too Fat for Loveby Nixon
Take a self-conscious slightly chubby female and throw in a cocky man who probably stepped right off the front cover of a magazine, and throw them together to plan a wed...
Kpop Diet Diary by -Jaee-
Kpop Diet Diaryby - Jaee -
Trying some Kpop diets to help lose weight and see how it effects my body
The roommates (Feederism) by WeirdoFromTheBunch
The roommates (Feederism)by Antonio Bloodfare
This is the story about two roommates, Tony and Sarah, one of them a shy and innocent boy, and, the other, a girl with a huge courage and a sassy attitude, follow their...
Bon Bons to Yoga Pants by KatieCross4
Bon Bons to Yoga Pantsby Katie Cross
Lexie Greene has always had such a pretty face. Unfortunately, that's where it seemed to stop. She's grown up hearing her Mother constantly remind her that she needs...
F.A.T. Camp by SSBBWLove
F.A.T. Campby SSBBWLove
18 super fit girls go a large camp on the side of a hill to stay in shape and some day become professional athletes and have some rockin hot bodies. But the owner, Andre...
Love Changes by wecansurviv3
Love Changesby wecansurviv3
(This is kinda weird sorry) (So I personally don't think its mature but there are some themes and swearing so be warned it's like pg-13) Amabella has been dating Daniel...
Joshler Weight Gain One Shots by weirdfetishbutok
Joshler Weight Gain One Shotsby Beat
One Shots involving Tyler and or Josh gaining weight.
Emily's Weight  by chubby_aur
Emily's Weight by Aur 💜
A weight gain story.
Life as a product tester by franksonc
Life as a product testerby franksonc
Jakes hours at work have been getting shorter and shorter. When he had trouble paying his half of the rent his roommate Tara suggested he do some paid product testing, w...
My dietary diary (feedee) by unicornAMD
My dietary diary (feedee)by unicornAMD
Don't read this if you don't like feederism. So basically I'm going to write about my weight gain and my unhealthy fattening meals and snacks. Please tease the shit out...
Feederism Storys by kinkystuffed
Feederism Storysby kinkystuffed
Long story's about weight gain!
Hungry by ExoticPotholes
Hungryby ExoticPotholes
So, so hungry. I shouldn't but... I grabbed another box of doughnuts. One more wouldn't hurt. ___---___---___---___---___---___---___---___---__ I gained over 10 pounds...
Short Gainer/feedee stories by piggyPrincess0012
Short Gainer/feedee storiesby piggyPrincess0012
Short snippets of stories centered around specific pictures
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Getting Bigger (COMPLETED) by heythere5760
Getting Bigger (COMPLETED)by heythere5760
*This story is about weight gain so if you're not comfortable with it/ don't like it don't read it :) Lucy was always thin or well she was thin until now. One day somet...
Chubby Fics by HubbyHales
Chubby Ficsby Hunter Maxwell Hales
+ Art + Chubby Kink + Feederism + Instant wg + Nsfw? But not all the time
Feeder teasing to feedee reader journal  by unicornAMD
Feeder teasing to feedee reader jo...by unicornAMD
This is feederism encouragement don't read it if it's not your cup of tea. This was made for feedees.
Big girls need loving 2 by sparklesss28
Big girls need loving 2by 💟
This is the sequel to big girls need loving to! After 2years of living in Hawaii angel is finally coming home. She is attending southern university so is everyone else t...
skin tight [y.m] by pjmtastic
skin tight [y.m]by kat
"you're so gorgeous, jiminie. but don't you think you'd be even more gorgeous if you lost a little weight?" *this book is old pls don't judge me* anorexia, sel...
My Weight Gain Diary by chubby_aur
My Weight Gain Diaryby Aur 💜
This diary is where I share my eating habits daily. I'm trying to stuff myself as much as I possibly can, as it feels really good. Please feel free to encourage or teas...